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  1. alrite so i came home from school and tried to boot up my previously working system .. except this time it didnt boot .. it kept restarting at a certain point .. the hardrives kept clicking


    i unhooked everything, and cleared my cmos and i was able to get to the bios screen. after that i tried booting it up again and it gets stuck at the "initializing onboard super IO" diagnostic leds ..


    thats where im at now.. any idea what could cause this ..


    there was a sticker floating around inside my computer that looks like it may have been on my mobo but im not sure and it looks like it got something on it and became unsticky.



    and if i need a new mobo.. any idea where i can get another one of these .. theyre hard to find

  2. hey guys i havent been on here in quite some time, but i recently started to become very interested in my computer again, and dod:s.


    so i tried overclocking w/ my mobo, but i then realized i have no idea how to do anything besides change the multiplier and fsb, and voltage, i do not know correct ram timings or where to find them, and i don't know some of the agp specs ..


    but anyway, i always had a feeling my computer should perform better than it does, i mean i run every other game besides half life 2, and all those source mods, perfectly, but it doesnt really do as good as i would hope w/ hl2, so i tried pc mark and that was my score only for me to search online and see what other ppl got , and it was way higher than mine, and i personally think i have a decently built computer.. here are my specs


    xp 3200 @ 2.2ghz

    1gb Corsair valueselect

    Lanparty NF2 Ultra B

    ATI AIW x800XT

    Samsung 120 sata HD

    WD 20gb ide HD


    edit: i also have my bios on "aggressive if that even means anything"


    ive never flashed my bios, i have the revision from like 03 or 04 .. not sure when , but i mean is this normal .. or is there anything i can do to tweak this so it runs like it should?


    also i dont know if i should have this or not, but my aiw has a primary driver, and then a secondary driver installed, i do not know y but it has always been like this.. is this normal .. or should there just be one?

  3. well .. i gota cd key .. and after i entered it .. i went to change the time on the next step. . hte install froze ... so after that i restarted my comp .. and it froze at the blue welcome screen .. but it was just blue .. no icons ..


    after that i restarded it .. and the blue screen came up .. then really quick a window opend with a red x on it .. and it said .. like .. write drive .. i dunno something like that .. it was only up for a split second ... then my computer restarted ..


    i took out my xp cd after that .. and i turned back on the computer .. then another window with a red x came up for a second .. and this time it said "insufficient system resources" ... i have 512mb of ram .. and nothing on the hard drive .. so after that i just got disgusted and quit ...


    if anyone has any idea wtflip i should do .. please let me know

  4. hey guys .. so i checked everything .. all the connections were good .. i turned the computer on .. it said system disk failure please instert system disk ... i did that .. it went through this like .. blue screen .. then shut down .. after that the computer would do the same thing


    after that i took out the cd .. and now my comp turns on .. goes to the lanparty screen and shuts down..


    im really angry and i have no idea what the hell to do

  5. ok guys .. um ... i dont know what the molex is .. and just to let you know .. i didnt bump my case .. and my computer did the same thing .. but this time when it restart .. it got all scrwe up and did some test for the hard drive .. and then i restarted again.. and my computer said it was looking for the registry or soemthgin .. so right now i have no idea wtf to do ..


    another note .. if i had my case open .. and my ocmputer was on .. sometimes if a power cable touched the metal .. it would do the same thing and lock up

  6. hey guys .. when i first installed xp .. the only user account i had was "administrator" i coulndt change the name or anything .. so i used it for about a month, downloaded songs on limewire and everyhting..


    yesterday i made my mom an account b/c she wanted one.. so i did and everything was ok .. untill today


    i turned on the computer .. and the "administrator" account i had been usuing .. is no longer there .. it was just my moms .. so i created another one for me ..


    the problem is ... i cant get any songs .. or any files i downloaded from my old account .. i dont no how to get to it .. its like they just all got deleted .. i'm sure theres some wway i can get them back .. but i have no idea how ... do u think you guys could help?

  7. hey guys .. my chemistry teacher today showed us a glass bottle .. w/ a stick in it .. but on one end of teh stick there is a nail.. and that end is in the bottle


    i have no idea how he did it .. and it stumped our whole class.. do any of u guys no how to do this?


    i made a diagram on paint .. but i have no site to host it on .. but anyway that just stumped me

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