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  1. Yes I am in California. Bay Area to be exact. Most of the time heat is not really an issue as most evenings cool down but we do occasionally get hot late afternoons. GPU temps stay under 50c. Hooray for the Zalman I was overclocking to 2.5ghz but I tried setting it back to 1.8 after noticing the slowdowns. The temperatures were still going up there. I will be ordering the chipset fan (not happy about that though, I hate taking out the damn mb hehe). Should I worry about the pwmic? What exactly does that represent anyway? S&M
  2. I have been runnign a nicely overclocked system for a while without really having any problems. Yesterday however the ambient room temperature got quite hot where I live (> 90) and I started suffering low fps in various games. SpeedFan told me that sensor number 2 (which I believe is the pwmic) was hitting > 59c and number 3 (the chipset I think) was hittting around 56c. Cpu temp was staying below 45c. Would my slowdowns be related to these two chips? I tried searching around for what is considered safe operating temps for these two items but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Once again, thanks for any responses S&M
  3. Moose types, Squirrel mouses! Now that I'm out of the garage and the ambient temps are lower the processor is running about 3-4c cooler. Also, I was reading on the AS5 website that after a period of burning things will cool down further. I hope so! Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. S&M
  4. Although I got my 165 to 2.8 ghz, I have scaled it back to ~2.5 because I don't want my Big Typhoon running at full speed. I like the quiet! One day I'll see how high I can get this thing to go. But to be honest, I almost have this thing at FX60 speeds; amazing considering the price of the chip How can one complain about a measly 40% overclock hehe. S&M
  5. Yes those guides were tremendously helpful. I did read them before posting! The problem is my complete inexperience in doing this coupled with all the information you need to keep track of...its a bit overwhelming Love your sig Angry! S&M
  6. Well I have the chip running at 2.5 ghz with load temps staying barely under 50c. Mind you its pretty hot in my garage Upping the voltage a bit fdefinatly helped, as did changing the memory divider. For some reason it like 9/10 better than 5/6 one... go figure. S&M
  7. I think I may have overdone it with the AS5; however, I noticed my Typhoon wasnt running at full speed Now that it is, I'm getting 41 c, much better Fooling around with the voltage to see if that helps. S&M
  8. Would putting too much AS5 affect cooling? I may have done that :tooth: I not trying to get an insane overclock. Spending a few hundred dollars on WC is a bit much for me, no offense I would have spent that on the chip instead hehe. I am aiming for 2.4 ghz stable. I was under the impression that my power supply is in fact a decent one. It is on the recommended list for DFI. S&M
  9. First off a big thank-you to all of you who take the time to answer people's questions. Reading through other people's posts has been extremely helpful to my first OC'ing adventure. here we go: First the details. The first thing I did was determine the max HTT for the Motherboard. CPU Mult: 5x HTT mult: 3x Ram div: 100 mhz, default timings The highest I could go was 310 HTT before Prime fails. Next step was determining max CPU speed. CPU Mult: 9x HTT mult: 3x Ram div: 100 mhz, default timings Max HTT was 280 before I get a reboot. next up, Ram speed CPU Mult: 5x HTT mult: 3x Ram div: 1:1 Max mem speed was 250 mefore memtest started generating errors (LOVE THAT BUILT IN MEMTEST :>) Finally, I tried all the ingrediants mixed together. CPU Mult: 9x HTT mult: 3x Ram div: 180 , 3-4-4-8 1t timings CPU Volt: 1.41 The max stable CPU speed I was able to attain was 2.38 ghz with temp of 48 c. The question is: WHich part should I try changing first, cpu voltage? memory timings? memory divider? doing a better job of installing my Big Typhoon(which is a Big Pain) to lower temps? FYI: People have been able to hit 2.8-3.1 ghz with this stepping of 165. Thanks! S&M
  10. Just so you know Skip installing windows XP made my problems go away. I still can't get win2k to work properly S&M
  11. Sorry updated the profile with the full PS spec. Thanks again everyone for your ideas (hope this isnt "quasi-posting" ) S&M
  12. Your quasi posting is my quasi bumping Well things seem to be running fine under XP. However I don't consider this a real solution; w2k isn't exactly an extinct OS. If I ever find what the problem is I'll report what I did to fix it. Cheerio! S&M
  13. I now have copy of XP. If this works it will be good. S&M Editted by RGone... NO quasi posting period
  14. So far per people's suggestions I have done the following and met with no success: Load Optimized Defaults in the bios. Upgraded to a 500w PSU Changed the Mushkin memory timings. Ran MemTest for a few hours and it didn't find any errors. Put in a sound card/ used on board sound. Upped the AGP voltage to 1.6. No viruses I don't have a copy of XP so pursuing that route isn't an option. I find all of this rather puzzling; I've installed dozens of systems using various MB brands over the least few years and have yet to run into this kind of problem. ARRRRRRRG! There I feel better. What the heck else can I try : S&M
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