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  1. Markus_d : My OCZ PC3200 platinum limited edition (BH-6) was able to do 235mhz at 3.1v very stable. Any voltage higer than 3.1v did not do anything for higher fsb, and less voltage result in somes error in memtest and windows... 3.1v for me was the best point i had on my board (LP-B). and at 3.1v you dont need aditionnal cooling for your memory. (only 3.2 and more volt need more cooling)
  2. its because at 258mhz 2-2-2-11 its not so stable at only 3.1v. it does a big difference between 3.1v and 3.35-3.45v
  3. exemple: i voltmod, and when i'm at 3.35v reel when its say 3.2v in the bios i stop. when i up to 3.3v, it goes to 3.45v, but when i down my voltage to 3.1, I get 3.1v for my ram. I don't know why, probably because when you start your voltmod on the 3.2v line in bios you cannot go down from this first start point.
  4. It's bizzard, i have test all my hardware in my computer but it seem OK. My ram work on the board of my friend... i dont know why, none of my 3 board want to boot, even with other cpu or ram... its strange. finally, i have sell my bh-6 for 300$ and my old PS for 50$. Im now waiting for my new Abit AV8, Athlon FX-55 and my 2x (2x512mb of OCZ PC4200EL 533mhz 2.5-3-3-7)
  5. good to see that my suppositions was true! good job!
  6. with a 120mm on it, my memory was pretty wam at 3.75-3.8v
  7. I'll try a big clear cmos... for the information, for me, it add .05v for all little line i drawing. Be careful to dont up the voltage to much!
  8. 4 led are light, but nothing... it look like i'll not be able to play with my new graphic card...(gainward 6800GT)
  9. they have take 3.75-3.8v the first time. after i was doing 3.4v for the 3.2v line in the bios, and 3.5v for the 3.3v line, but after few tests my computer dont boot... its look like its my memory, because i have 2 motherboard and the other doesnt boot too
  10. but i think i have fry my bh-6....(i think...) i was at 3.75v the first time i doing it...
  11. I don't have 1 infinity, but it look like same as lan party Ultra B. It look like this chip to pencil, to get the VDDR mod, but i'm not sure... http://img65.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img65&image=51-dfivdimm.jpg
  12. look in this site http://img98.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img98&image=59-P1000136.jpg
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