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  1. once i had that problem IN THE MIDDLE of a LAN xD :S I barely remember what i did, but i think it was on genie where the mac address was disabled. Ergo, your router woldn't identify your lan card. I hope it help.
  2. Im having the same problem. Im using Lanparty NF4 ultra ut-d version with 3/10 and 2 sticks geil pc3200. And my psu is Thermaltake TWV 500 and i dont think thats my problem.
  3. MMM Thats weir, Sorrento cuz when i dont install with f6 option got a nice BSOD XD : But that BSOD is a kind of ramdom behavior.... And yes, this mobo supports NCQ technology. But does the stock version of windows has a good driver for this? BTW....since i put those screenshots my system is running stable with sata drive only. Including Nvidia IDE drivers :confused: Condenado disco estoy que te mando para mierda!!!!
  4. I dont know now. BUT I almost sure that my problems come from NVIDIA IDE drivers. I reinstalled without IDE drivers (only network, sound....but NOT IDE SW driver) But well i use F6 method in installation runs normal for a while..... so......WTF!!!
  5. I think is not the RAM. Cuz i tried auto, high timings and no solution. Im getting upset...
  6. I dont wanna create a new thread cuz this is similar. Im NOT using any RAID but its drivers is installed. Thats no the problem. The problem is this: I had a IDE Maxtor 9 series 80gb. I bought my brand new maxtor diamondmax 10 200gb SATA with NCQ. blah blah My windows started acting weird. Even BSOD when loading....so i reinstalled. I reinstalled with 200gb sata only instaling drivers before windows setup starts, pressing F6 and using nvidia ide drivers (cuz a friend of mine told me thats the solution). For a week it worked great but STILL had the 80Gb maxtor in the ide cable. I was using WInXP spanish version but i wanted english version for hardware management purpouses. so i decided reinstall my windows AGAIN and i got again BSOD following the F6 setup instructions etc. NOw, when i can get into system went to device manager, select driver and decided test the HD with windows speed test... First test normal. 64mb sustained speed. No problems. 2nd test....sustained speed drop to 45......buggy problem, eh? 3rd test......damn slow......and WOW!! 14mb sustained speed. Then.....my system freezed. Reset button.......repeat all the process and again...DAmn...... Plug my ide Drive and the system got stability :| So....whats the problem?? It seems to be good hd tach test also made succesfully: 8-32mb no problems. See my screenshot. :confused:
  7. Eow....... sox i can sell'em anytime i want, but.....whats next? Tell me some brand, reference: not the link to another thread cuz ive read a lot until now about bh-5-6 Ch- UTT, TCCD Something that YOU had tested! About 300mhz No too much vdimm. Would you plz?
  8. Hello there!! Congrats man, at first instance. Im getting nuts by now with my Geil Ultra pc4000 (Hynix BT-D43) Im fully stable at 275Htt 2.5-4-3-6 but @ 278 got prime problems. At screenshot youll see. I dont even know tell how frustrated i am cuz my english at tech terms sox But, my question is about its MAX frec. Even at my test session to get MAX RAM frec with multi drop to 7, LDT to 3 and etc, to get my max ram frec......this ram could not pass 260Mhz at 2.5-4-4.7 @ 3.2vts. :confused: Anyway......by now im quite dissapointed about this.....could not pass even at your stock Frec with a little (very litte tweak) AT 275 HTT CPU/10 (247 MHZ) was stable (about 8 hours of prime) Anyway.....can you help me y some way? (I was specting 280 RAM FREC......but i cant get 262 :S)
  9. i used kingmax 1gb pc3700 512x2 superRAM series dual channel mate and kingmax pc3500 1x512 on the same board lanparty UT nf4 with 0 problems. Never crossed 2.9vdimm even at 245 2.5-3-3-7 1:1 (never crossed cuz i never knew what memory chip had :S)
  10. Finally got it. Angry rulz Now i see why my system dont boot at 250 fsb 1:1 LDT*4. (hope is that) Otherwise, dividers are my solution. PD: I think im the one with kingmax pc3700 overhere. i'd like to help you out with compatibilty ram list. So far......good performance at 240 1:1 2.5 3-3-7 LDT*4
  11. oCZ powerstream 420 Hehehe My signature isnt my pc anymore. Later
  12. MM MM MM MM Im out of money if powerstream 520 is the one...........sorry..........i have to look for something else.........CHEAPER. Im not in USA and this makes things very difficult. Maybe the fortron........otherwise........(better mute)
  13. Maybe the modstream.....but......is a lilttle more expensive than this.....(im a poor boy ) about ram.....i can honestly say that kingmax is a great mid-stream ram, is fast, cheap and compatible with......every mobo where i put it. Even compatible with other brands.....i had 512 3700 and i was surprised to see how well it went.......242 FSB 2.5 3 3 11 1:1 Im only interested in a higher fsb so......ram oc is no my favorite.........this isnt a ocz, geil, mushkin great performance, great price. However, this ram is on the list but 3200 version. 3500 shouldnt be a problem due to its great compatibility....anyway.....ill be the first with problem if happen (hope dont) But my PSU.......:S let me see if my arcs could go for it.....OCZ powerstream Thnx anyway.... im still waiting new suggestions. BTW....thnx ExRoadie.....it scaped when reading at 4am
  14. I've already read that thread. Thats why i think this PSU wouldnt be a problem as I understand. Moreover, it has been rewieved well like infinity says. So......Do i Have green light to buy??
  15. Hello there Im about to buy some new stuff to my new pc.... Is not the best but it'll be fine as i though. Well, i need to verify this compatibilty package from my new stuff. (im not buying yet, but tomorrow i will) DFI Nforce 4 UT D Kingmax PC3500 1GB Gigabyte 6600Gt pci-x Athlon 64 300 (939) winchester.....sorry....no money for now Coolermaster Real power 450 ATX 2.0 24pins, PFC active.....etc, etc. PSU HERE So........are these compatible at all?? Im not in USA so a problem with these would be terrible. Any help then? Thnx anyway PD: I think i should apologize due to my english
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