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  1. i edited my last post...new version is up... i doubt the cpu is damaged, prolyl just the bios
  2. okay i cant seem to find any error. i made some changes on the flash file this time just to see if it helps. ill edit this post when i upload the new version...dont buy a floppy!!! EDIT: okay it should be ready now. hopefully this will fix it. this time it wasnt my error, that i know of anyways. i also edited the mysql database so you should be able to re-rate the file :nod: Let me know!!!
  3. im an admin no comment system either... dont worry about it though. let me know if it works!
  4. opps my bad. minor detail. named the flash file flash32 instead of flash31. so when it went to look for the file, it wasnt there. guess i had too many at that party should be fine now... i dont think you can change your rating
  5. done :nod: http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=38 make sure you rate the download -Jordan
  6. sorry, some friends wanted me to party for a bit im back now, how long will you be up? *working on it now*
  7. no problem ill have a new release up tommarow some time. ill post the link here for it
  8. hmm you know i dont think i even mentioned its only lanparty bioses sorry ill add dagf tommarow...are there any modded ones out you can link me to?
  9. I've had a few users confused on how to burn the CD. I made a guide for the DFI nF4 CD, but the instructions are very similar for the nF2 CD. You can view the guide here.
  10. glad to see it works great. keep your eye on this thread for updates. yes, i did use your files! thank you very much! there were a few i need you to explain what they are. like who they are mad by, if they are modded, ect. heres the ones i wasnt sure what they were: N24ID601.zip N24ID824.zip N24ID6191.zip N24IDB27.ZIP N24LDB27.ZIP i know the ID are infinity and LD are lpb...thanks
  11. v2.0.000 is done.... http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=38
  12. hmmmm can i get that philips driver? i had HUGE problems with for example a file name not working on the cd. instead of directory.bat i have to type direct~1.bat PITA!!! that would be sweet if it solved it! i think my next move on this cd is adding the nf4 bioses and im also throwing nf7 bioses on too what other infinity and lpb bioses you all want?
  13. http://forums.theoverclocked.com/nf2_bios_20000.php NEO, gimme a few minutes to read your post and digest it lol lots of good info there :nod:
  14. what other bioses do you all want on the cd?
  15. yeh that not going to work out. now Z drive is the bootloader. not good. the only thing i can do is if you could tell me how to run the boot loader from a command and i could add that to the bios cd...but thats basically back to square one as i could run memtest the same way...
  16. hmmm....it did work the way i wanted it to, kinda. but my bios cdc no longer works. when you boot regualarly to my bios cd, it reads the boot file as A: and the actual files on the cd (bioses ect.) as drive Z:....now the drive Z: isnt the cd-rw drive anymore for some odd reason. i made some ini changes and im compiling and buring it again in hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel. ill keep you updated. thanks for that little progy, its very neat!
  17. okay i compiled the new iso with memtest86 on it, and im buring it now to see how it turned out. thanks
  18. i also updated the flashing CD with the 704-BT bios get the cd here http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1
  19. okay i think its all ready http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=38 i couldnt test a flash because again i dont have a nf2 board. let me know of any errors. also let me know what other bioses you want on it. i will probly combine this cd with the dfi nf4 bioses too....and then the nf3 after that :nod:
  20. hmmm everything tested out okay but im not 100% sure it works yet. if i could get someone with a bios saviour to test this alpha version out, that would be great. i dont want to put it up to the public yet. someone that is willing please pm me ASAP!!! thank you
  21. readme is up http://forums.theoverclocked.com/nf2_bios_20000.php compiled the iso, going to reboot for a final test. ill post the link for download within 15 minutes if all goes well.
  22. okay ive got it done.... ive got to make the readme and it will be up for download. i dont think all the bioses you all want are on there. just let me know exactly which one(s) you want on and by who it was made. i will update as needed. This revision is 2.0.000 ill post back when it 100% done and uploaded.
  23. still adding 7 just brings you back to the land party b bios menu (pic 2)
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