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  1. Looks good d3M0n! I compiled a PDF of the guide to make printing easier. You may want to upload it to the first post so people can see it and take advantage of it. Hope it helps! -Jordan
  2. What if I do 16ft cable and a 4ft extension with a 7port powered hub on the end?
  3. Really? Hmmm Ill have to check it out. Thanks!
  4. Did it work just fine? I read that USB spec is 16ft and supposedly after that it wount work.
  5. I think this is the best section to put this thread. Sorry if its not. Anyways, I need a 25ft USB extension cable. It can be A/A M/F or just an A/B that plugs into my usb hub. Either is fine, but it must be 2.0 spec. I've looked all over the internet. The best I can do is find that superboost thing that uses cat5e which is cool but it costs $120 so its outta the question. Thanks guys!
  6. yeh your right. I forgot, sorry. How is this, I do accept paypal but I charge a 'handling' fee.
  7. Sorry about that, cleaned it out just now. They only allow 30 msgs lol Paypal will work as long as you ---- edited, see post #7 Guaranteed NOT DOA
  8. Thanks. I just need to move it fast as I'm buying a $500 head unit for my truck. The CPU has just been sitting here on the shelf for a few months. WELL worth $450. Got some offers today so I advise anyone else interested to PM me asap. -Jordan
  9. This is a very nice CPU. I've only run it for about two weeks. Those two weeks were at stock clock on an XP-90. I overclocked it one night on my phase change and hit 3.5ghz with it. This is an OEM CPU. It does not come with a heatsink/fan. Here are a couple shots: SOLD shipped to 48 states. Out of country shipping price will vary. Priced to sell FAST! My heatware is stealth17 26-0-0
  10. What happened to the 65 page thread of 2x1gb Ballistix deaths? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29743 Was here a few hours ago :confused:
  11. Just wanted to add that my new sticks have etched in the pcb "0411 A." Can anyone confirm they have the same markings on an older set? It might possibly be a pcb revision number. Its etched in the end so you dont even have to take the heatspreaders off to see it. There are also positive signs on the gold contacts that show these modules have been inserted into a dimm slot atleast once for testing. Always reassuring.
  12. haha no .. Juts got my RMA back from newegg today. I got a 2x1gb kit! Kit No: BL2KIT12864Z503 Batch number on the sticks are CL1115Y.PB
  13. nah, I didnt get these from newegg. Newegg actually shipped out replacement ballistix for my rma set. Wonder where they came from when they dont even have any for sale on their website?
  14. On a side note, Newegg just shipped out replacements for my 2x1gb Ballistix :confused: I thought they would just refund my money...
  15. Just got my set of 2x1gb Gskill HZ. These are looking very promising! 2.58v for these results. More to come! -Jordan
  16. Is there any way to tell a batch number other than removing the heatspreaders?
  17. My 2 cents: Opteron 165, Arctic Cooling Freezer 64, and some 2x1gb Gskill HZ for $200
  18. I just got some as well. Mine do 290mhz 3-4-4-8 3d 01 03 05 06 and superpi 32m stable I didnt buy them from newegg though.
  19. Yes, that was my first set. They failed after about 3 months. I did have 2x80mm over them at all times. Got them up to about 292mhz at stock voltage. Never went over stock voltage. No ramsinks.
  20. 2x80mm since day one. 2.8v at 280mhz 3-3-3-8 Dead after 2 months 2 sets died exactly the same way.
  21. Thats what they told me when I called them. Or they said you could exchange them for another "compatible" set.
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