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  1. Tried it in my DFI expert too. No Go. I have 2x7800 GTX's and she doesnt work. It was also tried in a Asus SLI Deluxe mobo. Although, it would only work in the bottom slot. :confused: Hope we can get this straightened out!
  2. your link doesnt work. As for me, I dont have any problems running in dual channel. I have 2 512 Corsair PC 3500 both in orange slots. always worked great for me
  3. I am also wondering the same. Is there a modded bios for the DFI UT SLI-DR Expert? If so, what are the benefits? Or stick to the retail version? I currently have the 07/12 as well.
  4. you have to enable dual 6600 GT. Or if your using the new bios, dual nvidia.
  5. Yeah, NCIX actually has been really good to me. www.ncix.com They are located in BC Canada. But they also have a US area as well. I finally got them sent to me in the mail today, so I am happy. Their excuse was DFI didnt send them. But the thing is, they do open the motherboards to put their warrenty sticker on it. I'm just happy its all cleared up. Even though I'm never going to use it
  6. Finally got 3 sent to me from NCIX. :shake: They said they never got them. I wonder if they would of said I was missing them if I never asked them.
  7. I myself heard it was due to high voltage on the ram and low voltage on the cpu. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...09&page=1&pp=25
  8. My brother, my friend and I all have the same board. No problems here. I'm enjoying the Expert. Only problem was none of us never got the Riser card for the onboard sound.
  9. I just though SLI broadcast was a good thing. Guess not
  10. Ok, I figured it out! From Advanced Bios Features - SLI Broadcast DISABLE From the Genie Bios - PCI Express Configuration 8-4-NC-8 From the Genie Bios - Dual 6600 GT Cards Support - ENABLED After those Changes, I moved the DVI from my HP L2335 to the bottom 7800 GTX Card, and she lite up! Enabled SLI! :shake: Thanks for your help!
  11. Yeah I have, just waiting for a response. Just was wondering if this was a known issue.
  12. Bought 3 of these motherboards. Got them shipped to me except none of them came with the Karajan 8 Channel riser cards. Any Reason? and anyone else?
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