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  1. Plenty to try there- cheers folks. I notice you mention the troubles with the 200fsb processors. Mine is supposed to be 400fsb- though i assume the issue is the same. What confuses me is that the specs for the board state it supports up to 400fsb CPUs and 3Gb of 1 Gb sticks- though from your experiences it clearly does not. Where did I go wrong with my interpretation of the specs? Obviously a major learning experience going on for me here!!
  2. Cheers for the reply matey. No is the answer to that one. I've used 10-2-2-2 & CAS 2.5 but to no avail. I've heard tell of the dislike for CAS3.0... Updated my original post to mention that MemTest86 will run all day without finding any errors. Don't know if that's relevant to the CAS situation or not. Will give your recommnened configuration a try tonight. Every little helps!!
  3. I'm having trouble with an NFII Ultra Infinity setup also. And right back at the start I had the same "monitor not waking up" problem but only after the first couple of powerups. It was a failed PSU. An Enermax 480W too. Everything powered up but the monitor stayed asleep!! Not what I'd expected to be at fault. Just goes to show the PSU can be the root of all evils.
  4. Newbie HissingShark here. Here comes the long detailed story so far- hang on -it gets a bit bumpy... Have Built a new system and it's hanging. At basic Bios settings it froze even as early as formatting the HDDs when installing Windows XP Pro SP2. Furthest I reached was 17% formatted without it hanging. Did a Quick Format i the end..... So it's a hardware problem. Many attempts to install windows too. Testing with 3D Mark2003 = 10380 (if it lasts to the end of the test with out hanging). Doom3 timedemo = 20fps at full detail (surely low though?) Prime95 stopped with rounding errors in seconds.... Increased various voltages in the Bios and got 6 hours of Prime in Blend Torture mode before it hung itself. Now at : v-core = 1.9v v-dd = 1.8v v-dimm = 3.2v agp = 1.6v System hangs within seconds of starting Prime95 Blend Torture. So things are worse in many ways. 3DMark2003, Doom3 etc have all been unstable throughout. What can I do? I'n not even trying to overclock, just a basic setup with good performance hardware. Can't take v-core to 2.0v because it gets as far as the windows loading screen and the memory and monitor power down. System wont reset and has to be switched off at the PSU... Incidentally MemTest86 runs all day without finding any errors!! All suggestions gratefully received. It's been a month now. I'm rather fed up.... (and from what i've seen this is a plagued setup though nobody has been having these symptoms exactly). ... --- ...
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