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  1. dillingerdan

    Corsair vs pc3200 problems

    Try clearing the CMOS. Maybe its holding the XMS timings which will likely not be capable on the ValueSelect.
  2. dillingerdan

    3500+ SLEDGECLAW results on DFI Ultra-D!

    Hmmm these look interesting. But they seem to be speculating over at XS. Can anyone check if they are indeed SOI, using CPU Brain ID?
  3. I have the PCP&C 510 Deluxe. Had it for ages now, well over a year, and I have no problems with 20-pins in my board, solid and stable.
  4. dillingerdan

    Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

    Whoops sorry Angry! Totally forgot about the rules, just pasted the same post I put up somewhere else. Edited it now though. HERE!
  5. dillingerdan

    amd 3000+64 burn in?

    I'm the same as CPUZ. I like to run stock for a little while, then I crank it up, however I then do a nice 24-48 hour burn, and then let it cool for a few hours, then power it up again and see what is capable then.
  6. dillingerdan

    Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

    Well here is my new updated rig. Its rather HUGE. But I like it. This is the complete tower in all its entirety. Then we have an inside view of the case with panel off, and looking neatly wired. Took me a while to get them like that but it looks good. Although I still have the molex and floppy connectors on the motherboard itself to plug in, but it should be fine for now. After that we have another inside view, although at a slightly different angle. This angle makes it look really neatly cabled I think. Then the final pic is of the top of the case with 3 120mm blowholes ready to mount fans and a Thermochill 120.3 Water radiator, when I watercool the graphics card, when I get a new card anyway. And there you have it. I think the case looks great with the chromed metallic black effect, and my cabling for once is nice and neat. Still got some other stuff planned for this rig too, gotta get my monitor back from RMA first this awful 15" is killing my eyes. It'll all come together but more than likely very slowly.
  7. You do need the drivers for the nForce installed first and then you need to enter Device Manager and under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers right click on one of the nForce4 ADMA Controller and choose Properties. Under one of the 2 controllers is a primary and secondary channel, and your drive will be on one of these depending on which SATA port you are using, each with a few options for your drives including NCQ Enable, tick it and there you have it. I found this to be enabled already on all 3 of my drives, so it was already enabled. You are right though it isn't such a big deal unless you have a REALLY big RAID array of 4 disks plus, where it can have nice benefits, but then you only have 4 ports that are NCQ enabled to use anyway.
  8. Same again works fine with NCQ enabled, which was on by default for all my drives 2x Raptors and the Maxtor and all are plugged into the nV SATA ports.
  9. I have no issues, but then my Maxtor is a data only drive, its not partitioned correctly to install Windows on, as its logical partition not primary, but it still works fine, and did on the original BIOS too.
  10. I have my 0449 3000+ under Mach II GT (Prometeia 2) and its sitting at -26C in BIOS non-overclocked yet, seems fine. Only probs I'm having is driver issues, keep giving me blue screens.
  11. Indeed you can. You can compile a CD image with the drivers that will load with Windows at the start up. You can use a program called nLite, use Google, and the site also has a tutorial on how to use the program aswell so hopefully this will get you up and running.
  12. Dunno, mate but air cooling should be sufficient for the northbridge anyway, so keep it as it is, or get a ViperJohn ViperSink(?)! I personally think that this board is going to be great! I am definitely loving the voltage ranges on it. 4V vDIMM is amazing, and lets hope it's without tuning the 3.3v PSU line. Can't wait to get 1 of these plus a 3500+ for the time being until Dual-Cored FX-63 is available.
  13. Not quite CMOS reloaded allows you to save profiles so you can easily recover your working settings easily if you need to pull the CMOS jumper. Makes going through all the settings again redundant meaning you can concentrate on just the OC ones.
  14. dillingerdan

    How to remove OVP on 250UT?

    Alot of people I've seen that need more than 3.6v have used a booster and then dialed it up on the fly. This probably isn't an option for you. If you do some research you should be able to find out which pin on the board measures the voltage on the vDIMM. You could ask ViperJohn, he knows quite a bit, or head over to VR-Zone and ask Shamino if he knows how to do it, if you can supply him with pics of the front and back of the board.