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  1. ok I guess il start from the top. No its running on all stock settings. The other psu and other memory do the exact same thing. to be honest i dont know if i have IRQ conflicts, i could try switching the slot. It started happening probably about 7-8 months ago(I know im lazy) but at first it wasn't bad, it would just take like one restart if at all. And it just got worse until now. I will be rebuilding the whole thing in a few days when i get a copy of vista, a new case, and new HD. I can always get into the bios, it just restarts during the windows loading screen, which made me think it was either the hard drive, or the installation itself
  2. no, it runs perfectly fine after its actually started, I have done memtest however and it passes fine.
  3. I posted this a while ago but I haven't had time to address the problem because of time until now. Basically here is the story in a nutshell. The rig in my sig has been having issues cold booting, sometimes even being off for a few minutes. When I turn it on it will get to the loading screen and make 1-3 passes on the bar before I get a BSoD. Then it immediately restarts itself and gets to the screen where it says windows did not start properly, blah blah, then it has the four options of starting. It will do this for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour before it finally starts. Due to this I usually just keep the damn thing on. I have tried 2 different power supplies and 2 different sets of RAM. I really can't figure out what could be causing it. I am ordering a copy of Vista, a new case, and a HD probably tomorrow sometime and I figured I would ask for advice before I spent more money on a new mobo. Sorry for the long post but I tried to make sure I covered everything.
  4. ok nvm about the error loading windows, i fixed that and now im back to square one. My initial thought on one of the memory sticks now proves to be false, it does the same thing with either of them, using the orange closest to the edge. Is there anything i can test before i just rma the memory, im not a fan of just shipping it out before im positive thats whats going on.
  5. hmm now some really goofy stuff is going on. after reading that post i decided to try one stick of memory to see what would happen, with one stick it just beeps abnoxiously and doesnt really do anything, which tells me that stick is not working right. When I tried the other stick, it gets to the part right before the loading screen and i get a "Error loading the operating system" which never happened before. Usually it started loading and would just bsod and restart. And then i put both sticks in and i get the same error, i dont think i changed any other settings and im not sure why its doing this now but i think its safe to say one of my sticks is not working properly.
  6. I have tried my rig with another antec psu I have laying around and it does the same thing either way. Do you think i would just have to RMA my memory then?
  7. so basically for a while whenever i have my comp off for more than an hour it had issues starting. so i just never turned it off as a rule of thumb, i know bad idea. once i get it running it can restart no problem. Heres what happens, the loading bar to windows goes about half way, then i get BSOD and it restarts to the screen where it lets you pick between safe mode and last known configuration. So it usually takes 5-6 cycles for it to finally boot. however when i brought my comp home from college it just wont load, it has been going at it for about an hour. Ive messed around with voltages and reset cmos and what not but nothing seems to work, i am almost thinking my HD is going. Any suggestions?
  8. A little update, my friend just got a new PSU in the mail today so I had him bring it over to test it my in comp, and it does the exact same thing. Im almost positive now that my motherboard is shot. Whats steps should I take to getting it replaced?
  9. well from what i saw he checked all the rails with a dmm, is there some way i could test it to check if it is the ps? when i try the long cmos clear i still get the same thing, im holding down the insert key, plug it in and try to turn it on, all i get is the initial flicker then nothing.
  10. Alright, well I'm just going to let it sit for a while I guess, if the 24 hour reset doesnt work, my mobo is shot? Then what are my options. If it means a 2 week long process I might as well just buy a new one.
  11. Yes, it is currently built outside of my case. I tried each stick of RAM seperatly, and followed th guide that you linked. Still won't post, all i get is an initial flicker then nothing.
  12. I just took my PSU to my local PC shop and it checks out fine, i didnt have a DMM handy. The only thing i can think of is MB and CPU. How would I go about checking which one it is?
  13. I was actually in the process of this when I was posting. I let it sit about 5 minutes or so, and again all I get is a flicker of all the lights and the fan spins for just a second, then nothing. It wont flicker again unless I unplug and plug it back it. I also noted a smell that kind of smelled like new computer, if you know what I mean, but there was definitly a different odor when it happened
  14. Well I just got home from school, booted up comp and started checking email. Ten minutes later, all of the sudden it just went down. Still had power to monitor so i know i didnt unplug it. I unpulgged it and reset cmos for a few minutes, plugged it back in and pushed the power button, all i get is a flash of blue light from my fan then nothing. I think my PS might have taken a crap on me. Both of the orange test lights are on, and I can only get the lights to flicker the first time i try to start it after I unplug/plug it back in. Any suggestions?
  15. yea thats basically what happens, its really weird becuase today it started up first try but yesterday it restarted at leas 6 times. Im getting 2 gigs of platinum on friday so il be able to retweak all my settings again. If im still having problems with new RAM/volts il re post, thanks for the help
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