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  1. rbgone shot me an email and hooked me up so I've sent the RMA request to the right people. I'll check my email and see if I recieved any response.
  2. Thanks fellas. I'll put in for the new RMA to see if I can get another mobo. I've tested the cpu in another mobo and it works fine as well as the other components. We'll see how long I'm out of comission. edit: I can't find the RMA section for the request form. I did a google and found it but the only country selections were European. I decided to fill out the form and mention that I was actually in the US and couldn't find it listed but when I submited the form I recieved an error. Can anyone link me to the proper place please? I really need to get this motherboard out and repaired. Thanks. Lou.
  3. I'm having difficulty finding the Warranty length on the Mfg site and cannot find my original paperwork that came with my UT 250gb. Can anyone tell me the Warranty lenght of this motherboard? It crapped out on me again. The first time I RMA'd they just whatever was wrong with it and sent me my mobo back. I don't have an issue with this but it never acted the same and it's died again.
  4. take into consideration the cooling they are using, if there are any volt mods, cap mods, etc. then take into account that you could sit down next to 2 computers with the same exact hardware and software in the same room and have a high probability of never getting the same overclock with one that you have attained with the other. there are to many variances in components due to all the components that make up your ram, cpu, mobo, etc. no 2 diodes/transistors/resistors/capacitors, will always react to input the same. if you can get 3ghz stable then great but do not depend on what you see at XS as a common probability. the regulars there will even tell you that for them it's all about the peak.
  5. i have no clue what it's trying to say or if my comp is saying anything but i get a beep of about a 1 second duration every now and then. i haven't seen anything in the DFI documentation i've looked up that makes mention of it in troubleshooting or regular operation. does anyone have a clue as to why my comp is doing this? i don't even have this rig overclocked anymore due to instability from this sorry cpu.
  6. you can adjust voltages for the cpu via .25v's. that's pretty precise unless you mean the end voltages when you read em' from cpu-z like 1.68v's. that's loss through curcuitry that you will get with any and all electronics. it's just the nature of things. you won't get any more performance from higher than cpu HTT ram like people do with Intels. the reason is that AMD isn't bandwidth dependent like Pentiums are. no real need. just a nice thing to have i guess if it was offered. i never had an issue with memtest and my old USB mouse. try downloading the latest version and run it from floppy or CD. shouldn't have any issues then, really shouldn't have any problem as is.
  7. i have the 3700+ CH with the NF4X Infinity and have been waiting for quite some time for a correction to this temp issue. from what i have seen this is not only relegated to the 3700+ in this mobo but rather all cpus. i have come to the thought that i will have to accept DFI's disregard for this mobo. i'm done trying to overclock with this as i can't get a true reading to determine if it's just temps or the cpu that's holding me back. i now wait patiently for AM2 to be released and see what that has to offer. will i go with another DFI mobo? well i'll wait to see what is the most popular and go with that if i don't go with a Conroe Intel. blasphemy i know but i want performance and if that means going to the enemy then so be it. i loved my 250gb and still have it with a 3400+ Sempy running 2700mhz for the wife. i'm just dissapointed that DFI doesn't seem to care about it's lower customers. i could understand not updating the BIOS if there were no issues to fix of this matter. i guess RGone was right about mixing an NF4 chipset with a basically NF3 mobo. DFI may not have a solution due to this hybrid situation.
  8. what was mentioned in the post above, especially statement #1, rang true for me. i could not get my TwinMos PC3200 to work at their rated speeds even at 2T. i found a way to copy the SPD dump from one stick to the other and this cured the speed issue but not the 2T thing yet. my 2 512mb sticks didn't come as a dual channel kit so it's possible my issues are due to slight vairations in the mfg process.
  9. i just got my 3700+ back from RMA and was wondering if i would have to rebuild the RAID0 array i have if i clear the cmos? i know i'm going to have to re-activate windows and all but i'm trying to avoid reformating and all that. thanks
  10. i believe i've been quite patient as i've been waiting for DFI to fix the bugs since October of last year. i'll check the site every now and then to see if anything has been put up for an update but nothing that would help me out. i'm still happy with my 250gb and will be using that for the wife's comp but i am thoroughly disappointed in this mobo in the aspect of the bugs. btw any one know where to find Tmod's 6-23 bios for the 250gb? still doing the search button thing with no download link.
  11. i'm using 16/4 for my raid setup as reading through here seemed to suggest the 4:1 ration was best. didn't have the time to try larger mixes like 32:8, etc. wouldn't think any overhead would make you drop. matter of fact i always thought that a larger RAID0 array would render better speeds. maybe you need to try a larger stripping mix. some guys are using 64:16 with nice results from my reading around. at first i was thinking the density of my platters was getting me some good results but you have the rmp speeds like crazy so that should keep you way ahead of me.
  12. i've noticed people with Raptors getting 200+mb/s burst speeds. why is mine so much higher than there's? 300+mb/s.
  13. Delirious, i'm using 2 of these: Seagate 7200.9 . Review . i think the single platter design makes up for the lack of not having 16mb of cache. i also think my 1.5gb/s interface is holding it back some.
  14. this poses a question for me. where would you test the cpu voltage with the DMM? i have one here but don't know where to check? also is it the same spot for all NF4 chipsets?
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