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  1. Just be careful it should work fine depending on what heatsink your 8800 has... But be aware of it so you don´t smack it down lol. I thought I was careful and seeing I could use the board for a whole week before getting these serious issues I simply think my expert went bad. My second though having issues... my experts have had the issue that it eats floppy drives... I bought several floppy drive cables and floppy drives themself before I realized this. However since I got two dfi experts I could use 2 discs and when I got a read error on the first I could use the second lol... So currently I am installing xp... First installment crashed so hard it now don´t recognize one of my SATA harddrives... So now I install windows on another SATA using the silicon 3114 interface (only option left). I have issues with it not being able to read from the cd at times but opening and closing the dvd helps. I am thinking this system is hopeless but will give it a final shot before I go Core 2 duo... This sata issue I have read is common with the lanparty mainboards. Got a friend says two of his friends has this exact issue... Is there any known workaround for it?
  2. Anyone? I am now on a new install on my old IDE drive. when using the silicon raid SATA it shows up in bios but I can´t get windows to install the storage driver so I can´t see them in windows...
  3. After installing my 8800 GTX it touched the SATA connectors a bit. On the next boot the checkdisk ran and rebuilt indexes like crazy. However after running chekdisk for windows it all went away (wasn´t even the system drive). run it for a couple of weeks but noticed the graphcis driver on my new 8800 GTX liked to corrupt itself. After a week or so after downloading a lot of stuff to my harddrive I find it had started five winrar instances by it´s own it seemed and then bluescreen and reboot. On reboot I got a new message that some kernel file was corrupted and windows couldn´t be loaded. Trying switching SATA cables and positioning on the board didn´t seem to help. In fact if I don´t use the SATA drives on the 4 usb ports behind the pci ex slot it´s not recognizable even... I tried to move them to sata 5-8 didn´t work at all... now I got windows up and running (finding the system drive but not my other raptor. After switching back the other raptor drive to the previous sata 2 connection I think it´s it now finds that driver but no else SATA instead???? I have three drives I don´t think all three has gone bad... the expert is a new one since my last broke... one odd thing but it may be related to my silverstone zeus is that I get a lot of quick beeps on boot up and one loud beep when shutting down the system through the power button... all SATA connections 1/2 is enabled in bios...
  4. How many of you do game? I am thinking since I can bench your ram is maybe unstable without you knowing it? However maybe it´s not really possible on air... I have a cross flow fan and Scythe Ninja. CPU temps max out at 43 approx and mainboard temps 38... Most seem to be on water cooling that reach really high FSB on Opterons.
  5. Nope mine just won´t do 1T timings at 250... I managed to run prime 95 for 1 hour in blend before stopping it but while playing dark messiah I get freezes just after a few minutes. Will try Merlins bios how safe is it to use?
  6. 04/11/06 recommended on Gskills? Anyway I am trying now. 285h I crashed 3dmark so that is a no go. At 280 and 9/10 dividier I am passed the 250 mark by 2 megahertz and I passed 3dmark . Now trying prime95 I bet 10 dollars it has crashed already lol. But damn nice I got a 10 % performance increase in 3dmark06 crazy...
  7. I am trying to play a bit here. I am not used to use memory dividers. I used the 9/10 divider and put my FSB to 285. But when I booted my DDR promted I got 360 in DDR speed??? Using 9/10 divider I should get 256 and that is 512 in ddr right? This Merlin Bios where do you get that? I am running the official 04-06 currently
  8. same here. 1T stable is just a wet dream. 2T at 275 1:1 with CPU seem to be about the limit... 1T surely I can boot at 250 but it will crash very randomly.
  9. How do you set up a rma with DFI. I couldn´t find a good link at dfi.com.tw? I got some tips here but I can´t find the right thread...
  10. Sorry guys the new mainboard seem to have solved the issue. I am wondering if it can be the mainboard power being the issue. I know you can´t trust the bios readings that much but it showned stable voltages on my ASL when I ran it with that. Now with the 850 I had the 12V railing non overclocked flickering between 11,89 and 11,95 constantly and 5V rail also showned low readings. On my new mainboard that I am priming at my original oc settings (not a chance in hell it would successfully boot on the old) I have 12V reading a bit high actually... 12,09? Hope that isn´t to high on the 12V rail...
  11. I have booted tons of times with the CMOS jumper in the clear position. I don´t think you can permanently erase the BIOS doing that? Maybe I have just been lucky as hell
  12. Any plans on testing the Silverstone 850 Zeus. From all the reviews I have read it even beats the PCPowerandCooling 850 SSI but I don´t know if there can be some odd things with different mainboards? I got the DFI Expert btw. Used the 510 ASL before and it worked fine. This seem to work a bit better not getting the low power warning on the video cards but since I still have issues with my computer I don´t know exactly what causes it... As for the DFI Expert how accurate is it´s voltage readings. It reads 11,89V on the 12V line and 4,89 or something I think on the 5V line which seems a bit low... 510 ASL showed higher readings I want to remember.
  13. It doesn´t have to be your PSU. Now Chieftec makes better chassis then PSU:s. I think Codegen make their PSU:s not sure. My first computer had that PSU and it didn´t hold for long but it was quite a while ago but hard to get rid of bad reputation. I got similar weird behaviour not exactly the same though and I also thought it was the PSU but it´s obviously something else... If it was the PSU I can´t see why it would boot with 4 memory modules but not with one for example. Still I would try to find another PSU to test with since it´s simpler then exchanging mainboard to eliminate that as the issue...
  14. Well I already ordered a new expert so if that helps it I will rma this one. Since it´s absolutely impossible to tell for sure what´s wrong. If that doesn´t help I guess my entire computer goes into the trash bin and I am building a new Core 2 Duo computer
  15. I have done the minimalistic approach and it doesn´t change anything. I do agree it seems to be power related but I have already changed the PSU... So power related on the mainboard side is my guess. Otherwise not being able to change settings without constant reboots can´t it be a cmos thing. Bad battery or something. If my 510 ASL has been able to run this computer without a hitch the 850 W silverstone Zeus shouldn´t even sweat it... I know PSU calculators is pointless but the only one I have seen that give me Amps usage claim 13A max when gaming... Now I don´t believe that for a second... Zeus has 18A on every line at 50 degree Celsius. As for timings I didn´t have any problems overclocking with stock settings (though not as high as with optimal timings of course) as long as I ran 2T instead of 1T timings. My Gskill hates 1T timings obviously. Also 510 ASL is on the recommended list for this mainboard even the Silverstone isn´t tested.
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