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  1. *Update: Got my 2GB Corsair XMS PC3200C2 kit. Threw it in slot 1 & 3 and works perfect. Bootup menu & Windows XP detects the 2GB and so far I can still run it at 215 FSB, 2-3-2-6 (1T) =P !
  2. Wil, Yeah I am sending the 1GB back, and getting the Corsair 1GBx2 kit 2-3-3-6. Will let you guys know once I get it and test it. Thanx PS: Rgone, the reason I ask you is because though Boot screen does not detect the 2GB, when gaming I feel that I am using the 2GB, plus I cannot run 1T anymore thus I feel the 2GB is WORKING, just not being detected.
  3. Ok..So I will try to return the 1GB and get 2x1GB kit. What brand is recommended and that you have experience with?? Thanx!
  4. Rgone, My question is, is my 2GB being used? CPUZ detects it and its speed, just that WIN XP and bootup screen still shows 1GB. According to DFI Manufacturer, and I quote "Supports up to 2GB memory when using DDR400" I dont think i can return the new 1GB Corsair, should I just get another 1GB that I just bought? Here is link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145576
  5. RGone, Even though, 2GB does NOT show up on my boot screen & window's my computer -> properties, CPUZ (latest version) still detects all my ram. I'm confused and please advise!
  6. Got my new stick of 1GB ram and results are in: Dimm 1: 1GB Corsair CMX1024 PC3200C2 Dimm 2: 512mb Corsair TWINX1024 PC3200C2 Dimm 3: 512mb Corsair TWINX1024 PC3200C2 Total 2GB @ 2-3-2-6 2T So everything is the same *look at my sig* except with 2GB I had to drop from 1T to 2T. Was the upgrade worth it?? I heard 1T makes a big difference in speed and now with 2GB (2T) I feel a bit slow down. 1GB (1T) < 2GB (2T)??? Also how come the bootup screen still shows I have 1GB Ram?? Same goes for Computer --> Properties in Windows XP, still shows I have only 1GB ram. Come on alot of people reading this, would greatly appreciate some inputs!!
  7. I can't find the infor/threads with people in my situation. *Cough Cough...Happy Gamer please help!
  8. **Tried to reply to my old post regarding this and there was an error so had to start new thread Gonna make the last final upgrade for my outdated system, currently using Corsair TwinXMS 1GB PC3200C2 (512 x 2) @ 1T-2-3-2-6 3.1v (Slots 1 & 2). Taking a gamble and just ordered Corsair 1GB (1 Stick) CMX1024-3200C2. Both the old and new ram have the manufacturer rating of "2-3-3-6". Going to put the new 1GB in slot 1 of course. Wish me and luck and I'll let you guys know if it works!
  9. Not going to work as in not boot up?? Or just stability issues, such as OCing? Thanx Again!
  10. Ok I know I have asked this question before and been told I should stick with 2 x 512MB ram (OR) get 2x1gb ram. For system specs please look below at my sig. I realize I really need 2gb ram total. Now the most efficient way is to add 1x1gb ram (since only 1 slot left). Now which brand/model should I get and still keep my current OC?? (System Specs in Sig). Also I do not want to get rid of my current 2x512mb..just trying to save money. Please advise..as my readings in the faqs, forums, etc. has not helped. Thanx
  11. Hmmm..thank you all so kindley for your answers. So the big question is.... Is it worth it to upgrade from 1gig to 2gigs of ram to play World of Warcraft..(MMOPG)?? =)
  12. CPDMF, Well here are 2 reasons I was thinking if I should go PC4000 1) In case I upgrade my mainboard/CPU in near future 2) I plan to run it at 220 but with tight settings 2-2-2-5 So can PC3200 do the above? Thanx!
  13. CPDMF, The memory your talking about is the G.Skill PC4000? I can't find it on newegg.com. Please give me more details...thanx!
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