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  1. I have primed for 5 hours+ (got bored waiting, and case fans are too noisy to leave it on all night, have new ones coming) in both 250x10 @ 1.75v, and 200x10 @ 1.45v When I woke thismorning, I decided I would give the graphics card is own sepret molex cable with nothing else connected to it, and I havent had the problem since. The games it was crashing on were: Warcraft 3, about 10 to 15 mins into the game (any map), played it for roughly 2 hours thismorning MOHAA, about 20 mins in on Omaha Beach, played the whole sanerio but it was running fine on CSS, HL2 etc, just crashed on the older ones, weird but its working fine now, will wait to see in time, thanks for ya Idea's - Shad0w
  2. Hey all, im back with a problem, my system specs are in the signature I have been using this build for quite some time (but with a 9600pro), and Decided i would like to upgrade to an AMD 64, and a friend of mine was interested in buying this PC off me, but he wanted a better gfx card, so he ordered a 6600GT for this system, I installed it, everything went fine at first, All went well, till i went to test to see what this bad boy was capable of, and it now freezes about 10 mins into a game (not all games), i thought this may be due to a driver issue, so i downloaded all the newest ones etc but no change And yes, the 4pin molex is connected. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, I figure it could be my PSU, or maybe the card is over heating? note: System was overclocked at 250x10, 1.75 vCore, have it now at 200x10, 1.45 vCore and still have the same prob, Graphics card is at 500/1000 (stock settings), any idea's are more than welcome - Shad0w
  3. My bad Angry, its my fault, im a lazy person, and yeah i know i posted it on the wrong thread, but i was just asking if it qualified =/ never mind, ill leave these forums now, thanks for the help you people have been in getting my computer set up
  4. edit: never mind about this useless post
  5. hmm, added all i can think of to my sig now, anything else? hopefully you guys can think somethin up, when i change my ram timings, it gets to the windows boot screen, and just sits there forever...
  6. lol Ram Timings 3-5-5-5-10 (yeah i know it doesnt like CAS 3, but its running fine with it, except for the prime error 4 hours in) am running the 6/19 Bios (what do ya mean by Bios settings? ya mean i gottsta list all the settings? that could take weeks =/)
  7. Tiz just me again , i got my Athlon XP-m 2600+ now, im currently running it at 10.5 * 240 = 2525 Mhz with 1.75 VCore It ran Prime for 4 hours before hiting an error Any help with this? (no i havent searched yet, im too lasy atm)
  8. -brings back olds threds- Just found me a XP-m 2600 in NZ (pritty hard to come by, well someone willing to sell one anyways, arrives next week tho =/) Steping are very simular to the ones you god Soundx98 (didnt light any stuffed animals this time tho sorry ) AXMG2600FQQ4C - IQYHA 0401MPMW btw whats the best air cooling around atm? would a SP-97 with a Smart Fan II be allright to overclock it a fair bit with?
  9. Was running my CPU at 1600 Mhz thismorning, was running fine, havent done the stress test yet tho And twisted, definatly twisted, with a hint more crazyness than normal twisted
  10. Twisted has nothing to do with it , anyways its working perfectly with my other ram, but the stupid little beeper keeps beeping every time something pops up lol, driving me nuts and i cant find my driver for my 56k modem, and am connected at 31kbs =/ lol
  11. Well, I took my PC to school (yes school, they were there, and i had no where else to go) I stole a few sticks of ram, still no luck, then i stole a CPU out of one of their old comps (a Athlon 1400Mhz), with a stick i stole from then, and BAM it fired up like the bonfire i lit up the other day for the sacrafices they looked at me funny when yell with joy and lit up a stuffed animal there and then on the spot for the gods I was about to walk out with their ram and such before they caught me, and they said they wanted to keep their ram, but they sold me the CPU for $5 NZ lol, I sent my other ram to be courier back to where i got it from today, but canceled it at the last minute, maybe it will work with this CPU, will find out tonight, and if it does, another Bonfire will be lit, will keep you guys upto date on the pictures if it happens
  12. Stuffed animals make the best bonfire's! yes, LED 3 flashes before it, but that just tests the RAM is present from what the manual says =/
  13. After 48 hours of making Sacrifices to verious gods, and doing ritual dances around my bonfire (Behold the image you have all been waiting for , no i did not just do an image seach on google >.>; ) I have tested it one last time, with the bear minimum AND... the 4 dLED's didnt come on, only 2 did, 1 and 2 (or 3 and 4? what order do they go in?, top down i asume, so 1 and 2) In the user manual it says for 1 and 2: Detecting and installing an IDE device (which i have none pluged it, it just sits there and does nothing, screen still remaining off) user manual for 3 and 4: Initializing the DRAM controller (sizing) thanks for all the help so far, anymore help would be much appreciated
  14. ya know what the funny thing is?, the cops just knocked on my door haha!, but it wasnt for me, they wanted to know if i had seen the guy in the van accross the road do anything supisious, cause aparently he was tryin to get some lil kid into his car >.>; and the mobo's still in the corner! sir! -salutes- back to the sacrifices, the god will get angry if I spend too much time typin shiat to you guys!
  15. Battery removes, its in the corner with the jumper off, and the CMOS on clear, im up to doing the sacrifices so i really gotta leave it for 48 hours?
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