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  1. Well heres what i get: 3dmark05: 9057 3dmark06: 4910 I think my card started flipping out a little, ie screen flashing wierd colors. I still have alot of testing to do....
  2. I am getting a NF4 Ultra-D and a 4200 with a 7800GT, would it be smart to reformat? I recently reformatted about 2 months ago already. But would it be benificial to do again to be safe?
  3. hi everyone, just recently my sound drops out every few minutes. the only remedy i can come across is restarting my computer. i am running windows x64 but ive been using this a long time and this only started to happen recently. any ideas?
  4. hey what exactly does thermal throttling do in the advanced chipset features part of the bios. mines set to 50% but i have no idea what it does. does it have to do with my gpu, if so i want to do overclocking so turn it on or off. Thanks for clearing this up.
  5. is it just me or am i seeing a lack of ppl using 4200? is the 4400 that much better? worth the price difference? i plan on gettting one of these and a 7800 Asus. and im having a ball trying to figure out whats the difference between these NF4 Ultras http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136152 , http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136151 , and http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136159 . Since im spending quite a bit i dont want to blow it. Im also RMAing my psu to a 520 to compensate for the 7800. Any help/advice on what to do will b apreciated.
  6. thanks for all your input. i think il go for a gig of OCZ plat rev 2. and a 4200 dualcore. But has anyone tested the dualcore for gaming and the impact it has? I really want it mainly for this of course, if i wanted just multi tasking i would have got an intel lol.
  7. i just want to try some loose timings, i just want 230 stable thats it! no more is needed! any suggestions? i just need em to do 230 so for my cpu, i dont wanna run a divider.
  8. So im going to get a NF$ SLi Ultra with either a 4000+ sandy or a 4200 dual core. First question, is it worth the extra 70 bucks to get the dual core, anyone got some benches done to give me a rought estimate. This is going to be mainly a gaming rig, so which one would be better. Next on newegg they have a deal to get some Twinx cosair xms 4400. anybody have any problems/success with these puppies, a 275 fsb sure sounds nice Any other suggestions on a 1 gig setup, or maybe even a 2, i want the ram to cost under 220 if possible. any feedback will b muchly appreciated.
  9. i tried 3.5 but that just gave me even more errors as i went down in volts i got less and less errors, which is why i still think these timings are off im using the ones Andy suggested, they work fine for normal usage but anything over 215 is teh sux
  10. wow i thought my clock sucked with this clawhammer. I have a venus 12 and arctic silver 5 that is awesome. My cpu temp in the bios is about 35. but on a probe on the bottom of my heatsink it stays at about 25 - 30. which is nice, since it blows massive ammounts of air on my ram too. I use alot of different multi's and fsb to get it to 2.8 but thats pretty much its max at this voltage. no matter what multi used 11* 250 got the best bench for me. i guess i should be more satisfied with this chip. My Ram is a different story tho.... heres my thread if anyone has any bright ideas
  11. oops sorry didn't see that post andy il try that and keep that in mind. I plan on upgrading to a 939 with a sli setup by the end of the summer. I got an interview to work at bestbuy in the geek squad on saterday. Im good at everything else with computers, just not the most experienced with overclocking like some of you guys later
  12. urg so your saying that i shouldn't bother getting over 220 with this ram? Well it kinda sux since my older cheapy ram coulc run this speed easily. Im just disapointed with OCZ at this point. Maybe i just got the short stick. So i guess il just be running at a lowly 215 and be done with it. Definitly not worth my money and effort on this one. Unless anyone else has any bright ideas. One thing i did notice is that with JSJ's i could run 220 with few errors, but on this 504 i cant even come close. i guess i should try going back to jsj's.
  13. yea, i tried both those settings and still got about 2500 errors 220fsb and 3.3v. i have tic tacs 504 bios with bank interleave now. Any other settings i should try? volts? fsb? idk im rather frustrated with this burn in.
  14. cpu multiplier in your genie settings. so im assuming its stock if you dont know, but im not sure what that is for the 55. How fast does it say your cpu is running at?
  15. well i have a 3700+ 754 and it will do about 2.8 @1.65v no problem at about 35 c. as for benching, i get better scores than an intel 3.8 using sandra. soon im going to try and boost the volts up a bit and see how high it will go
  16. Do you get the error with default settings? if you get this error anyway but it only crashes when its oc'ed id just turn it down a bit so it wont crash your system.
  17. so your problem is its running warm and the memtest errors right? I cant really tell you why your getting memtest errors, prolly cuz im working on mine also, but if you really dont like your cpu running 50+ you can do two things, just turn ur multi down and keep the higher fsb, or get water cooling. whats your current multi anyway.
  18. G-Code is right, ive been at my setup for the past 3 weeks tweaking, testing, restarting,tweaking,testing and so on. I must have rebooted my comp about 300 times so far with my new stuff. It really is a long process. Every computer reacts differently and you have to try whats best for you. I would start off by seeing if your htt will get 300+ just put ur ram on a divider and cpu multi to 6-8 and see how high you can get you htt. If you can get it 300+ then test your cpu. start with your multi at its defualt then raise the fsb by 5 util you hit the wall. Then once you do that you may or may not want to add more volts to your cpu. Then find your ram's max fsb by setting your cpu to a lower multi and raise it until windows doesn't boot and lower 5-10 below that point. Then take your rams stable speed as your fsb and change your multi on your cpu so you get close to your max. then find some harmony between the two.
  19. have you felt the hs itself to see if it is running hot? if it doesnt feel hot it, its prolly just reading wrong in the bios. my friend had this problem where no matter what bios i had used for his board it still reported it at like 50 + but the hs wasn't hot at all. If it does feel hot id simply turn it down a notch and see what temps your getting. If your cpu is just plain hot and you do want to have that higher clock you might want to get a water cooling system, but it seems you have a very nice air so its up to you.
  20. All i could think of is when the game crashed it prolly caused your whole system to then crash, since it was prolly pushed close to its limits. So that was you first BSOD on these settings? If it can run torture for that long it should be fine and it was just a software deal. But if it happens again i would just tone the oc down a notch and see if it happens again.
  21. nvm i take that back, i walk away for a few minutes and i get a gazillion errors. so i tried the other timing and same thing. this is at 220 fsb and 3.3v. note i only got errors in test 5. I also noticed there are some extra things you have listed that are not in my bios, am i using the wrong one? its the 10/15 jsj w/ 4v dimm. *update* Ok idk what the hell i just did but i got it to work at 3.3v 220 fsb. I used the settings Andy had suggested and so far it seems to be working(knock on wood). il update my next progress later but i am still wondering whether or not i have chosen the right bios cuz this one doesnt have bank interleave on it. Current settings 200-e-2-2-6-2-7-14-2-3-2-2-*0648*main difference-a-a-0-level2-7-a-256-d-16-07-d
  22. well i got it to work right now with this cl1.5: A-A-1.5-2-2-2-9-12-2-2-1-2-3120-A-E-A-0-3-1-6/7/8-F(ast)/N-5/5.5/6/6.5-16/128-D-16-7-D but i dont understand whats in bold... so i set it o auto-7. And i dont even have an option that says PCI-e payload, let alone a pci-e board. I dont quite understand that whole deal yet. But i did set it manualy at 4x and 128.
  23. From top to bottom in BIOS DRAM 200 enable 2 2 5 2 7 17 2 2 2 2 3120 Cycles Auto Auto 0 Auto Auto 256 Cycles Disable 16x 7x Disable Genie 220 66 Disabled Auto Auto 3x 10x Disable Auto Auto 1.6v 1.7v 3.3v This is the next step i cant get to work
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