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    Intel E4400 @ 3GHz
    ASUS P5N-E SLi
    BFG Tech 8800 GTS 640MB (working on an SLi setup)
    2x 1GB OCZ Plat. Rev. 2 PC2-6400 (4-4-4-15)
    2x Seagate 7200.10 160GB
    LG Black GSA-H44LK 18X DVD-R
    Corsair HX620
    ANTEC P180B
    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm (CPU @ 56C, full load)
  1. Rustafur

    evga 650i

    It's a good board for sure, all solid capacitors and everything else is very good quality parts. Just be careful when/if you get an after market cpu heatsink, the northbridge heatsink is huge! The two bottom rows of fins on my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 make contact and ever-so-slightly bend the NB heatsink fins. Its nothing that causes any kind of problem, just an FYI for ya.
  2. http://processorfinder.intel.com 61 C according to Intel (link to E4300)
  3. News to me too. My E4400 @ 2.66GHz runs idle at 22 C, and full load 55 C with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 on it with low fan settings and 1.4v through it! (yeah I know its a lot of volts, still trying to get that down)
  4. That's odd that you say that, because mine doesn't seem to like the memory unlinked. I just had a minor setback where I tried to reduce the Vcore a bit, and the whole overclock fell apart lol. To get it back to 266MHz FSB and 800MHz speeds I had to link the memory back up to raise the FSB, and then unlink again to adjust the memory speed. Sounds like you're having much better luck than I am though.
  5. Problem solved. It would seem that my motherboard has a "FSB Hole" between 230MHz and 260MHz. After reading about "FSB Holes" I thought I'd just take a leap straight to 266MHz, and set the memory dividers and mutli to whatever it took to get this to boot up and make it into windows. What it took was a 7x multi and running the memory Linked and a 3:2 divider. After I limped into windows I fired up Orthos and let it run blended for a few hours to see if I could stretch the FSB legs on my CPU or Motherboard. Well it's worked so far! After the initial orthos run, I was able to raise my multi to 10x and unlink my memory to raise it back to the 800MHz that OCZ warranties it to. I'm prolly just going to stay put at 2.66GHz, as that's plenty of speed for gaming... for now I just really wanted to get to at least 266MHz FSB to stop choking the processor on memory bandwidth. If games start requiring it, or if I get greedy, I'll try jumping up to the 333MHz FSB that the motherboard can still support under warranty and see if I can't get this pig to hit 3.0GHz stable. Until then... Cheers on a successful overclock by my standards. :beer You gotta love buying a $180 processor and getting $320 worth of performance out of it
  6. Setting my memory divider to "Linked" - "Synched" has afforded me another 10MHz, and I'm now at 2.3GHz (230x10) orthos stable on stock voltages. But then I hit another FSB wall, I try dropping the multi down to 6x and raising voltages, but I can't get the machine to even boot into windows as I approach 240MHz FSB. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  7. Rustafur

    Starcraft 2

    I'll be sure to add you to the list of admittances for the Nursing Home I'm going to build for people waiting for Diablo 3. I'll be playing Hellgate: London until D3 comes out.
  8. I'm having some major headaches trying to OC my new rig (see signature). I'm new to Intel, have had all AMD machines before this. It seems I can't get my FSB to go beyond 220MHz, and even getting to 220 took some doing. I've tried disabling all the extra CPU features in the BIOS, as well as increasing Vcore to 1.4v, FSB +.10v, and FSB-HT + .10v, and 220MHz is all I can muster. Increasing the voltages helped a bit, but I wouldn't think they would need to be increased at all considering that this board can natively support a 333MHz FSB. I don't think the overall clockspeed is getting in the way either because I've dropped the multi down from 10x to 7x, bringing my clockspeed to 1540, way below the rated clockspeed. I've also tried just jumping to the next strap speeds of 266MHz but that went over like a lead ballon. I'm sure the fact that I'm saddled with the 800MHz strap isn't helping things at all, but even so, that doesn't seem to stop anyone else from reaching 3GHz on their E4400 or E4300 models. Different RAM dividers don't help much, I've tried Unlinked, and every linked option I have. Any help you guys can give me would be great, Thanks!
  9. Rustafur

    Help Angry (by clicking the image in his sig!)

    Clicky+Clicky+Clicky = 3. It's no 36 clicks, but we can't all have that sweet of a job lol
  10. Oh, I'm not trying to point fingers and be a thread crapper. Sorry if that came across in my post. I very much agree with the point you are conveying. I'm just saying that if you're going balls-out on your video card (which for a gaming rig, you should!) don't go throwing a $40 Cellery processor in your 8800 SLi rig and expect your machine to not be a little CPU bound. I understand this is a bit of an extreme situation, but I felt it was worth mentioning as someone may read this thread and decide to take that road. But indeed, there's no real reason you should ever need to spend more than $200 on a CPU for a gaming PC. Thanks for the time and effort Thraxz, there's a lot more time and effort put into a post like this than a lot of people realize.
  11. I agree (and I think everyone else here agrees also),anything rendered passed the refresh rate of your monitor is a moot point. The first priority of a gamer's rig should always be "what is the best GPU/Monitor setup I can afford" and then work the rest of your system around the requirements of your GPU's. But, don't forget this is the study of only one game, and a game that is very light on the physics and a.i. processing power. Some games in the present and future of computer gaming will definitely start requiring some horsepower in your CPU, even requiring mulit-core CPU's. (Alan Wake comes to mind) Nothing more than a E6400 can handle for a while, I'm sure. But try not to totally throw your CPU down the drain. But your GPU and monitor setup should absolutely be first and foremost in every gaming rig you assemble!
  12. Rustafur

    8800gtx running 2 differnt temps?

    Geeze, Peltier cooling for your graphics cards! You planning on challenging K|NGP|N in benchmarking or something? If both cards are reading 20deg higher in the 2nd PCI-E slot it doesn't sound like it would be either card's bios, but rather something with your motherboard. If it's a hardware problem at all. What are you using to monitor your temps? And what BIOS are you using on your mobo?
  13. This is the same website (AND THE SAME EDITOR AND AUTHOR!) that said running two 320mb 8800GTS in SLi would equate to a total 640MB frame buffer, and two 640mb cards would give you a 1280mb frame buffer (article) one website, one man, one opinoin....
  14. Rustafur

    Preliminary O/C on new E6600

    Take a look at this review from Anandtech, the fan in use is the 120mm Scythe S-Flex. When you start OC'ing the Ultra 120 Extreme is going to be about 25C cooler than stock Intel, and even about 5C cool than the Tuniq Tower. And it looks like it's going to be plenty expensive and available soon. I've seen a couple e-tailers listing it for pre-order, shipping May 2nd @ $60 US.
  15. Rustafur

    Boot time w/ Qx6700?

    On an outside chance... What's his boot order set to in BIOS? If it's trying to boot through a LAN, Optical Drives, Floppy Drives etc... before the pc looks for the HD, you could be in for a long wait. I'd also agree with the Borked install causing a long boot up. Has he tried other windows install CD's? Maybe something on his disc is foobar'd and causing a crap install.