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  1. Now my system will not post with any of the hardware combinations listed above. The only common factor in these combinations is the motherboard. So I ask you, what do I do with this motherboard when there are no distributers here in Norway to send it to?
  2. Tested hardware: A64-M 3400+ (clawhammer) | A64 3200+ (newcastle) 512MB Corsair TwinX 3200LL | 256MB Kingston 3200 OCZ 520W Powerstream | Enermax 431W whisper Powercolor X800pro | Gainward GF4MX440 Tested Bios: 14.09 05.10 15.10 28.01 Tested Monitors: Samsung Syncmaster 191T (DVI and VGA) Dell E771p
  3. LOL? Of course there is something wrong. If this is normal DFI motherboard behavior, I must say, this is my last DFI. The same error happen on two different Video Cards, and two different Monitors (one LCD, the other a CRT). I have not had any errors like this on these monitors/video cards before. The USB and SATA problems are fairly annoying as well. USB - anything connected to the USB ports get disconnected and I have to reboot to get it working again... SATA - The drives on SATA 3+4 makes the system hang at boot, only showing the detecting array (even when the SATA and Raid is disabled....) and just reboot`s untill I clear the cmos (wich I must do the hard way, by removing the battery, remove all power to the system and then wait 5minutes).... Since I get that picture when entering the Bios, I figured that this was a Bios gone bad or something (I`ve heard a lot of that with this board) and tried to give you the most obvious (imo) symptom that something is not as it should be with my board. I hope I can send this board somewhere else than break it in half over my knee (since there are no distributors that want anything to do with this type of board due to the error rate) and buy something that actually works. So, what am I to do with this board?
  4. Hi, I`m having a bit of trouble with my NF3 board. The bios looks like this: I have seen this a few times when the board was new, but did not return it since I thought this could be a fault in the bios (and I waited for a bios update to fix it). Since I bought the card, the dealer has closed down and there are no other shops distributing this board in Norway (that I`m aware of that is). The board is not exactly what I was hoping for, since I have problems with running the SATA (particulary in Raid mode) the USB`s are on/off as they see fit, the Voltage lines are all over the place and so on. Wich leaves to the following question: where do I send this board for RMA? Edit: I have tested a different CPU, Ram, GFX, PSU. Still the errors pop-up, either right away, or after a few reboots.
  5. 2x WD Raptor Raid0 DFI lpUT250GB (nVidia SATA 3+4)
  6. I find it a little bit funny that my Ram is 1,5 years old Corsair TwinX 512MB 3200LL Rev1.1 (winbond BH5 chips). More timings: I can run most progs and bench with 3.37V @ these settings, but require 3.45V to be Prime95 stable over night (12hours).
  7. Running my Mobile @ 2700 with 1.78V atm Somehow I managed to leave out the last part of the stepping (thats me allright ) AMN3400BIX5AR 1090033I40109 | CAAXC 0437 I hope the memcontroller gets around to letting me run above 270 1:1 but it does not seem like it atm. I know the CPU is good for at least 2750 at 1.78V (load), but if I cant run 1:1 it does not give me any better performance than running like this: Edit: this is Primestable (12hours stresstest blend at least ), I can push it up to 274 with 1:1 but anything above 270 1:1 and Prime95 fails after 5-10 minutes
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