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  1. I forgot something, the second PCI-E works at 16x with only 1 card installed ? Because if I connect the 8800 on that slot, I believe that will fit without too much problens.
  2. This is what it looks with my X1900XT, the 880GTX is a lot bigger than my X1K, the size of the PCB its OK, the real problem is the size of the cooler.
  3. Hi Can I install a 8800GTX or the GTS on a DFI NF4 Ultra-D with 3 sata (raid) HDs installed ? The conectors are on the way, but its possible to install ?
  4. ATTO 3xHD - Stripe 64 - Cluster 16k - FAT 32 - 10GB partition 67% Free 3xHitachi 80GB Sata 2 2xHD - Stripe 128 - Cluster 32k - FAT 32 HDTACH - Short/Long 3xHD - Stripe 64 - Cluster 16k - FAT 32 HDTACH Short/Long
  5. What ratio should I use for 3 HD Array ? (3xHitachi 80GB Sata2)
  6. Take a look, same config. The card just touch the chorme cover of the heatsink.
  7. I have 1GB Corsair XMS XL 3200 (2x512) but now with my new X1900XT 1GB seens to be too litle, now I can play at ultra high res but don´t have enough memory for this. AM2 and DDR2 is already there, and maybe spend more money with a 2GB LL kit. So, I was thinking, getting my self another pair of Corsair XMS XL 3200 (1GB) What can I expect ? Its possible to do a little OC ? enough to be faster than a 2GB 2-3-2-1T @ 200Mhz I know I´ll have to run at CMD 2T.
  8. I just bought a digital camera, a Canon A410, but I can't get USB 2.0 transfer, I'm using a 45x SD, I did try removing all USB, but still not woking. DFI NF4 Ultra D - Bios 6-23-3 WinXP + SP2 + All win updates Nforce 6.70
  9. URL ? The only SATA 2 available here are Samsung, the other option is those Seagate SATA 150 with NCQ.
  10. What you guys can tell me about Samsung SATA 2 ? I'm interested in this model. I gonna use then as a RAID 0, three of then. Thx
  11. Here is what I did to reduce this a little more. After findind the righ resolution and IQ, I've deleted all the shaders that are created everytime you change Resolution and IQ settings. MyDocumentesBattleField2modsbf2cache After doing this the game will optimize again. Rename/Delete all the movies from the game, including the ones playing on the backround. Intalled dirBattlefield 2modsbf2Movies I noticed tha BF2 can't use virtual memory very good, if you set to 2GB it will use 2GB, after you enters a map your HD will never stop. I'm using 768MB fixed, the game works with 512MB too, but windows will give you the warning of LOW Virtual Memory, this way I'm only having problem playing Dragon Valley and OP Clean Sweep. Running the game at this settings 1280x960 Terrain - High Effects - High Geometry - High Texture - High Lighting - Medium Dynamic Shadows - Medium Dynamic Light - High AA OFF - Driver 4xAA Texture Filtering - Low = Trilinear - 8xAF Driver.
  12. Right now ? Gravity It just stand on top of the mb. But it's not difficult to attach if you use a case, it can be attached to the back of the MB like this. (pic, incredible what you can do with Paint) black = mb blue = ramcooler
  13. As soon as I put my hands on a digital camera (my brother has one) I'll take more pictures, the only camera here is from a cell phone This is the block. I was going to build myself one, then I find this one, very simple and cheap, minimal pressure drop. Here in Brazil water cooler products are very rare and difficult to find, when u find something is very expensive. About the fans, I'm getting the same RPM on both this way, when using the same voltage on both the #2 (pulling the air) runs a little more faster then the first and make much more noise, thas why I'm using that way.
  14. This mine. Very simple one(cheap), using the A64 stock fan and cardboard, covered with black vinyl. But, this afternoon i've made a new one, market in red in this picture. Using cardboard, again but this time with a 80mm fan. Sorry, no pictures yet of the new one. You can see my rig at this thread.
  15. I believe it perform very good for it size. Specs: Mag 500 - Bad choice for this small rad, add to much heat to the water, but, much more quiet than Quietone 3000. 2x120MM AVC 108CFM #1 FAN - Push @ 9V #2 FAN - Pull @ 7V Ambient temp 28C Idle - 29/30C Full - 39/41C I've build a new ram cooling this afternoon, this one is bigger, it cools both ram and MB power regulators, i've got a 3C drop in PWMIC. I'll take some pictures this week of the new one.
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