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  1. I have the same problem....fast clock. About 15minutes fast PER DAY. Before my OLD Infinity had a slow clock and it eventually died so I had to RMA. This board has been great for several months until now. Anybody have any ideas? Can anyone point me to the thread mentioned by in the previous post? Thanks, C
  2. Come on already DFI! I need a S939 AGP board to replace my Infinity and I want it to be the board above! :drool:
  3. Anybody have any info on this board? http://www.hardwareasylum.com/forums/showt...p?p=430#post430
  4. I believe Temp2 (currently 43C) is the CPU because it changes quickly with CPU load. C
  5. What's up with the 128C temp I'm seeing with Speedfan (Temp3)? It doesn't seem to change whether or not I'm running heavy CPU loads. Thanks, C
  6. Just wanted to follow up to this thread to let everyone know that the support person that AG set me up with was very professional and prompt. I received answers to e-mails usually in less than two hours. My replacement motherboard was shipped out to me within 24 hours of DFI receiving the defective board and the new one is working great. Not only do my PS2 ports now work normally, but I got my overclock back too. While I still think the process for starting an RMA at DFI sucks, they really handled it well once it got going. Thanks DFI. C
  7. You can get the BIOS chip puller from Radio Shack for about $5. I highly recommend it for ease of removal of the old chip without damaging the socket. C
  8. It was about my system clock being slow and the intermittant operation of my PS2 ports. No matter now...my board is already on the way to back do Donna to be replaced/repaired. I'm sure Frank has a lot of mail to go through so I one bog him down with this one. C;)
  9. I guess some type of message is better than no message at all. At least I know it was never read.
  10. Hi A_G- I appreciate our willingness to do that. However, it won't be necessary as I'm already in the RMA process with Donna. I just didn't think it was very nice that the message was 'deleted without being read' by Frank. C
  11. Somewhere about a week or two ago, I found a web page on one of the DFI sites that gave a link where you could send a question to a 'DFI Engineer'. So, I decided to send an e-mail with a return receipt requested because I had a question about a problem I was having with a motherboard. Well, I finally got a message back. Here it is: Great support. Thanks DFI!
  12. For the record, I never got "bent out of shape" about anything until RGone called me 'foolish' I just simply asked if DFI can work off the serial number and then RGone kind of went off on me with the foolish comment. Nonetheless, this point is moot. I found the receipt in the bottom of my parts bin. I'll be e-mailing you in the near future; hopefully you'll still help me out with this problem. Thanks, C
  13. I guess DFI has their way of doing things. I'll do what I can to see if Microcenter can provide me with another copy of my receipt and then follow up with you. However, I still stand by my statement that it was very unprofessional and a poor representation of DFI for 'Super Moderator' RGone to call me 'foolish'. Thanks, C
  14. How many times do I have to ask for a link to the DFI RMA process in the USA? Is it a big secret or something?
  15. Sorry RGone, but YOU are wrong. And, if you are supposed to be a representative of DFI, lose your attitude. You don't have a clue about my circumstances but you still call me foolish. It's not a good way to build good will with your customers. I'm only giving you facts. I'm just telling you what the other manufacturer's do because I have been building computers for years and worked with many them in the past. They are not as inflexible as you make DFI sound. They realize that they can track when motherboards were manufactured based on the serial number and won't require a receipt with purchase date if they can verify that the board was manufactured less that a year ago. They don't make it common practice but they will do it when required. I've done this with other customers of mine who asked me to do some troubleshoot/repair work for them but lost their receipt. Just a few months ago I did an RMA with Shuttle and all they required was the serial number. Great to work with and very friendly too. That's a lot more than I can say for DFI at this point. C
  16. Proof of purchase is going to be tough. I bought this at MicroCenter about 3 months ago and I'm not sure if I have the receipt. Can't DFI just work off the serial number of the board? I'm sure it's less than a year old. That's what Shuttle, Abit, and Epox will do for their customers. Does DFI have a page with RMA process info. for the USA? I think this would be good info. for all forum members to be able to see. Thanks, Clocker
  17. Below is my sig...hope it helps with any ideas to resolve the problems with my Infinity. Overclocking the processor (or lack of) does not appear to change the problem with the system clock or the PS2 issues. Problems persist under Linux as well. I am not FSB overclocking at this time. I was before to 217Mhz (434) but the system just won't do it any more. CPU temps were always under 45C, btw. I also have a 80mm fan blowing on the motherboard with one of those Zalman fan brackets. Also, if anyone could clue me in on the DFI RMA process in the USA, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Clocker
  18. I should also note, that the system loses time even when it is not shut down (i.e. I leave it ON all the time but it still loses time). C
  19. Hi- My Infnity used to overclock my 2500 @ 2400Mhz w/o problem. But, lately, the system clock loses time (last time I looked it was 15 minutes slow, I have to keep fixing it) and it won't overclock worth a crap any more. Also, every other reboot, my PS2 mouse is not detected (I need to restart 2x and then the mouse will work in windows). I think my board is defective..what do you think? What's the RMA process in the USA? I'm having a hard time finding DFI RMA information except for outside the USA. Thanks, Clocker
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