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  1. Yes i have an industrial strength fan blowing into my case lol. its been doing memtest at about 33 to 40. lemme write down settings and il post back in a sec
  2. i cleared the cmos and what non then i moved it up to 3.5 but still wouldn't boot, then i put it just at 200 fsb with 3.3 and it booted but it ran memtest with tons of errors.
  3. So ive been burning these in according to this forum http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11442 But the problem is i cant boot with the 3.3v on step 9. Everything up until then has run smoothly. I raised my psu to 3.45, using a DMM,as advised but it just leads to a "detecting array" i tried lowering the fsb and 3.3 but still a no go. So last night i just looped all tests at 3.2v 220 with about 19000 errors, eww. im really confused on what i should do next. And as of right now i can run 225 stable with 3.1v 2-2-2-5.
  4. Ok so ive been burnin my golds in and heres what ive done so far. loop all memtest tests for 8-12 hours at 200Mhz 2-2-2-5 with 2.8v loop all tests for 8-12 hours at 200Mhz with 2.9v loop all tests for 12-16 hours at 210Mhz with 3.0v loop all tests for 12-16 hours at 210Mhz with 3.1v loop all memtest tests for 8-12 hours at 215Mhz 2-2-2-5 with 3.2v loop test 5 only for 8-12 hours(2 nights) loop all tests for 8-12 hours at 220Mhz 2-2-2-5 with 3.3v--> And now heres where im stuck. I cant seem to boot into windows with 3.3v. Ive tried to do it with 200-220 and it wont do it. It will either give me a "Detecting array" or a blank screen and restart. I set my psu anywhere from 3.35v to 3.45v and i get the same result. So last night i just looped all test in 220 with 3.2v. but i got about 19000 errors in 10 hours. Should i try something else before i go to he 3.3? And i am running my cpu at 10x so i know im not getting a cpu error. Any help is much appreciated
  5. Hi ive been getting some pretty good clocks out of my 3700 at 230 * 12 113% voltage. Smartguardian says my cpu is 39 and my hs probe is given me about 27. I wanna try and put more volts in it and see if i can go any higher but im not sure what i should limit the temps to. Maybe a water cooling system is in my near future. Suggestions on parts/kits?
  6. I got my Golds to be stable up to about 234 on 3.1v thanks to much diligance and the instuction http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11442 thanks Mark. This is as far as i got in the burn-in with my current psu, although my OCZ Powerstream should be arriving tomorrow so i can continue(finally). Two questions. First, i believe angry suggested to use tictacs bios to get the 4.0vdimm. Is that the only one or are there any other suggestions, if so please drop a link. Secondly how exactly do i go about changing the volts, i know that i just adjust them on the psu but is there a specific order i should do things in so i dont mess it up?
  7. This may sound stupid but whats the difference between running single and dual channel on your ram. I see most pics in CPU-Z they have dual on their memory, but when i look at mine it says single. I have 2 512 OCZ Golds running at 2-2-2-5 @ 3.1v 230mghz. Can i change it to dual? if so how do i do it and would it benefit me. Once again know it sounds noobish but ive just never had to deal with it b4. Thanks for any advice for clearing up my confusion.
  8. man how do u guys afford all this stuff? im only 16 tho i thought i put a decent amount of change into my comp awhile back. How much did ur new rig cost?
  9. 250 * 11 2.75 seems to be identical to 278*10. il have to see which one can do the torture for longer
  10. just wondering whats the max voltage i should put into my cpu, as in my sig i have pretty good cooling
  11. so i decided to test my cpu to see how much juice it can crank out before i go for a better psu for my Golds. I was able to get 278 fsb * 10 with a 3x multi and 113% VID Special. My ram right now is running at about 196 on a 150 divider. So i went from 2.4 to 2.78. i sorta hit the wall at 280. Maybe i should try going with a higher multi? ive tried alot of things so far but this was the most i got from my cpu im running it now seems to b pretty stable. It cant be a good thing that i have such a high HTT right? I tested my board and was able to reach well over 300 so i know im not stressing it too much. Any suggestions for a higher clock?
  12. I havent updated my BIOS in awhile and i think its about time. going from 9/14 to 5/04. I have it clocked pretty high right now 275 *10 113% with a 150 mem divider(until i can burn these in well) Should i clock it to factory b4 flashing? clocks are prefectly stable in windows.
  13. Hey angry the guys over at OCZ informed me that my EL Golds are in fact BH-5's. So i plan on getting the Powerstream like you said, thanks for the suggestion.
  14. So you could get either the EL, which is TCCD/TCC5 , or the non-EL, which is BH-5, from new egg from this link http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227211 but they have the same model number? Because i was told they were BH-5
  15. Ok so i ordered the OCZ PC3200 Gold Dual Ch 2-2-2-5 chips that angry suggested. Although i when i recieved them they had a mysterious EL thrown into the name that is not pictured like the one at new egg. Angry then told me that it meant i had TCCD/TCC5 chips instead of the BH-5's which i wanted. I dont know what to do, If i did get TCCD/TCC5 chips which of the two are better and how would i know. Then what is the best way of getting the most of these chips? Cuz i havent had any good clocks with these since i got em. These dont seem to be overclocking nice for me and was curious what Ryder and Andy thought about this and what should i do.
  16. jeez... angry i ordered the ones that you linked me to and they sent me these should i rma them or did i get a steal with TCCD chips? I looked at my invoice and it takes me to the exact ones so i know i ordered the right ones. maybe this is why my burn in didnt go so well lol.
  17. alright i dont believe my question has been answered... sorry to be annoying but how exactly do i get above 3.1? do i have to physically solder something in me psu? or get a different bios? and where is the 4v jumper that angry was talkin bout? once again sorry if im getting annoying but i have to find out. Yea how do i do that trick then? Also my PC3200 golds say this on them PC3200 512mb EL Dual CH Gold Edition 2-2-2-5 On pictures i dont see an "EL" like on mine, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  18. i ran memtest for 8 hours on 215fsb 2-2-2-5 @3.0 and no errors. so i boosted it up to 220 same and has been running all day today and it has done 340 passes so far with 176 errors. I think im doing the process right, i just wait til i get almost no errors and boost it up again? I need a link to explain to me how i could get 3.1 + on my 3.3 rail. how exactly would i do that? o and also which bios have the 3.1+ options?
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