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  1. yeah i tried everything including the memory and nothing seems to work. im just going to exchange it and go from there
  2. well i tried everything and still cant install windows. now i wont boot past the logo so im going to return this damn board. never had a problem with a dfi baord until now.
  3. i havent tried the clock yet, and yes i did a full format installing on a c partition. nothing seems to work im going to try the clock. oh and yep its a recent build sp2.
  4. if the cables were bad then i dont think it would go thru all the formating and cpying files. ( atleast i think)
  5. i just installed my new expert and go to install windows and thens it happens. i format and then it copies files to the drive, then reboots in 15 seconds.. this is normal. then it reboots and the windows logo comes up then its suppose to go into the setup, but doesnt the screen stays black and the hdd light goes steady as if its doing something but nothing happens. i checked all the cables and they are good but i cant figure this out.
  6. i got it working. i had a pair in there and set the timings up for it ,saved rebooted, shutdown and installed the other pair and now they are working really good. appreciate the help guys
  7. i havnt ran memtest on the new pair but to do it with the 4 of them i would need it to boot up first
  8. yep right now im at stock and i have 2.8 going to the mem
  9. they say the same exact thing for the spd. should i set it up in the bios with those settings
  10. well thats basically my problem. i started out using 2 512 sticks of gskill le and now decided to get another pair, but the board doesnt post. i ve cleared cmos taken the battery out and all that good stuff. it posts with the new pair in right now but wont with 4 dimms. frustrated
  11. yeah im going to set it up outside the cases monday and go at it till i figure this out. hopefully its something simple
  12. it just started to happen alot it would happen every once in a while now everytime. clearing cmos does nothing for it
  13. first off .... hello everyone now to buisness everytime i shutdown my computer then start it back up it wont boot. fans spin and hdd light remains on. i have to unplug it for atleast an hour before it will boot up fine. so before i rip it apart i thought id ask for advice. could it be the power supply. just do you know its the 875p-t system in my sig thanks
  14. yeah but how much of a gain will i get and im just looking to oc the . out off it so if you think the 64 will be better then let me know. i left 754 for 939 along time ago so not sure how they run. off topic which psu antec neo 480 or ocz 420. need another powersupply cause i only have one or maybe ocz 520 but if i decide to spend more than i already know the answer........lol
  15. im wondering which chip to get currently looking at the 3100 but not sure how it will oc. i know the 2800 are pretty good and there about the same price so out of the new 90nm semp which one would you guys suggest. im basically getting my dfi back up for another run for one of these chips. trying for highest oc on water
  16. my venice is running fine 2800 but i cant lower mult. to 10 or 9 without bsod so there still is a little provlem but a good bios can fix this im sure
  17. you know the thing is people are impatient and i dont blame anyone for being impatient because you bought the board and you want it to work perfect but you guys need to let them do there thing and try to figure it out. its most likely going to take time but im sure they will resolve the prob. thankyou im pablo and im running for president.....................lol
  18. nice setup, let us know how it all goes
  19. hey AG how did you mount that rad in there. im stuck on which to get the thermochill120 x 2 or the bix2
  20. yeah saw the pics and must say nice setup i should be recieving my stacker this week. ill be able to fit everything in there nice and easy
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