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  1. there is no floppy .. just the system cd, i made sure all the cables were connected .. i never put in a floppy for this problem .. i just used the system cd i have no clue what to do right now
  2. hey guys .. a couple times .. i would try and boot my computere .. and it would say disk boot failure .. so i would insert the xp cd that i have .. and it would go to this blue screeen and do something , then i would quit the program .. and restart and the computer would work fine .. this time .. the ocmputer doesnt boot .. it just says disc boot failure .. and when i get to that blue screen the only option that works for me is the quit option .. the other ones dont work .. so right now i have no idea what to do
  3. hey .. i posted a few weeks ago aobut my system being unstable wihile running at its default clock speed of 200mhz xp3200 .. i remember there was a sticky post about this problem .. and i was wondering if you found a fix for this problem yet .. please let me konw .. thank you
  4. ok so that is what happens then w/ my 200fsb? the problems im havin? and how long has this problem been going on and when do u plan on having it fixed?
  5. ok .. um .. sry for asking .. but what is tw if i put it on 166.. do i have to change anything else .. what does the 1:1 include and if i put it on 166 will my ghz go down and also .. so that problem is b/c of my fsb
  6. hey guys .. um .. i never built a computer before .. and i have this one now .. it runs well i guess .. but i mean sometimes it locks up.. like im afriad to open a lot of programs at once b/c sometimes it locks up(freezes) right now im on my dads computer .. its p4 1.7 w/ 256 ddr .. and im def not afriad to open a lot of prog .. b/c it never freezes .. just may take a while to get from one prog to anohter could my problem be that my clock is at 200 b/c i heard ppl saying like this mobo works better on low frequency .. so i mean .. is my problem normal ? .. what should i do about it
  7. do i just put the clock rate up on my bios? and if so .. like how do i find out if its stable and stuff
  8. haha ok .. yea i gotta get a job then i can get my msi rx9800pro and my other stick of ram
  9. ok thx .. so just the card then .. umm .. well i mean i just installed xp its only a day old .. and the hd is onlye pretty much a day old too .. so i mean u still thikn to defrag adn stuff
  10. hey guys .. while running xp .. sometimes it seems like i dont have enough ram .. even when i am not doin a lot of multitaksing .. somtimes the scrren gets choppy and in some cases .. my computer locks up .. do you know y this is .. i have 512ddr .. and i mean .. it doenst seem to run that well also .. i was playing cs on this computer .. i tired it out since i just built it .. i have my ti4200 in ther .. and i had the antialiasing all the way up and the antischophic filtering all the way up .. and cs didnt run very smooth its fps wouldnt go past 60 .. even when i typed in fps_max 100 and fps_modem 100 .. and it just ran choppy ... is this the ram? can i do anything about it .. besids gettin more of it?
  11. hey guys .. i got my system set up and i have xp installed .. i was just wondering out to set up the front audio for my case.. the part im confused about is .. which way to have thse little things pointed when i plug them into my mobo.. another problem is .. that in my manual it has the names of where to put each connector.. but not all of my connecters say what it says in the manual my connectors say gnd mic vcc mic data ear l (this also has a little wire extending from it w/ another connector saything the same thing) ear r (same thing w/ the little wire and the connecter as ear l) the only one i know where to put for sure .. is the ground one .. besides that im not sure where to put the other ones .. and which way to point the connector .. could any of you help me w/ this?? thx
  12. ok guys .. nvmd .. i figured it out.. wow im so stupid .. it works now .. taht was the only prob
  13. hey guys .. i jsut noticed .. on my psupply .. that red switch .. that says 115 or 230 was on 230 .. i changed it to 115 and my cd drive opens now .. it still doesnt boot .. but i noticed only the first 2 leds light up on my mobo .. do u no why?
  14. mott .. yes my psu is in the correct spot .. and yes i noticed that the little red light on my case doesnt turn on.. i was wondering why ... and ur saying that to clear the cmos .. u put it on 1 and 2? .. in the manual it says to cleat put on 2 and 3 .. umm ... if u have anything else to say .. i would appreciate it thank you
  15. hye thx guys ... um .. i tried 2 different video cards .. same thing happens .. i tried the cmos thing ... i switched the jumper on the last 2, turned it on for 5 minutes, turned it off, put the jumper bakc to where it was, and still the same thing happend .. another thing, my dvd drive doesnt open.. i dont no y .. its brand new .. if u guys could help .. id appreciate it.. thx
  16. Hey guys... i am totally new to building computers, this is my first one, I have the NF2 Ultra B board, corasair 512mb, athlon xp3200, 480w ps ' my friend, who has built his own computer, helped me out w/ this, i recieved my processor yetsterday, and installed it, i have all the parts to make the computer run. The problem is, whenever i turn on the computer, my heatsink fan runs, all the leds are lit up, but for some reason, my moniter does not do anything. It comes up w/ teh same screen as if it was not plugged into the video card. i cannot get to the bios.. i am clueless ,, as is my friend on waht to do. If you guys would please help me out w/ this i would appreciate it.. thx
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