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  1. Cool thanks for the info. I dont have the original cd thats why I was asking cuz I was going to get it from the website. Thank you both..
  2. Hey guys. I just came in contact with a new Abit M Guru AV8 K8t800 Pro MB and 3200+ proc. I have never owned one before ( Always had DFI) and was wondering what revisions are best for the Drivers and BIOS version. I know I will need to download the chipset/sata/lan/and audio drivers.. but what revision and what BIOS works best? Thanks
  3. Yea, I have checked the memory and unfortunatley I dont have another VC or PSU. I will try to reinstall the OS but i fear the worst if that doesnt help. Thanks for the replies
  4. Ok heres my problem. My system has gotten to the point of not working at all. Recently it has started not posting at all. While i have been working on it, its as if the power is being shut off to the VC. the monitor will go black and blink. the system will still be on, but I am unable to do anything at this point. So i have to reboot the comp and when I do it wont post. This has been going on for some time now. The posting issue is getting to the point of my not being able to use my comp at all.. I am thinking VC/MB....
  5. Hey all! I just wanted some advice. I was reading through here and saw that most of the OC posts were on SLi and what not. I just got Quake 4 and it runs like CRAP on my comp. I mean bad. I just recently formatted and zero disked my machine, put the newest board drivers on there and Futuremark approved 81.98 VC drivers on and nothing. Its still bad. I have a feeling its my VC. Now, I have used Coolbits to OC my card before but never went above 400 mhz /1100~ ghz range. and the agp voltage is the same in my BIOS. ON the Stock cooling, what would be the most I can OC this card? what about the most agp voltage? I have wanted to do it for a while, but now that this game isnt working its more motivation to do so.. 2nd ? - Also, with the Nvdia controls, do you have to program the VC propterties (like you can with ATI) to force the native "Windows resolution" I.E 1280 x 1024 @ 85hz to carry over to a game or does it automatically handle that as well? When I was lanning with my friend, we actually had to set it up on his ATI PCI-E card. Thank you for your help!!!
  6. Hey all... Been a while since I posted. Got a ? - I recently reformatted my HD and reinstalled the board and vc drivers. I just installed Q4 and it runs like caca... Seriously, not only that but my machine just seems slow in general.. I know that all my OC settings are ok so I am thinking it might be the system drivers.. I didnt install the GART or IDE drivers when I installed them, so Im not sure what is going it.. The only thing that I have done differently is up the agp voltage by .1. The board drivers are = nForce3 - Windows XP/2000 32-bit Version: 5.11 Release Date: November 2, 2005 WHQL Certified and the VC drivers are = GeForceFX and GeForce6 Series: ForceWare 81.98 Drivers - WinXP/Win2000 Thanks
  7. Ok this is a weird one. Yesterday when I went to play a game, I noticed that the audio was really soft and distorted. When I turned up the audio, I realized that it sounded like "For a better term, listen to a tape casset while holding down the fast forward button" At first I thought that it was just the game so I exited to windows and play an mp3.. sure enough they sounded like the cipmunks... Like a 33 record being played at 45 speed. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled. Still the same thing.. I am at a loss on what has happened here.. Please advise... Literally, was over night.. Or perhaps during the day when my mom was on my comp, but I dont think thats the case..... :drool:
  8. Yea its plugged in there. I was always under the impression that you needed to install Win on a fresh/optimized BIOS. Hmm Maybe this is why I have cold boot probs. (PC freezes at AMD 3200 DTR part of teh boot until i reboot and then it works fine)I changed the VID to 1.5 so now the core is running 1.5v. I havent changed the Cpu VID Special, thats still auto. I've never been to sure on what that does. I didnt get to mess with it to much last night, but I am leaving work at 2 today so i will have plenty of time to try it when i get home...
  9. The only reason that they are opt defaults is because I formatted the hd and reinstalled win xp again. I never OC and install Windows. I will kick it up to 1.5 and see what happens, but yes this is what the Genie screen is telling me. It used to be set to a higher voltage, I thought, I will update when I get home. Ill try the 11 multi as well.. even if I could get 10x200x4 then I will be happy o.O
  10. right now at optimized defaults I am @ (from Genie BIOS) CPU Core Voltage 1.09 V Chip Set Voltage 1.62 V AGP Slot Voltage 1.52 V DRAM 2.5v Voltage 2.64 its an AMD 3200 + DTR 64 bit w/ 1mb L2 Cache(2ghz)
  11. I am having issues with not being able to clock my proc to 2 ghz. Also, when ever i am playing games, my whole machines acts up and the screen glitches horribly. When this happens, I have to hard boot. I have noticed that the temp on my VC goes to 130 F, which is normal I guess. I am just going to format win and flash the bios to start all over.
  12. I am still using the old 9/14 bios.. I havent even thought about upgrading in a while and am kinda outa the loop.. Whats the newest/best BIOS to get?
  13. From what I can tell on the PSU- Max [email protected] I dont think that I am using the newest one. The one I am using is 9/14 "angrygames" I believe. I will reboot and let you know. As far as clearing out the CMOS, yes, that was the only was I could actually get the 1.7-1.8 OC.
  14. Hey guys I need some advice. Recently I have been noticing that my system crashes alot. When I say crash, I mean (I.e I was platying WoW and all of a sudden the whole screen goes black and a screeching noise starts coming out of the speakers, so a hard reboot is in order). Now, the reason I think that my MB and proc might be to blame is because the other day I rebooted my machine and outa no where the full screen logo pops up.. Im like Cool, shouldnt be a prob, but when i go BIOS to check the settings, they are all at default?! WTF?!?! =-/ So I put them back to the regular and bam, the comp wont post... After dealing with it I finally get it to post - but only pushing 1.8ghz(and these are the current settings now ~~1.8 on a 2 ghz proc =( )... If I set them to 200x10x4 then it will not post at all.. Keep in mind that this came out of nowhere(it used to work with no probs at all), and this has happened a few times recently. I dont know If i need to RE-flash the bios or what. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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