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  1. a 3000+ winchester s939 512k like: http://www.microdirect.co.uk/ProductInfo.a...030&GroupID=874
  2. sorry my bad i meant the winchester. doh! i was reading 2 things at the same time and got muddled up :s so where is the cheapest place to get a s939 winchester? thanx again
  3. any idea where i can get a s939 3000+ clawhammer in the uk? Cheers
  4. tried it with just my ata hdd and it came up with the option in the bios to search for anything sata. then plugged my sata in and no option on the standard CMOS features to search channel 2 and 3
  5. it didnt work i cant detect it. with just cpu, video and 1 stick of ram + hdd it cant seem to find it. ive been trying for about an hour and a half! what have i done?
  6. i switched off my computer last nite and when i switched it on after getting back from work, my sata diamondmax10 is not being detected. the northbridge is getting hotter than normal. any suggestions? Cheers
  7. OCZ PC3700 Platinum or OCZ PC4000 Gold? am i more likely to get more out of the lower latency or higher speed?
  8. any idea where i can get an athlon64 3200+ mobile from? i think they are socket 754 and with the low voltage should be sweet for o/cing
  9. if i want to get a higher o/c will it be better to upgrade ram or cooling 1st? my current set-up seems to be at about 40C under load with my old celeron cooler
  10. so do you reckon some decent ram and watercooling? what is the best sub £175 ram to get for o/cing?
  11. might go without sli for the mo as i only have a 15" monitor whats the best s939 mobo out at the mo cos i dont think i can wait til the dfi one is out. ill go for an upgrade when i start my placement year in may. loads to spend then
  12. i cant find any 939 sli mobos. have u seen any? if so where abouts?
  13. oh yeah! no seriously how much is a decent w/cing system going to cost?
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