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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I was hoping it might help. I hate this PC. Have owned many and built a couple and this is the most unstable, crash prone, POS ever and I don't bother to OC. Many times I have installed a new program or upgrade drivers I have reboot issues. It hangs before completely loading the Destop or doesn't make it that far. Have reinstalled the OS several times and lost everything twice and no... not due to virus. If programs crash sometimes I have had to use the restore. Program shutdown is worthless in the task manager. I keep everything up to date and have the new 8.x nvidia drivers. If anyone wants to buy the board I am willing to sell.
  2. Sorry about getting in late on this but have to ask a stupid question. I have the Athlon 64 3400. The newest bios only Mentions the Sempron. Should I use it? I presently have the 5/04/05 V6.00PG . Thanks for your help.
  3. Dave, That tab for temperature settings in not there.?? I did not have the AGP tab until upgrading to the Coolbits2. This may seem stupid but I don't know how much it is overclocked. I don't know how to tell. Have not been able to spend much time with it lately. There is much I don't know about many of the settings or how they can be tweaked. Such as how many frames ahead I can set it.
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. How is the GPU temp listed in the Coolbits. I don't remember seeing anything. The 5200 only has a heat sink and no fan. Thanks for the Link Dave. I did download and set up the 7.12 drivers and I think that helped. I pushed the other settings as far as it would allow. At least its not locking up now just a little hesitation in heavy fighting sometimes. Guess I will just have to save for a better card. I am not seeing a lot of praise for the ATI cards here. Any special reason???
  5. Wow did I get something started here!. Thanks All Dave, Since you were asking questions about drivers and Coolbits I will try to answer. I had almost a full page written with all the specs and we had a power out and dumped the connection. Lost all I wrote. GDXYZ*&^% :mad: I had not heard about Coolbits. Found out how to unlock it in the Reg and it did not have the AGP tab. So I found a download for the Coolbits 2 you mentioned. What a great program WAY COOLBITS! Using Nvidia Drivers version , 10/20/04 AGP was set to 3.0 But was on Auto so I manually set to 8X. Does anyone know how to find out what the AUTO has a device set at? You ask what the temps were running. CPU is at about 40 and after I shut the game off it was at about 47. This case has three fans including the PS. I am attempting to load some screen capture here so you can see the settings and maybe someone can tell me if there are some areas I can improve the performance. I did help it some and was able to finally Beat the SOB Doom 3 Guardian and get the Soul Cube. Guess I don't know how to upload multiple images. Tried to select several but no deal. Better yet, how do you insert them so they show like yours did Dave
  6. Kind of what I expected. The 5200 was a freebee from a friend because I needed something better than the 16 mg Voodoo 3500 from my old PC ( which was good for its time). He told me the 5200 was not that great of card. I will take a look at the settings Dave was asking about and get back to you. I am just not ready to go out and spend $300.00 + on a new vid card. Or is there a less expensive alternative? As Always Many Thanks!
  7. Hell I don't know, Just trying to enter my own
  8. I am having problems with a slow down while playing Doom 3 at the Guardian/Seeker level. Have not had prolems with performance until this level. At the point where all seekers are killed and Guardian is vulnuerable and throwing balls of flame. I try to move and fire and it slows down so bad I cant aim, fire or move without a lot of hesitation. I did not think with a setup like I have there should be any problem playing the game. So far I am not impressed with this PC and considering selling the MOBO and trying something else. I have tryed a slight overclock on the AGP voltage and mem voltage but do not know enought about OC'ing to do more. Didn't think I should have to with a system of this power. Could someone take a look at my sig and see if there is anything that indicates I should be having a problem. This pisses me off after spending the money to build a new one and stlll does not perform well. I have not flashed the BIO's
  9. Thanks Guys. I was skeptical and sounds like with good reason. Glad I ask first before downloading.
  10. I was reading an article in Feb 2005 issue of PC World titled SuperFast Graphics. They were endorsing a downloadable utility from NVidia called NTune for NForce MB's. I was curious as to whether it works well or at all for the NF3 or is even recommended by DFI? It claims it will bench mark and automatically adjust your PC for best performance or you can tweak individual settings as you see fit. Since I am a noobe and have no experience at OCing I thought I might give it a try. Thanks for your help
  11. Once Again, Thanks All, Angry, Rgone and David. If you were here I'd buy you a brew. This is a great forum. I am at awe with the effort you put forth to try and help. Your good at giving a pat on the back when deserved as well as a kick in the butt for being stupid. Angry, I may be getting in contact with you. Before I posted the start of this thread I did go into the BIOS and Loaded the Optimized Defaults so guess I am doing something right. (But then I learned that one from the start of the Nvidia drivers problem. But not to sure about what to switch on and off. Sure wish I had known the Pentium was actually better than the 64 bit for the capture functionality. But...As you said. That would be crying over spilled milk now. I actually had thought of selling it all and starting over again I've been so pissed. I was going to call Pinnacle support and that may have helped but I vented here first. You can probably tell by know. I ain't afeared of being a little loud when I get my dander up. I plan on trying to call them tomorrow. I have re-installed XP twice before I installed the Pinnacle software. The U-lead software that came with the Pioneer Burner crashed the system first and I uninstalled it. I will move the Burner to Secondary IDE. I tried to install the Windows WDM video drivers but It will not install them and I get error messages...and they come up as other devices. I booted up in safe mode and they were not in the system devices so from what I understand that is a soft ware issue??? I will try the SP2 a little longer before I try to redo the OS again. I know, I know. I'm probably just stepping into it a little deeper. One More thing. I believe it was RGone whom made a comment towards the Corsair Value Select Mem I chose in a previous thread. I thought since it was CAS2.5 it would be ok and since I am not a serious overclocker would not notice much diff. It is not a good choice? Probably should have started a new thread with this question. Sorry.
  12. Thanks RGone, I have already copied my daughters Wedding made from my SonyMiniDV cam and a VHS Tape with great results. That part of it works very well and is very user friendly. Except that Pinnacle locks you out of a lot of their titles and Menu's until you buy them. That's BS. As usual I finally got out the book after I could not get the first CD to burn. And it Just a simple setting to correct. I agree it is probabaly not a MB problem but a sofware or hardware issue. Just wondering why the Task Manager End Program does not work as it should. Believe me I have been doing a lot of googleing searching for answers. Have been to MS troublshooting and read through tons of stuff hoping it was a software issue. I always enjoy the challenge of learning something new. I am a self taught person also. Even in my other world as professional woodworker. Never had a Puter class other than word or excel here at work. Question is, How would I know if the Registry settings are correct or can be modified with regards to a capture card. The registry is a realm I have not ventured into very much. I do know to back it up before hacking it. Also, from what I have read in the Forums it appears there is no need to flash the BIOS. Would that be correct?
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