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  1. sometimes mines on 24/7 others only about 12 gone through 2 sets of the ballistix 4000
  2. This is bullsh!t. I bought a 1 gig stick of Mushkin PC3200 3-3-3-8 stuff for around $70. It was going in a s754 board so I wasn't worried about dual channel. I got the ram and the rest of the parts (sempron 2800+) and put it all together. It was only recognising 256mb of 1gb. I tried everything. Even updated the bios. So I tried the stick in my s939 rig (Opty 150/DFI NF4 atm) and it posted showing 1gb. It was so unstable it wouldnt even boot windows. So I looked at the sticks and low and behold its Micron -5b ICs. Go figure, ah? crapin .. Now I have to tell my customer it will be another week before this rig is done because of this. Micron really needs to get their act together. That was a brand new stick!
  3. Second set just died. Ran at 280mhz but with only 2.7v and max Ive ever took them was 2.8v. Ran 2x80mm fans over them their WHOLE life, even when the computer was off as the fans were on a external PSU. Junk sticks. Errors out the butt. This is bull crap. Lasted 2 months. I havent had a chance to read the last 30 pages of this, but I assume the issue is still occuring even in the newer batches? Sticks are batch CL1115N.2N
  4. Im using the eVGA 7800gtz 256mb video card and I bought a s-video to single composite to run it on my tv. I dont have a tv anywhere close to my computer that accepts s-video, nor do I have any VCRs that will use it. So I just bought the adaptor. I plugged it in and it works great. Works in the bios really good. Everything is in color and everything untill I get into windows. When in windows, no matter what I do its always in black and white! I have tried another tv, different cables, and I even got another s-video to composite adaptor from my friend that he uses on his video card to tv. Ive looked over the display stuff VERY closely, tried changing numerous options, and still all B&W. Even when I have a movie playing in full screen is B&W. Im on 78.05 drivers and they have been great in game and such so far. What do I do?!?! I looked at nvidia and the only thing I could find was that it could be caused from a cable longer than like 12 ft. Mine is 4 Please help!
  5. lol yeh. I usually run it about 12 hours a day only becuase of power draw on this 1/3hp compressor. Im getting an FX55 90nm this week so Ill hopefully have some nice results. I will be getting a 7800gtx 512mb within a month or so too and yes, it will be run below zero. I will indeed post results!
  6. UTT-CH I believe. On the XP4000? Sold it hehe.
  7. Exactly....Just buy the sticks I have and you will be fine! Its not the Utt junk or loose crappy tccd. Its genuine BH-5 that works AWESOME!
  8. Get these. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?p=1028...#post1028097286 They will max your board out. Dual is MUCH better. UTT Runs like BH-5/6 BH-5/6 Runs tight timings (2-2-2-5) but needs a lot of voltage CH-5 A lot like BH stuff but uses a different die so it acts a little different TCCD Loose timings, around 3v, needs really high fsb to stay with BH stuff. Not good in your case. Good on the A64 platform though
  9. No case The two 80mm fans are zip tied together and sit ontop of the ram just fine :nod: I ran running 2x120mm 130cfm each Delta fans on my BH-5 and it did help me gain stability with higher voltages!
  10. Uhh, I DID!!! 2x80mm since day one and mine died in 4 weeks. Thats bull crap man.
  11. Just stumbled on the thread and looked it over. This is exactly what happened to my 2x1gb Ballistix on a dfi nf4 after only 3-4 weeks. Ran 280mhz 3-3-3-7 2.8v just fine. RMAed them this week so I should get my new sticks soon. Hope the problem get sorted out, because at this point I dont see the next set lasting too long either :/ EDIT: oh yeh and after I had the problem I did some testing. One stick was solid no matter what, but the other errored out on memtest at 200mhz 3-3-3-7 and 250mhz 3-4-4-8 all at 2.8v Basically, it wouldnt run stock anymore . EDIT2: As for power as you can see Im running the OCZ Powerstream 600watt I kept 2x80mm fans on the ram at all times. CrucialLabs, I would HIGHLY recommend you run Prime95 at 100% load for about a month straight and see if it starts degrading.
  12. yeh i think having cpc off ups it .1v i think since i have the vdimm mod done thats whats causing me to overvolt still. maybe ill disconnect it to see what happens
  13. what bios? supposedly 704-2bt will take the .1v over-volt out but it didnt for me
  14. well i need under 2.6v actual as my 2x1gb be-5 seems to like lower voltages. if i up it at all i error so bad it will actually crash! id love to try a lower voltage and see if it still wants to push!
  15. I am using the 704-2BT bios on my dfi and even with that bios i set 2.5v in the bios and i get 2.6v anyway i can get it down to 2.5v or lower? really need it! thanks
  16. im running prime95 right now. it is using 74% of the 2gb on custom...no adjustments
  17. can someone extract the nf4 boot logo fo me? i tried to with CBrom but it keeps giving me this http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/6990/asdf4fr.png i really need the correct 256colors bmp image.... thanks!
  18. glad to hear it! i will also be including many of the top mobos other than dfi too...i will have hundreds of bioses on there eventually. i will also have video card bioses...hehehe
  19. alright. i dont want the /f for public use....but here is one for you! http://forums.theoverclocked.com/downloads/fswitch.7z MD5= 2DACA92CC3470B2A44ABA80097C3E605 hopefully it will work this time!
  20. hmmmmm....your 100% sure its the correct bios right? i think it is becuase it thinks you have a lanparty :nod: but, for you, ill add the /f switch and it will flash it anyways let me know and ill do that for you
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