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  1. I'm in Canada, but how much could it possibly cost? I mean, it's a 64kb flash chip... edit: I could pay for the new one. Really don't feel like shipping you my chip. edit2: I said that i have 10/15 beta. Is it normal that an E6 core doesn't POST with that version?
  2. Hmm, well I got a 3700+ Newark, and I was using Oscar Wu's modded 10/15 beta bios (the 4.0 vdimm version) and it worked fine with my ClawHammer, but Newarks is no post. I was wondering if DFI could send me just a BIOS chip with a more recent ROM. Thanks.
  3. My mobo doesn't like to do cold boots either. Comes to think of it, my K8N Neo Platinum often didn't boot cold too... methinks it's a problem with nF3 250 chipset.
  4. Ultra X-connect is a releabeled Powmax! You don't want that in your system!!
  5. Better idea: what if.. just what if I were to cut the 3.3 cable on the 20-pin mobo connector, and solder a 5.0 cable there instead? The only thing that runs off 3.3 on the DFI is the ram, right? so theoretically, it should do as well as a modded 3.3 cable? It's also possible for me to do a mod on my PSU's 5.0 rail to make it run at 4.2v, or something like that... or I could just solder a resistor on the 5.0line that goes into the old 3.3 line, so that THAT one will run at 4.2, and the normal 5.0 will run at 5.0?
  6. even on phase change?.. can you tell me what MOSFET feeds memory and cpu plz?
  7. It won't destroy them, but you do lose your overclock. That happens with any CPU, though. And takes a WHILE. Ok, fine you won't tell me. I get it. I got it a few posts ago. On the first post you made, in fact. NOW WHICH MOSFET FEEDS MEMORY AND CPU DAMMIT! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. But I don't like s939... they have silly 512k cache chips that don't go over 2.8GHz anyway. Besides, I it will cost me money to upgrade. All I want to know where to solder the wire from a +5.0 line, or at least tell me where on the board are the MOSFETS responsible for vdimm and vcore. If you want to trade me a DFI NF4 board and an FX chip for my current setup, be my guest, otherwise there's no point in switching By the way, the whole "fry your memory controller with high vdimm" thing was only on Shuttle AN50R boards. I modded my Antec and it cost me a grand total of $5.24 for the trimmers and resistors. It doesn't go over 3.95v for a reason, and I'm not going to try and force it/trick the OVP. What I want is to use a WHOLE DIFFERENT RAIL to power vdimm off. The virtually unused (although still with beefy amps) +5.0 rail. Just like the NF4 boards.
  9. I'd replace that x850xtpe with an x800xtpe... yes, they make PCI-E ones. You can easily turn an x800 into x850, as the x850 is basically a volt-modded x800 with a better heatsink.
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