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  1. hi boo! well i think GSkill is more available than Mushkin, but we don't really know which version to take... of course we're looking for 2x1gb sticks and that can guarantee 250+ FSB with good timings (even if it depends on many factors and luck!)... let's say that your 270x11 would be a very good result to achieve! is it daily config?
  2. Hi Gipse, well: - OCZ GameXStream 700W like mine (it rocks, i love it, and i told him to don't waste his money for other crap) -for the bios, i'll download it for him (i think i'll find it here on the site), thank you for your precious advice -i will for sure... DFI rulez!!! (i can't wait for 2008 to come to improve my config too... and i will pick DFI again and again and again and so on... ) PS as i wrote on another thread (but with no replies :sad: ), we were looking for good OCZ memories for his configuration (i think good memories is a very important part of the oc'ing), he was looking for: 2x1GB OCZ PC-4000 GOLD GX XTC (OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K) - CL 3-4-3-8 that should be less expensive... but he can only find these: 2x1GB OCZ PC-4000 Platinum Edition (OCZ5002048EBPE-K) - CL 3-3-2-8 and here in Italy is very hard to find OCZ products, TOO BAD!! so... the big question is: the oc performances of the Platinum ones are worth the price difference between Gold and Platinum?
  3. that's good! any advice about the Bios version (he's taking an used one, so don't think it will come with the bios version the previous owner found on the board)? or other general advice?
  4. yes i'm reading now... so if he won't need SLI/Crossfire (i think he's looking for an ATI X1900XT) the Ultra-D is just fine, right? i read very good results about Ultra-D... and i think Sli-Dr is a great board too, maybe people is just afraid of the price...
  5. Hi guys, i write here for a friend who's taking a used Amd Opteron [CACJE 0601GPAW] (able to take over 3Ghz on a DFI NF4 Sli-D card with Xp90 on it)+AC Freezer 64+(maybe) 2x1GB OCZ DDR500 memories. he asked me to look for a good motherboard for him, so, somebody can give me a good advice to give to my friend? there is difference between DFI NF4 Ultra-D or DFI NF4 Sli-D (except for the Sli option of course)? other motherboards (of course DFI ) to keep an eye on? thank you very much for your patience/help!
  6. hi guys, don't know if this is the right thread to ask, but since the thread's name is NF4 Memory advice... i try here, to avoid to open a new topic... a friend is going to buy a DFI NF4 Ultra-D (maybe) + Opteron 146 (CACJE 0601GPAW)+ Artic Cooling Freezer A64 at a very very low price on a Computer's forum... now he wants to get very good memories to try to achieve a good overclock result and get the best from the stuff he's buying at low price: he wanted to buy: 2x1GB OCZ PC-4000 GOLD GX XTC (OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K) - CL 3-4-3-8 but he found only: 2x1GB OCZ PC-4000 Platinum Edition (OCZ5002048EBPE-K) - CL 3-3-2-8 should he wait and get the Gold edition ones? or the overclock difference is worth the price of the Platinum ones? another (little OT i know) question: is the Opteron 146 the right choice to get it to overclock? or should i tell him to look at something else ( A64 X2 3800+ / 4200+ for example)? thank you for your advice!
  7. hi cmay, thank you for your reply! so you think that i should take the Infineon version and keep my 3700+ Clawhammer? i mean the 2x1gb problem is about the CPU and not about the board? thank you again. Angelo.
  8. Hi Jaz, and thank you for your reply... well the memories i'm talking about are these ones: http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/xtreem/overclo...-xtreem-cronus/ and these are the specs: Features and Benefits : 1. Retail package! 2. 2048 Megabytes of memory 3. Two TXDR2048MHC3DCM model memory DIMMs 4. Tested and packaged in pairs 5. CAS Latency : 3-3-3-8 (PC4000) * Operating voltage : 2.6~2.85 V * PCB Board : 6 Layers PCB * Speed : DDR 500MHV (PC4000) * Type : 184-pin DDR SDRAM * Error Checking : Non-ECC * Registered/Unbuffered : Unbuffered 6. Modules tested together in DFI, MSI NF4 series amd DFI RDX200 mainboards test setup 7. Packaged together immediately following system stability test. 8. Benchmarked using Nvidia NForce 3, NForce 4 and ATI chipsets -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this is a new brand, and it's taking a good part of the market here in italy (where ocz is famous but hard to find in the shops)... someone says it would be better for me to get Micron ones, others say Infineon is better, others just say 1GB sticks don't work on a NF3 board anyway actually i didn't try the Prime95, but actually i've NEVER had boot problems, freezing, reboot ecc, even when using emule downloading at full speed and playing 3d games for hours. anyway i'll have to test it for sure meanwhile i'll read all the critical stuff.
  9. hi guys, a friend is going to give me a good valutation for my Adata Vitesta DDR600 that actually i use at 250mhz 2.7v 2.5-3-3-6 in daily use. since that i have the chance to get a new couple of ram i'm planning to go for the 2x1gb kits, since i'm having a lot of problems, expecially playing with Company Of Heroes (my Tweaknow tool tells me memory goes to 0mb free, and my game freezes for 3-4minutes too). now, a couple of guys offered me TeamGroup memories with these specs: TEAM GROUP Cronus DDR500 PC4000 2Gb (CHIP INFINEON CE-6) timings 3-3-2-8 TEAM GROUP DDR500 PC4000 2Gb. (CHIP MICRON 5B) 3-3-3-8 now, since that i'm planning to keep my old, dear, Socket 754 'till 2008 (when we'll have Quad Core cpus, Windows Vista, DirectX 10 gpus etc), and thinking that when i'll get a new computer this will become my 2nd computer on the Lan Network at home, which one should i pick? Micron or Infineon? and is it true that, as someone says, there are problems on DFI NF3-250b with 2x1gb sticks? and if yes... why? keeping in mind that: 1-if i find a Newark 4000+ at a good price, maybe i'll be thinking about it, MAYBE... 2-i need them to work at 250mhz (and hope over.. i'll try to find new stability with them) 3-of course it would be better if they can keep the 2.5-3-3-6 timings as my actual situation, with a "normal" voltage hope to find answers soon so i can tell to my friends if i want to make the exchange or not... thank you in advance. Angelo.
  10. hi guys, i'm sorry if i have to use this thread for my question but since i've found a new information (to don't attempt with Infineon chips) i'm here to ask you this: i need a 2gb kit, and i've found 2 interesting kits at a good price: TEAM GROUP Cronus DDR500 PC4000 2Gb. (CHIP INFINEON CE-6) con timings 3-3-2-8 or TEAM GROUP DDR500 PC4000 2Gb. (CHIP MICRON 5B) con timings 3-3-3-8 now, i have a 250mhz daily use with 2x512mb kits of Adata Vitesta DDR600 at 2.5-3-3-6 and i would like to be close to this result as much as possible with the 2gb kit. so why it's better to don't attempt with the Infineon Chip? what's wrong with them? is it a CPU problem (you're talking about newark 4000+, i have a clawhammer 3700+) or is it a mainboard problem (NF3 250gb)? thank you in advance. Angelo
  11. well that's simply great!! :) thank you very much for the info! :)
  12. hi guys, i'm taking my Newark 4000+ for my NF3250GB... i own a SLK948u too, that as i can read, it's a very good heatsink for mobile cpus... but, it works fine even without modding the mounting bracket? or i have to do something to it? and if yes, what exactly? hope someone can help, this is my last doubt about it, then i'll take the cpu and (hope) to get some good OC results... that i can't get with my unlucky 3400+
  13. hi capt! i've found this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39082 using my same cooler, maybe it could be good for me too... anyway as in the image in the thread, it overclocks great!!! about the ram, i have these Vitesta that SHOULD be TCCD, not sure about it anyway... in my tests i can get them at 275x8 with no problems (too bad my cpu is a looser that can't support them), so if they will work fine with the new cpu, i think i can get a good result... since actually i'm at 240x10 cas 2-3-3-10, stable, and if the NEWARK has the x13 multiplier too and i take them at 240x13 it would be about 3120MHZ... and it should not be that bad! of course this is just "theory", but if it works @2600mhz by default... it would be anyway better than my actually clawhammer (with less heat and a different technology 0,09u).
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