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  1. He is saying they are the most recent drivers that are certified by DFI to run stable with the board. Since every motherboard is a little slightly different, normally each manufacturer has the drivers that run most stable with their own board posted on their website. And in the case of DFI they have the 5.03 posted on their website, and I believe these are the same ones on the CD. Feel free to eleborate anyone.
  2. Figured it out while watching the Falcons vs. Panthers. I realized one thing I had changed was installed an extra network card for routing purposes, pulled the card and problem solved must have been WOL or something like that. I have had this problem for a week and just now thought of removing the extraneous PCI cards. Oh well problem solved.
  3. Ok this is a strange problem and will all my computer building experience I have never seen this. Below is the process I follow: 1. Shutdown windows 2. Computer turns off properly 3. After about a second of everything powered down it comes back on, as if I had pressed the power button, but I did not - so it is not like it is just a reset, it completely powers off then powers right back on Things I have tried: 1. Using EZ Touch buttons to power on and disconnecting power switch 2. Attempting to find any shorts that may cause the problem, haven't found any so far, but I'm not sure if a short could be the cause of this Other relevant info 1. I'm using a 420W Turbolink PSU 2. This problem didn't rear its head until I upgraded the BIOS to 9/14; however, my testing before upgrading the BIOS was simply turning it on with no drives plugged in so that could make the difference So should I try switching the PSU? Backdating the BIOS (the reason I upgraded was to fix my temp misreporting by update 10 degrees)? Anyone ever seen this happen before?
  4. I think it is a combination of two factors: a) Increase in popularity B) As stated before, it is the Holiday season
  5. Nice and direct. What are the major issues out of curiosity?
  6. Hey I'm new to these forums, and they have been a great resource to me thus far. I was just wondering whether or not I should go for a Windows XP SP2 install or should I just stick with SP1 when I build my new rig with: LANPARTY NF3 UT 250gb 1GB DDR400 Mushkin A64 3000+ 160GB SATA 80GB IDE DVD Burner etc. etc. etc. I have found a few things through searching, but not a real direct answer. So if some could list some of the known issues or give me a link that would be great.
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