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  1. hey angry i got these, as you convinced me, and now im burning them in. I can run these at 2-2-2-5 @215 3.1v with no errors on memtest. When i try and go up to 220 or higher i get memory dumps and i dont know what else to do. Any suggestions on fixing this? i want to try and get the most fsb out of these babies. Also 3.1 is the max in my bios and was wondering what versions should i get to go up to 3.3v which i believe is the suggested value for burning in. I know thats alot but anything will help. Thanks again
  2. whats the best way of changing it manually? A64 tweaker or bios? and should i leave the rest of the clocks the way they are?
  3. do i need to juice it up or anything?
  4. So i just got the 3700 and some OCZ golds and i thought id try a little ocing, little did i know i couldnt even get them running at 220 fsb. I boosted the vcore to 104% and dram to 2.8 and still no go. So i was thinking maybe it was my bios? another questions is that my ocz's say they are rated at 2225 but heres what i get on cpu-z for their timings 2.5-3-3-7 @ 200 mghz. what do i have to do to get the 2-2-2-5? i also want to get the most juice out of my 3700 and im idling at about 30 with my Venus 12 all the way down so heat isn't really an issue. any advice is much appreciated
  5. hey quick question, im swapin out my 3000+ for a 3700+ anything i need to know and or do before the fed ex guy comes this morning? I read that i should reset the bios, whats the best way of going about that? thanks again
  6. angry i ordered a 3700+ Clawhammer as well, how will this affect my overclocking now?
  7. My friend has an idea, he wants to take his old pc and put the board in a fish tank filled with mineral spirits. Cuz its not conductive would it work as nice cooling system? Or would this fail miserably? Give me your feedback please.
  8. alright just ordered them with overnight shipping, cant wait thanks for the advice.
  9. alright i think im just going to upgrade my cpu and ram and not take the step to 939 cuz im not realy gaining anything out of that. So id go with this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103461 and the golds that angry pointed out earlier. How does this sound?
  10. so angry i should get those golds?
  11. Sup guys, ive currently got a Lanparty NF3 250 gb with a newcastle 3000+ and some basic value ram, ive gotten my friend to buy these three things from me so im going to upgrade to the Ultra D 939 socket and get the San Diego 3700+, i am also going to get some OCZ RAM for it. Heres the question, Im confused about the OCZ ram, theres the PC400 EL platinum rev. 2, and the OCZ Gold Revision 2 DDR 500. they are the same price on newegg and i dont know which one to get if you guys can list some pro's + cons pls do so thanks
  12. and no i dont turn my psu off i just turn it off. There is still power to the board< ie the red lights are on the board>
  13. i have way too much stuff to reformat so i think i can live with it if thats the only way
  14. When ever i turn my comp on in the morning it everything goes well until the Windows XP loading screen comes up, the loading bar doesn't do anything. After about 30 seconds it will flash to a blue screen and start booting again. Then an error saying that windows did not start properly and i just boot normally. Then when it gets to the Xp screen it will either load or it may repeat the cycle a few more times. Once in widows it is completly fine. It's doesn't seem to be a very serious problem but it is very annoying. I tried searching the forums but didn't come up with anything if there is one on this subject please leave a link. Much appreciated
  15. If anyone is getting drops and lags i highly recommend installing the 5.03 drivers after using a driver cleaner program. and do not install manager or firewall. this solved all my problems
  16. i must say i was having problems with my lan and it was . me off. My lan had already worked for 2 weeks when i noticed that it dropped connections often. I contacted every tech support available and they all concluded that it was my card, which isn't really a card anyway. Thus leading me back to this site which has helped resolve my issues before. First i just posted a thread saying the problems i was having, but then i realized that i should just search for a good thread that already resolved it. Then i stubled upon one that said that They used drver cleaner and reinstalled without the manager and firewall. So i followed the instructions and low and behold my net seems to be back online. I used the 5.03 drivers and did not install manager or firewall. This has fixed my problem so far. I dont know if you have already tried this becasue i didn't feel like reading everything so far, but this has worked for me. I dont know if this will help any but its worth a try if you hadn't done so already.
  17. i might have to RMA my board too so how long would it take to do i cant go long without my puter. I would also like to say that i only recently started having this problem with my lan. it worked fine for a about a week after i had updated everything and all of the sudden it started to not work. and i havent changed anything from the time of update to the time of crash
  18. I also am having lan problems. I am getting dropped connections, downloads ceased, and cannont connect to home network. Everlything is fine on other computer, i called dlink but was put on hold for 2 hours and got disconnected. not very fun. I dont think a rma will help be becasue as you guys said its prolly just a setup issue. I have a speedstream 5360 dsl modem with a dlink DI 604 and am runnning XP SP2 on both computers. I might just get a 10 dollar NIC card if i cant fix this soon. I will just have to try running at 10 mbit for now.
  19. what is the fastest RAM that the nF3 can handle, and for that matter the best RAM in your opinion
  20. will someone post a final solution make it a sticky too
  21. this may sound dumb but what is thermal throttling. i always saw it in BIOS but never knew what it was. And im messing around with overclocking and like the guy above me i can only get to 225 is thermal throttling holding me back?
  22. Now i know i have some pretty cheap RAM but what could i change to squeeze some more MB out of these babies. Timings are 3 3 3 8 13 16 according to CPU Z. i think i got some things clocked wrong. im not sure where to start really. any help is apriciated.
  23. i just ran sandra and got 3215MB/s i was wondering how good this was compared to other ppl. i don't think its too great cuz its pretty cheap RAM. post your scores
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