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  1. What cpu are you using when this happens?
  2. Funny.. It's shows up in 3dmarks and coretemp as the lower speed.. Do you know if it's the same with the 326 bios?
  3. What could be the problem with getting 3600? I set the clock to 450(x8) and I get 3589.. I set to 451 and get 3618. WTF? I'm using the 424 bios..Could it be the bios? Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Hello everybody:) It's been awhile.. Now that I've gotten a hold of one of these 965-s', I'm looking for some assistance with the settings on this bios. Tweakin' it yourself is the ideal, but a good baseline would be helpful.. Like in the "cpu" section, which ones to disable?
  5. Released yesterday.. http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_win2k_6.86.html
  6. Can you give us some examples, please? I haven't tried this bios, yet, so some heads-up would be appreciated.
  7. So is the 406 bios on here for the nf4 Ultra-d's? http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA
  8. On mine, it was air. The fan was operating on the chipset hs. Now I get nothing. I get the little amber lights but nothing else. Nothing, no fans, no red leds like before. The board is out of the case with just v.card, cpu, and various sticks of ram. I even tried a pci v.card, no go. RMA time?
  9. I too have 2 leds and nothing. After doing cmos clearing and all the rest of the stuff. I had 2 leds showing before I powered up with the jumper in the wrong place. What does 2 leds mean?
  10. Where do I go to get a bios chip? Bonehead me, I left the cmos on clear, on my spare board, and powered up. The funny thing is that I wasn't booting up in the first place, that's why I cleared the cmos, took the battery out, and board.
  11. Anyone have any info on this? I did a "google" and searched many a forum on info on this and didn't find much. What got me started was this written by Oppainter, "The trick is you have to increase your PCI-e mobo clock. I first moved it up to 104 and all of a sudden the card started to clock. When I reached 122 PCI-e I was at 903MHz on the card. I got inpatient and jumped the PCI-e to 136 and that’s when I screwed up my OS." http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showpo...20&postcount=34 I also found this written by Kamerat, "If you have to overclock the FSB over 10% from 200MHz you have to increase the "PCI Express Frequency" in the BIOS. You can calculate how high "PCI Express Frequency" you need when increasing the FSB by this formula: FSB/2.2="PCI-E Freq." When using a FSB of 250MHz you need a PCI-E frequency of minimum 114MHz (250/2.2=113.6). Remember that increasing your PCI-E frequency too much make the ICH6 SATA controller malfunction (it stopped detecting my WD Raptor 74GB over 120MHz PCI-E)." http://home.no.net/comerade/pc/p4gd1.html So what would happen if you reached too much? Fried card, corrupted OS,etc.? How much is too much?
  12. But if you must, use a dismantled double razor. You know the cartriges. Use one of the blades from that. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40172
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