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  1. here is a sneak peak of whats to come! http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/4421/biosrom110001wq.png http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/3230/biosrom1100020pz.png http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/7228/biosrom1100037ib.png :nod:
  2. ahhhhhh beautiful! ive got the lpb bioses done and now ive got to do the infinity. i love the new shell, as i think you all will!!! more java=more coding
  3. NEO, please do upload that boot loader and post the link. Thank you. If you would like, I can add a Alpha section on the cd for your bioses. As of right now, I think I've got the shell done, now I'm adding the bioses. All the officials are on now, more java and I'm off and rolling again. Let's hope there aren't errors anymore!!!
  4. argh....more problems.... seems XP doesnt have choice.com by default... *bangs head on desk and drinks more java*
  5. you guys have to love me after this release ive been banging my head on the desk a couple times but im burning the alpha to a cd now to test it out. then ill add a bunch of bioses and release it!!! this release as i said is 1.1.000 so i have done some major changes. the graphical version wount be done for a little while, but this version i think will be pretty nice. ive also added a drop down to the readme so you can see the readme of each version. minor changes (for ex. from 1.0.000 to 1.0.001) wount be archived. as of now, still no memtest86 untill someone figures out how to execute it and tells me how. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= soundx98, whats what with all those bioses? like which verisons are they, from who, and for which mobo? thanks. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= cross your fingures for 1.1.000 to be released tonight!!! -Jordan
  6. im having some problems with getting memtest86 on the cd. if anyone knows how to run memtest86 from dos without it being a bootable cd, that would be VERY helpful. ive extracted a memtest86.bin file but im not sure how to execute it. also, if anyone knows how to display a fullscreen image in dos, that too would be helpful. thanks
  7. im working on a rev 1.1.000 right now. scheduled release, some time this evening
  8. any chance you will compress it and e-mail it to me?
  9. okay rev 1.0.001 is up on my site now...sorry about that guys removed the /f and added /qi which specific bioses should i add first? i will add like 5 or 6 tommarow and release another rev of the cd....
  10. Tmod is 100% correct. We decided not to work together on this and I'm glad Tmod didn't take me the wrong way. As for the bioses on the cd, I woun't say too much right now. What I will say is I'm going to have every DFI bios bot nf4 and nf2 on the graphical version. It takes time though so please respect that. I will keep you updated throughout the project. Thank you.
  11. yes, the cd i currently have out flashes automatically.... it flashes with awdflash using the /py /sn /cd /cp /cc /LD /R /f switches the graphical vrsion should be a point, click, and flash setup :nod:
  12. no....it will look more like the Maxtor boot cd and the Western Digital boot cd....all graphical, you can use the mouse, ect.
  13. okay guys, i guess i should release the news. i am already working on rev 2.0.000 this revision will be a graphical version. thats right, graphical. if all goes as planned, you will burn the iso, boot to the cd, and you will be able to use your mouse and click one which bios you want to flash, ect. i will more than likely combine this cd with the dfi nf4 bioses too. i am excited about this too so i really hope it works out!!!
  14. try the cd in this post http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...045&postcount=3 "For users recieving 'Disk Not Ready' when trying to flash with the above ISO:" give one of those a shot...let me know
  15. download this http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1 burn it to a cd. dont open the iso or anything. just uncompress the 7-zip file, double click the file. it will prompt for a speed and stuff in nero. make sure you finalize the cd. then boot to the cd. straight forward from there.... hope this helps!
  16. I posted a link to the readme... http://forums.theoverclocked.com/nf2_bios.php link to where i can get it?
  17. Beta version 1.0.000 is up for download now. http://forums.theoverclocked.com/showthread.php?t=518 USE AT YOUR OWN RISK This is a very safe (probly the safest) way of flashing bios. But, as always, there are no guarantees. I suggest you have a backup bios chip ready in the case of failure.
  18. lan party ultra-b, mushkin bh-6, 2500-m.....all other bioses didnt even come close to what merlins did. i hit over 270mhz 1:1 suicide in windows once :nod:
  19. I will have atleast one of Merlins bios on the cd. I had best luck with merlins too. Anyone have a link to OscarWu's bioses?
  20. Ill just have a downloadable 7-zip compressed iso. The download should be under 10mb. Thanks for the offer though! Yes, I did notice after I put that 8k bios on the cd that it was an infinity bios. I fixed it though. This cd will have awdflash built in too for those of you who dont know. Just boot to the cd, read the legend, flash the bios you want. It inputs all the important extra parameters such as /py /sn /cd /cp /cc /LD /R /f Ill try to finish the first version of this cd and get the iso up for download tonight! -Jordan
  21. okay, ive added all the others bioses to the LPB section. havent added all the infinity ones yet. im burning the cd to see how everything works out. this time, i will pop the bios chip before i type flash, lol
  22. never flash while overclocked, so it isnt a bad idea to clear before and after flash
  23. okay i got my nf4 booting again lol ive got to edit some stuff that came up weird on the cd for some reason. ill add the other bioses too. will let you know!
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