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  1. okay ive got it done i burned it now and im going to boot to make sure everything is okay. i couldnt get any of hellfires bioses on the cd or merlin as every link on dfi-street for them were dead. the cd contains tictacs bioses for lan party ultra-b and for the infinity. i didnt get memtest86 on it yet, but ill do my best. if anyone could tell me what else you want on it and where to get it, that would be very helpful. i also need a tester, im guessing, soundx98, you said you would? -Jordan
  2. "hell yeh, sounds good, turn it up" cough. back on topic. i guess i will make one fore you guys. what ill try to do is make memtest on it. you boot to the cd and the legend comes up. then you type which flash you want or your type memtest for memtest86 to come up. whats this about the sata bios and nforce remix? can someone post a list of the bioses and a link to the bioses you want on the cd? also, i will need someone to test the cd once i finish it. i no longer have a nf2 board, so i will need a tester. i prefer someone with a backup bios chip or a bios saviuor. thanks
  3. well ill make one but i need more than 2 users wanting it....it takes awhile to make
  4. I wanted to see if you NF2 Ultra-B users would be interested in a bios CD like the one for the nf4? It basically one bootable CD that contains all the bioses and flashing utility. You put the CD in and a legend lists all the bioses on the cd. then you type say gohf6-19 and it flashes it with all the correct syntax and stuff...very simple.
  5. venice isnt that much better. keep it if you ever plan on running 4 sticks of ram at the same time. not much uses SSE3 atm so its not a big benifit
  6. just use prime95 original and custom blend with like 4000mb ram usage... why in h3ll do you need 4gigs? just becuase? bf2 only uses about 1.2gb sometimes a tiny bit more. nothing 2gb cant handle. for stability, if it will play bf2 for like 4hours without crashing, thats one stable rig. bf2 crashes if its even the slightest bit unstable. i like it better than prime lol
  7. different types of memory like different settings. just test to see. my bh-5 likes fast while my utt-ch like fastest
  8. lol latencys is much more important on a64s then you think...its intel that likes loose latencys and high mem bandwidth
  9. yeh, even ram speed isnt a huge deal... with a64s the big stuff is: high mhz low mem latencys
  10. Told ya! You just dont need that much fsb bandwidth after a point. just like the LDT/HTT multi
  11. as5 is NOT meant to be spread around. its too thick. AS3 on chipsets, gpus, ect. I love AS3 for that stuff. you can spread it and its great. AS5 for cpu still though. ExRoadie- thats just wrong lol
  12. Well Pershoot doesn't seem to be around atm. So I added it myself :nod: http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1 http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1 The new bios is called go704-2BT -Jordan
  13. try a new bios. put as5 on the chipset fan. lap the heatsink if you can. the bios is the biggest limiter of htt right now. or, your chip wount do higher. what cooling on the cpu too? imo, after about 270mhz htt the fsb doenst really gain much. its all about raw mhz from there
  14. well i just added it to the iso myself. http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads/DFI_BIOSROM.7z its a 7-zip compressed file if you are unfamiliar with .7z goto http://www.7-zip.org/ to get the free unzip software.
  15. nice! thanks! pershoot, can you add to bootable cd plz? EDIT: its suposed to. not sure if it did. 702-2 has been the best bios for me so far. ive tested everyone of them too. i can hit 275mhz 2-2-2-5 3.7v stable on my bh-5 with it.
  16. How important is it that you run the dimms next to each other? For me, I only use 2 adjacent slots on the DFI nf4 so I have a bit more room between the dimms. Problem is, if I used all four, I would have only 5cm from IC surface to IC surface. That is probly going to be near impossible to make a heatsink and heat pipe less then 2.4cm or thinner that is actually effective Thoughts?
  17. Not really. The heatpipe doesn't even really benifit in that design. My design will be all copper with aluminum fins (for weight/cost) and will be much differnt. It too will use a non-conductive thermal paste (Artic Ceramique sp?) I'm working on a second 3d model with my second design ideas. I have a mounting system in mind that will be very uniform and effective. You will be able to remove the sinks if you want. Thanks
  18. Here is a pre-production design. Nothing is final yet. this would cover four ICs, so you would need four of these heatsinks per stick of ram.
  19. Have you ever actually taken a temp reading of the memory ICs? I have the heatspreaders off and they get hot. With AS3 on the heatsinks, they would help cool A LOT. Too much voltage? hehe we are extreme overclockers man Sorry, I don't have a picture of the design, nor do I have the design completed. I mostly wanted to see if this would be worth the time and money, and it seems it will be. I'm still working with the heatsink manufacturer on the whole design ect. I may end up doing a copper/aluminum design due to weight. arthurleung's picture is close to what I have in mind as of now, but I want it so you can have any amount of modules in any spacing condition, on any board. I'll do my best to please everyone! Thank you very much for the comments.
  20. THunDA is correct. My software reading is 1.52 but im actually at 1.56v via DMM.
  21. I am taking a survey to see if it would be worth it for me to get a couple hundred memory heatsinks built or not. I am planning on making tinny copper heatsinks, with longer fins and more fins then any other on the market. They will be the exact size of the IC. The problem with this design is that there will need to be about 1.5cm between each ram stick. The other idea I may utilize is each IC has a copper block and a heatpipe coming off of it. The heatpipes would go about the dimm, and there would be a copper heatsink cooling it all. The heatpipe design will be more expensive, but aimed tward users with minimal spacing between dimms. If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE post them. Thanks!
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