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  1. HAHAHA, sorry Angry_Games! When I posted I just assumed that was your nic, my bad. Please excuse this DFI Forums Noob. Hey, I've come across another problem but it's obviously not a great concern. I love the large "LanParty" logo when the bios is booting on my personal computer but when I enable the large logo on this new machine I'm putting together it doesn't show up? I've updated with the following bios: 2004/11/17 75TLDB17.exe Is this just something that isn't working currently, or is there a trick to make it viewable? I seem to remember this didn't work with my 865PE until after a bios revision either. (at least i think so)
  2. Hello Everyone! I know this is a silly question but here goes, I've got the XP-90 mounted on my 875P-T and was just about to connect the Panaflo fan when I realized the mobo connector has 4 pins and not 3. It looks like it will accept the 3 pin connector but I'm just surprised to see 4. Can anyone fill me in here? Is it alright to connect a 3 pin or do I have to use another fan? The manual says nothing about this and I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere in the forums here either. I'm sure it's something so simple but I thought it best to make sure. Thanks in advance! UB
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