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    3dMark05 score seems very low

    lol I just couldn't pass up the opportunity..
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    3dMark05 score seems very low

    hmm I am getting over 20K in 3do5, just running stock setting on the test, on my conroe - crossfire rig...
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    Will Two DD Koosahs Fit LP SLI-DR?

    it will fit the expert mobo, it will fit the sli-dr mobo with special fittings...
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    Watercooling GPU...

    Happy Games is 100% correct.
  5. I have been running my conroe @ 3.8ghz for the last few days. I plan on keeping there unless I my system becomes unstable. My Vcore is at 1.45 and my temps do get up there under some heavey loads (around the 62C mark, but at the moment I am not in a air conditioned room, I am on my test bench and it is 94F ATM..) After this weekend I will move this in to my computer room and in there in is aournd 68-70F all the time. So I hope to have my load temps drop some then.
  6. - I think if you happen to get a good proc, then 4Ghz will be possible. But From what I have been seeing, these retail conroes are having a harder time hitting 4ghz. - I do notice an improvement in games. I like to play at a min. 1600x1200 & 1920x1200 when the game supports it. The Conroe releaves the bottle neck at the cpu level, and allows the GPU to do their job. You can see how well the benchmarks scale as the overclock increased on the cpu. The Video cards are running the same speeds during all of the benching. Now my FPS in games are much higher and more constant. For example, on my Asus rig (X2 4400 @ 2.75Ghz, SLI7800GTX and 2gb of ram) I get anywere from 85-95 FPS in BF2. But during high action.. Arty dropped next to me, or lots of infi shooting around me, the FPS will drop to the upper 50s. I hate it when that happens... my game will "lurch" and "studder" a little. But now play this on a conroe running atleast 3ghz and now my FPS are 98-100 all the time. Now drop arty around yourself and start tossin C4... FPS drop way down to 98... no lag, no studder, no lurching... just smooth action like it should be. All this will all settings max'ed out. - I don't know what I will have at PDXlan 8, that is still aways out there...
  7. ok ok ok I will get ya'll a screeny of 8hour prime... Happy games, please don't send Thunda after me on a Jihad mission...
  8. raju: thanks for pointing out how things are done around here. I have only been a contributing member here since Dec of 2004... I see that you must have gotten some attention from Angry/Happy Games. That will always get you some knowledge of how things work around here. Just the other day i was talking to him on the phone and he was yelling at me cause I told him i was using IDCC to find my Max OCs faster... my ears are still ringing from that conversation... Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but the highest repect for Angry/Happy Games, and I really like the way he runs this website. quick question for ya: Did you do the trace mod to unlock the rest of the overclocking features? And what are you running your MCH voltage at? And one more, are you using IDCC?
  9. stepping 5 ya, I too used to be on the min. 8hour prime bandwagon. Sometimes even after priming for well beyond 8 hours, I would load up a game like BF2 and crash in 5 min... So that just shows you that if you can prime for 8 hours on a overclock, it is just that... you can prime... but can you actually do things with your rig? Most the time yes, but some times you are still not stable even if you can prime for 24hours.... Basically if I can run a overclock on BF2 for a few hours of game play, then i am very confident that I can prime for days..... and I have tested this to be true more than a few times now. To me running prime for 8 hours is just one step in testing for stability. As for your FSB limit.. What kind of cooling are you using on the chipset? I have the Danger Den Bad Axe Maze4 chipset block on mine. I have my FSB @ 1532 (383) and as high as 1600 (400)(not stable). I usually don't watercool chipsets, unless it is an Intel chipset
  10. It has been awhile since I have sat down and overclocked Intel processors. The main reason for this was that I really didn't have much interest in Intel processors. I am an avid gamer, and for the longest time now AMD has really been a gamers processors of choice. Not only am I a gamer, I also overclock my systems. And there again the better hardware for overclocking had been coming from AMD. By now you should have heard about the Intel's new processors, Conroe. If you haven't let just say you are in for an shock!! I have heard the rumors and read all the writeup floating around the web. So I decided that it was once again time to sit down with a new setup and see just far these new Intel chips would go. Now these tests results are from my testing, on my setup. These are not directly comparable to other test results you may find elsewhere. I am not going to say that my testing methods are better or worse than any one else. The system used didn't have any special drivers, BIOS or OS installed, just the same drivers and BIOS you can download from the manufacture. The OS used was a clean install of Win XP Pro SP2 (all updates installed). Hardware List: Intel D975Xbx (Bad Axe rev 304) Conroe 2.66Ghx E6700 Corsair DDR2 2GB -6400C4 x1900xtx Crossfire Slave x1900xt Crossfire Master Enermax Liberty 620watt PSU Danger Den cooled TDX 775 DD-Bad Axe chipset block Crossfire Tyee set DDC pump BIX2 rad 2x 120mm papst fans List of programs used: Super Pi – Used for measuring system performance. (cpu intensive) SP2004 – Used for system stability testing (cpu intensive) Aquamarks03 – Used for measuring system performance (cpu)(graphics) 3dMarks05 – Used for measuring system performance (little cpu)(heavey graphics) 3dMarks06 – Used for measuring system performance (less cpu)(intensive graphics) Intel Desktop Utilities - Monitoring system temps and voltages Intel Desktop Control Center – over clocking tool ATI Catalyst Control Center – over clocking tool First I started out at all STOCK settings to get a baseline set of test scores. Aquamarks03 – 2.66ghz Stock Conroe http://img130.imageshack.us/my.php?image=a...66conroewy4.jpg Super Pi - 2.66ghz Stock Conroe http://img204.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s...66conroefp4.jpg 3dMarks05 - 2.66ghz Stock Conroe http://img107.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...66conroehi8.jpg 3dMarks06 - 2.66ghz Stock Conroe http://img348.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...66conroebz1.jpg CAUTION – over clocking may void your warranties! Do so at your own risk. After that I then wanted to see what my max stable overclock was on STOCK voltages. To do this I increased the Front Side Bus (FSB) in 1-2% increments until I was no longer able to continuously run SP2004. My max overclock seems to be way less the what others have been getting (3014mhz). It just shows that not all processors, even the same models will overclock the same. Some may overclock like champs, other may not overclock at all. It will vary from system to system. Now that we have that, lets go straight to our maximum over clock. To achieve this, I increased the Vcore (voltage supplied to the cpu) to 1.575 (1.3 is stock) and increased the voltage on the FSB by .2volts. I also decreased the memory from 800mhz to 667mhz to insure my ram was not going to be my point of failure. Once I have everything set the way I want it in the BIOS I booted back into Windows and opened up Intel Desktop Control Center (IDCC) to use in adjusting the FSB setting for overclocking in Windows. I started out the same way I always do when i am shooting for a maximum over clock. Start low and slow.... Since I know that I could run 3ghz on stock volts, I went ahead and started there. Now we can really put this sweet Intel Desktop Control Center program to work. I really like this program for overclocking. It allows you to overclock in percentages. You just open up the “Bus” tab and adjust the FSB in 1% increments (up to 30% on older BIOS, up to 50% on the latest BIOS). So you can overclock on the fly by increasing the FSB step by step until you get unstable. Then you just take notes of all the settings and you can go back into the BIOS and manually input this data so it boots with the overclock of your choice. I usually run a couple instances of SP2004 and the built in stress test on IDCC while I am adjusting the FSB to help me find the highest stable set point quickly. Once I find the set point that is unstable, I roll back to a stable setting, set it manually in the BIOS and then set up for a long stress test to check for system stability. After many hours of this, here is what my Max Stable over clock was for this processor. Conroe 2.66Ghz – Max stable overclock 3.83Ghz. Remember, no two processors will overlcock the same. You may get a processor that will do well over 4ghz, or you may get one that will do only 3.5ghz.... Even though my is only 3.83Ghz, that is still a 1.2Ghz overclock!!! And these benchmark scores show what that will do for your performance. Aquamarks03 – 1Ghz overclock http://img522.imageshack.us/my.php?image=a...hzconroeaj3.jpg Super pi - 1Ghz overclock http://img73.imageshack.us/my.php?image=su...hzconroesy4.jpg 3dMarks05 - 1Ghz overclock http://img522.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...hzconroent9.jpg 3dMarks06 - 1Ghz overclock http://img131.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...hzconroeqn3.jpg Aquamarks03 - conroe 3.83ghz http://img511.imageshack.us/my.php?image=a...hzconroece7.jpg super pi - conroe 3.83ghz http://img511.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s...hzconroeqo8.jpg 3dMarks05 - conroe 3.83ghz http://img378.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...hzconroedk0.jpg 3dMarks06 - conroe 3.83ghz http://img330.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...hzconroekt5.jpg As you can see there are some massive benefits gained from overclocking you processor. Just remember, you have to have very good cooling to overclock any system. And you have to make sure that your system is stable, or it isn't a successful overclock. What good is a computer that won't run? Or a computer that randomly restarts while you are in the middle of a intensive battle on BF2? To me that is the worst!!! While I had this test rig set up I tossed on a few other processors to see just how capable this motherboard was for overclocking. Processors I used are: Intel 805 Smithfield (the famous one from THW's review) Intel 950 Presler Intel 3.73EE 805 Smithfield 2.66Ghz Stock @ 4.32Ghz http://img49.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sf...pi432ghzfk2.jpg 950 presler 3.2Ghz Stock @ 5.125Ghz http://img432.imageshack.us/my.php?image=9...zsuperpirx3.jpg 3.73EE 3.73ghz (duh) Stock @ 4.84ghz http://img427.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p...e4837ghzxc7.jpg What can I say, this motherboard ROCKS!!! The combo of this mobo and the IDCC for overclocking makes for very easy way of finding your max stable setting fast. It used to take me days to get some overclocks stable, but now only a few hours is all that is really needed. Then another 4-6 hours of stress testing to make sure you are stable. If any one is getting ready to upgrade, you should take a hard look at the Intel D975Xbx motherboard.
  11. CPU Killer

    ViewSonic VA1912wb Black 19" DVI 8ms Widescreen LCD?

    See it is people like this guy here that puts out the bad vibes for everyone else... I have a Dell 24" monitor (for about 10 months now) and I game on it just about everyday. Nasty native res of 1920x1200?? umm that is a good thing, plus there is this setting on the monitor that will self adjust to run the resolution of the application in use... (that means it will not stretch the image) Ugly responce time of 20ms. I have agree with ya on that one, Mine is 16ms (not sure where you got the 20ms from...)(prolly the same place THW get most of its data from...)
  12. I have been using DFI motherboard for overclocking for so long I usually laugh out other peeps trying to tell me that this mobo (something besides a DFI) is a good clocker too... ya sure it is... Well I have been wanting to play with some of these intel chips that are on the market and I am getting ready for some Conroe action as well. Not sure what DFI has been putting in their coolaid, but I aint some "make Intel mobos with newer chipset powdered sugar". It has been over a year since the last time I had a DFI intel mobo (Lanparty 875P-T). And that was one hell of a mobo!! I have been hearing rumors about Intel making a push into the gamers and overclockers market... For the longest time I haven't been really beliving it. The other day I got my hands on a new Intel 975Xbx motherboard and a 950 Presler cpu. If you are not familar with it, this cpu is a dual core 65nm, runs 3.4Ghz stock. All said, this is a pretty decent proc with some potential for overclocking. It has a 17 multi, and runs 800mhz.... Usually my goal is a 1Ghz overclock. Back with my old 3.2 Presshot I was able to get 4.2Ghz on the DFI 875P-T rock stable with 2GB (4x 512) of BH-5 (2-2-2-5 timings). This was great back then. Lets get to Overclocking!!! I start out slow, 250FSB x 17 (4.25Ghz) bump the vcore, bump the FSB a little... running dual prime for hour or so... call it good for now. From there I start walking the overclocks up with a slick program that Intel has for there new mobos. It is called Intel Desktop Control Center (IDCC). If you haven't seen this and tried it out, make it a priority!! This program will save you many many hours of tweaking. Once I got to the FSB up to 291 (4.947Ghz!) I was smiling from ear to ear. I started stability testing. Had to bump up the Vcore and that was all. I threw everything I had at it trying to get it to crash... So you know what comes next... Off to 5Ghz land we go!! Now this did take some time and tweaks to get working but I finially topped out this proc running 5.125Ghz Totally stable! But the best part is, I didn't use some fancy mega tweaked OS. I just installed a fresh copy of good ol XP Pro with SP2, installed the mobo drivers, and updates from the web. I didn't have uber fancy cooling, just a nice Danger Den watercooling setup. The mobo is the same one you can get off the shelf at your local nerd shop. The proc is the same way. Here is the rig specs: Intel 975Xbx mobo (latest drivers) Intel 950 Dual Core Presler Ultra Infinity 600w psu Corsair DDR2 1gb kit (800mhz)(5-4-4-9) xFx 7900GT Danger Den Torture Rack case DD TDX cpu block (#2 insert) D5 pump BIX2 rad (4x 120mm fans) 1/2" tygon tubing DD Intel Chipset Maze4 block Recap: 1.725Ghz OVERCLOCK on a INTEL MOBO!! :eek: I will be testing some other processors on the platform over this weekend. I am trying to get my hands on a Conroe... but in the mean time I have a couple of other procs to play with for now... More to come,..
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    2 sound cards?

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    Build Log: Danger Den Watercooling

    Please PM me with your DD Order number and I will see what is going on with your order. I agree, this unacceptable. Rokk