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    looking in old drives?

    cool, thanks guys
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by barrettward I was looking at the other 3dMark06 thread and at 15 pages+ , it is becoming quite the discussion. I was hoping for a thread that only showed results. The differance would have been a fast referance guide. Are you so afraid of a quick way to retrieve information from these forums that you lock any thread that dares to try and bring this about? I really dont understand the locking of the thread.........was a great idea i thought.
  3. Wetchaser

    Ace with all due respect........

    My mistake, but your comment justifies my thinking. Obviously one of the moderators took your esteemed comments to heart.
  4. Sticky,Sticky,Sticky barrettward, You have just given me a just cause for all the money i spent on this computer. I purchased my first lcd monitor when i was building this system, so i really wasnt sure what to expect in terms of ghosting, or smearing images as i rotated my character/point of view. Fact is i had it bad. I was telling all my buds how much lcd sucked, and man did i waste money buying this pos monitor. This fix has "ELIMINATED" the ghosting! BF2 is looking so sweet. This monitor is a fixed reseloution monitor. Its supposed to looks its best at 1600x1200. Fact is it looked exactly the same in terms quality, just more pixel depth at higher res'es. The first thing i did when finished with registry was open BF2, and suddenly i was looking at a box about half the dimensional size of my monitor showing the open screens of BF2. I was like "oh shi#, what have i done now?" Once game opened i noticed i had res at 1024x768..hmm, set it to 1600x1200, and screen was instantly filled with hi-res BF2 screens. "oh, thats what i did" Went to the same single player map ive been using for all my benching needs, and the ghosting is completly gone!!! Im so happy i could spit and catch it!! Apparently the monitor never was really working properly at all, and when i changed reseloutions, it just filled to the screen like a normal monitor. Now i know what fixed reseloution means, and i think im going to like it. BF2 locked on me for first time, so i went looking for answer. First i put an old P2 cpu fan to right of chipset blowing any heat from chipset air over top of vid card towards case exhaust fan. Then i came in here to research the chipset fan mod that i really didnt want to mess with till mine started making the loud noise. Saw your thread, and figured i would give it a shot. Tell them boys at Extremesystems thanks from me. I was reading over there that this fix has stopped there BF2 lock ups as well, so here's hoping:D And a major Thankyou to you for the heads up!!!
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    3DMark06 is out

    Direct x 9.0c installed?
  6. Wetchaser

    3DMark06 is out

    Everything stock, and demo 3dmark.
  7. Wetchaser

    3DMark06 is out

    Everything stock. Demo version, sorry i just dont benchmark enough to pay for a proggy yet.
  8. Still no occurance since i hooked up the lcd digital. Boots every time. It's that or the second vid card, but im actually feeling quite stable now. Whats insert key do?
  9. I am/was having the same issue with leds lit, but no video signal. Was really bad yesterday. Took 5 boots to get it going. I hooked up a digital lcd today, and have not had one occurance yet. (crosses fingers) My 875 pro was doing same thing when i decided to build new puter. Roh well.....
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    WinXP Boot issues

    gregom, that psu does look huge, but man thats alot of drives to push. What are you using?
  11. Wetchaser

    First time using DFI

    sound connections, man i hope this right: Blue = Front Green = Rear Red = Mic Yellow = Center Black = Rear White/Grey = Side
  12. Wetchaser

    WinXP Boot issues

    My first hard lock came from Americas Army last night. Teamspeak was still working fine, and i couldnt believe i couldnt find a way to combination key my way out of it. After 5 minutes of telling my online buddies how pissed i was this was happening (crying like a little bi#$%) I hit the reset button, went back into AA, and one round later, it did it again. Well the only thing i have clocked on my puter is the vid card, and that was set to automatic. Reset card to default, and have had no problems since. I seriously doubt this is your problem, but i thought id pass this info on as a clue only.......... My build is about a week old, and still using the getting started bios settings that Angry had in his build guid. Im gonna wait till ive read every friggin post in these forums before i try changing anything. Although i think i need to go in there and drop my ram volts as i think mine are set way to high for daily use, lol. Ill take a clue on what to set those to from just about anyone.
  13. Wetchaser

    First time using DFI

    Turok im researching sound issues myself on the sli dr. Basically im having same problem with 6 speaker headphones. Thought i had connections biffed, but from the way you explain it, its sounds like exactly same prob im having. Has to be a driver issue imo. Cant really find anything else on sound properties. Lowboy, online manual is same as manual that came with board.
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    DFI EXPERT Problem!!!!

    Ignore my post count, im a newb big time, but i think i remember seeing a line like the one above when discussing psu problems.
  15. Wetchaser

    DFI EXPERT Problem!!!!

    i think its time to give people 30 day bans when they cuss in forums. Especially if there dogging the admins. Show some respect people. Cuss out the hardware, not the people who are here to help!
  16. Is there a faq some were for the sound output connections? i have a set of 6 speaker headphones http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.a...dx=110&code=023 that worked so nicely with my audigy 2 zz, but seem to be so quiet using this mobo's sound card. Im leaving audigy in other computer as this one is working great so far. No hiss or static, and thats all i really want from a sound card NV sound set up utility is not really helping any when you not sure were you should be plugging in the connections.
  17. Figured there would be a draw back somewere. Roh well
  18. Would there be an advantage to doing this over a small hub?
  19. Wetchaser

    Best midrange upto 250$$ GPU

    So ninja, hows your system do with those sli'ed cards? You lovin' it?
  20. Wetchaser

    How to Make Motherboard Look Like This?

    Blue seems to be the brightest on avg.
  21. Flashy you da man!! Card is ordered. Unfourtunatly it cost me $100 more then newegg, but by the time i factor in return shipping, and neweggs $66.50 restock fee, im feel ok about it. Thankyou so much for your look around, has taken a huge load off my mind. This is the best forum in the world, i swear to Gosh!!
  22. 3D Fuzion 3DFW78256GTX Geforce 7800GTX 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - OEM Newegg stopped carrying this 5 days after i got mine. I need a second. Any help you guys can give in way of advice in dealing with newegg over this, and there $60 restocking fee would be appreiciated. Id rather just find a matched card to add.
  23. Wetchaser

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    My quote came directly from the online manual "pdf" version of partition magic. But go on and give it a shot, as i would like to do what your thinking but wont try to do somthing a manual tells me i cant do.
  24. Wetchaser

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Doesnt look good man. From user manual:oesnt