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  1. this may sound wierd but whenever i try to change my HTT to over 220 it will start up detecting arrays so i just leave it at 220. idk why it does this. what do you guys with a 3000 clocked at?0
  2. both of those already are disabled. should i change any voltages/ apetures?
  3. no it says i can have a 360 day trial and has anyone tried it?
  4. Ok guys i was doing my usuall updates and i came across the XP professional x64 for 64 bit systems and you can download a year trial for it. This seems a bit fishy. Has anyone else installed this or even heard about it. Your thoughts please.
  5. Ok it just happend when i exited UT otherwise it doesn't happen where it usally does this is not cool any more advice people?
  6. Ok i was looking around windows and found the DEP settings. Could i potentially mess up my computer if i turned this thing off. See pic
  7. It seems to be working is there anyway to be sure? because it doesn't do it where it normally does
  8. yes thats exactly it whenever i exit UT or switch windows to Americas army or somthing ima try this now
  9. I dont know why but everytime i switch resolutions in games a blue screen pops up and i think it says memory dump but it goes to fast to read. Then it reboots. anyone else have this problem?
  10. well here is a pic of the timings. I dont know what to change to.
  11. The thing is i dont know how to see my RAM timings. so i cant tell you unless you told me how i could find out. also i just want to speed everything up to the point where there wouldn't be any problems with anything maybe 5 % to start with. but im not sure what to tweak so if you could tell me how to see my settings and change them that would set my on the right track because i know basically what to do but i dont know whats too much. What else do i need in my sig i think i got everything
  12. o and if it helps BIOS ver is 9/14
  13. Hey this may seem a little noobish but i want to set everything so it runs at its best, like RAM timings, overclocking and what not. and also what programs i can use to do it , and how. Right now everything is at its stock speed and i would really like to change that.
  14. yea accually my floppy IDE was bad. i just tried a different one and now its good. By the way it was reversed my bad thx alot
  15. Hey everyone i have the Lanparty UT nf3 and its been up and running for about four days now. I haven't been able to update my BIOS becase i cant get my floppy to read any disks. is there another way i can update without a floppy? There isn't a error or anything i just get a "please insert disk into drive A:" message and ive tried several disks and it wont read any of them any ideas?
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