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  1. There should be a tab there for "Temperature" settings and also a tab for "Clock Frequency", which is where you can overclock. Not sure why yours is missing. You may want to apply Coolbits 1.0 and then re-apply Collbits 2.0 and see if that helps. Also here is another good Nvidia Geforece Tweaker program. It has alot more tweaks than Coolbits ever thought about having. Download it HERE DS
  2. There are several added tweaks on version 2. Yes you can apply the registry patch over version 1. DS
  3. Here is a screenshot of the temperature view and settings via Coolbits: How far were you able to overclock your 5200? As far as ATI cards go. They are good cards. But, value-wise Nvidia probably has the better offererings at the moment. DS
  4. I think it comes overclocked a little from the factory. DS
  5. Ok, the first one has to be read more than once to realize that "rize" is actually "rice", and not a double type/mistype of "size". The second post is understandable, but contradicts the first unless you go back and really re-read it. So, zeke we have not been changing our minds. You have been given good accurate information throughout this whole thread. I hopee it all works out for you. DS
  6. 2.5 = Cas Latency Control (tCl) 4 =RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD) 4 = Row Precharge timing (tRP) 8 = Min RAS# active timing (tRAS)
  7. Yes, the 6600GT would probably be better for the money. I didn't read close enough and automatically assumed 6800GT, since they are so popular.
  8. Everything looks ok except your ATX 12v reading, which is pretty low. Most people like to see it no lower than 11.8ish or so under a load. Even though you have alot of stuff hooked up to your system, your 480 watt ps should have enough power. I don't think your model of ps is adjustable is it? If not you can let it ride since you said it has been stable, or if it bothers you enough try another ps. DS
  9. I hate to say it, but you may have found your max cpu speed. Although some 3000s hit 2.4-2.5, there are some out there that will barely get 2.2. It is basically the luck of the draw if you get that good overclocker or not. DS
  10. No telling what that will end up going for...... DS
  11. Obviously, I'm not "In the Know", because I have no idea what the hell that game is about. Never heard of it, until now. I guess that means I'm not a nerd or a dweeb.... I have no clue what any of those qualifications and skills that your characters have mean, but they must be some serious azz kickers. I was shocked to see the price it went for and the number of bids placed. Yep, it's obvious to me that you can sell anything on Ebay... Congrats! DS
  12. Well, if you want to be sure your temps are as low as possible you need to remove that heatsink/fan and reapply the Artic Silver compound. You stated in an earlier post that you smeared it on 3/4 of the cpu...which is way too much. Too much will cause your cpu to actually run hot. You only need a small drop. That guide I posted tells you everything. DS
  13. The Heatsink is the finned things that are surrounding the Fan. The Fan is sunk down in the middle of the HS. See arrow in picture...that is your heatsink. DS
  14. Good. Glad we are finally getting somewhere. Now You need to read my last post, and follow that guide I linked to, and redo you heatsink application. Another thing you can do is go into the Bios and goto PC HEALTH section. Set your temperatures for your fans to turn on there. I have mine set to come on fully at >25 and off at <25. That insures my fans are running maximum all the time. DS
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