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  1. Hi I have the following problem If I increase the Vcore upto 1.75V my systems restarts immediatly under Fullload and the diagnostig led 3 makes strange noises like *krraak* Sometimes my machine hangs there and tries to boot up but always at led 3 the sound then the same again....looping. First LED 1 and LED2: OK then LED 3 with the strange sound. I tried several PSUs(Coba, Levicom, Tagan) all about 400Watts and they were all high quality ones Additionally tried several memories too(MDT, OCZ, Corsair, Infineon) The CPU-temperature isn't high about 50 degree Celsius under Fullload(as long as i can see ) in Idle mode about 39 degree Celsius ...by the way there is no chance of getting into FULLload for longer time Does anybody know what my problem could be? My MB: DFI NF2 LP Ultra B REV A Further I noticed a small resistor between two mosfets which ist soldered ther...but it seems that this thing is not wanted to be there. I wasn't able to see such a thing on any photographs of this board. The small foot of the lower mosfet is connected by the resistor with the head of the upper mosfet Here is a picture...the small red rectangel should be the resistor. Board siehe Signatur
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