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  1. I just flashed to new NF4LD329 bios and I didn't gain enything, exept new memtest and some small updates in bios... My overclock is still maxing out the same... I used 623 bios before this new one. //M_d
  2. HI ! I have the exact same CPU. My cpu hit a load temp around 50c too with only like 1.45vcore. I removed the IHS and now the temp are great Load temp is around 43c now, with 1.48vcore It hits 50c when I put like 1.65-1.7vcore, thats nice Using a scythe ninja cooler with a 120mm everflow fan.
  3. try running cpc on, it gives you much more performance...
  4. try scanning artifacts with atitool, and chech your volts and your rails, maybe the psu is the problem... also, you don't have to worry about getting deeper in the ., not if you just set the specified settings manually. thats just to ensure that everything is running as specified by manufacter.
  5. have you tried setting timings and klocks manually in bios ? maybe you need to set them to the specified timings and volts in bios, and try to raise the volts to mem and cpu... also, download some kind of artifact scanning program to test the gfx. maybe atitool works om nvidia also ? i think so...but not 100% sure... start with setting all klocks and timings manually in bios, before you start testing... update bios if you haven't done so... also, check so all the power cables are in place..
  6. http://www.vrforums.com/showthread.php?t=47615 some pics
  7. BH-5 doesnt boot with CL3 you can always check the chips, try finding a pic on the web to compare with.
  8. 1.58v with good temps will let your core live long i think... maybe you should drop it down to 1.54-1.56v...
  9. what does bios report for voltage when you run it @ 1.52v windows...
  10. Try running OCCT Torture for 10-20h. I ran a test and it passed, and then i thought I burn my cpu in a bit...errored after 6 hours. After upping the vcore it errored after 10 hours. Now im on a new config, cuz I couldn't get it stable, it bluescreened on me some times and acted wierd... Ran OCCT Tortur for 21h, yesturday and it didn't error on me, so it feels pretty stable so far, yet to be seen if it bluescreens on me again
  11. yes, do so... it will give you 1.552v windowa read, but something like 1.59v in bios i think.. but if you do not gain anything, drop it down to your current setting..
  12. did you mod the bracket ? if not, do so...it will get you the tension you need... good to see you pushed your GFX to
  13. try dropping your multiplier on the cpu, and see if you can run higher HTT. also, I run 1.6v right now and im burning in @ 10*302. there is no problem with 1.6v...
  14. change the divider to 133 and try it out... try pushing using 1.450*110% on the cpu
  15. try searching on forums, and see if someone with the same mems have posted timings and such... use them and work your way to the max stable freq.
  16. OT: doesnt your C3DGTO clock better on the core ? mine did 590 on stock cooling
  17. It was the bracket that I got with the cooler, its not the same clips as the original... There is 4 little nipples on the downside of the bracket, I just cut them on the tops to about ½ of the original length, and did the same with the 2 "skrew holes"... just used a sharp knife for the mod... I'll try to find the thread I saw over at XS... *edit* Sry m8, can't find the thread...But I thing you know what i mean, just take a look under the bracket, and you know what to cut...
  18. My friend. I wasn't always this happy about my temps.... At first I had a AC Freezer64, and got 50c load on 1.5vcore (bios read). Then I bought a Scythe Ninja, but still I got 50c load on same vcore. Then I got mad and just cut the IHS, put the new Ninja cooler in, and booted up... At first the temp was @ 45-47c load, but when the AS5 got "burned in" the temp dropped real nice running on water my temp was 30c load , but im back on air now... *edit* When I mount the cooler, it moves a lillte to the sides...so I just try to hold it steady with one hand, and mount the clips with the other hand...no problem at all... and dont worry about crushing the core, you will not! only if you hit the cooler when its already mounted, maybe it will crush...think about the old AMD cpus...
  19. yes, plus you should play with the other timings as well, try to find the timings that allows you to push your memory to the max, 1:1, and then you keep these timings, but you set a divider on the memory, to be sure that they dont stop you... also, download A64tweaker and memtest for windows...so you can play in windows instead of bios, when you are finnished in windows just flip the timings over to bios manually... //Markus
  20. At first i didnt do anything about the 2mm "gap" but then i modded the "plastig holder", sry but i dont know the name of it... the temps where the same though...but the cooler is more steady now... temps is @ 40c load with 1.54vcore (bios read) and 44c load with 1.6vcore (bios read)
  21. dude, you got to get ridd om that IHS! Im running mine naked with a scythe ninja, and it uses 4 "clips" om each corner to mount... almost thought id kill my opty, but i have mountet it several times without hurting it so far
  22. Try setting the best timings you can manually, when I set my timings to auto I get Bluescreens almost instantly..
  23. you need to set your vcore, cpu-voltage, manually...just set it to 1.4v and reboot, then you will be able to select higher vdimm... 3.3v+ are not available if you dont set vcore manually.
  24. some of these cpu:s have died when used with high voltage rams, 3.0v+ the reason is that the diodes in the cpu died because of to low vcore, they need like 1.45v to handle the high vdimm... just so you know, so you dont kill the chip...
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