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  1. As I said earlier... I ran Prime 95 for 15 hours straight for stabilyty test purpose In blend mode ran 15 hours and in-place Large FFTs for 10 hours...with FSB 200mhz multiplier 11.5 for 2.3Ghz...no errors no problems...
  2. I have ran prime for about 15 hours, played more tahn 5 hours, and I´m helping prime network to find primer numbres...I think is rock stable ... I will "migrate" soon to socket 939 now, I will be selling my DFI, XP Mobile, and my radeon 9500pro here in my country...I will be getting my hands on a A64 Winchester 3000+ which as I have read it can be overclocked to 2.4 on stock heatsink...My homemade Watercooling will help me get over it, if I can... Thanks
  3. If the supported motherboard issue is real; would it be fine to keep the ram since I´ve been upgrading to socket 939?? I live in south america, and sending the ram to Geil for refund would be very expensive, since postal services to the united states form my country are expensive... near half the value of the ram. Working on My new Motto, best speed /performance/temperature, CPU settings are Multiplier 11.5 FSB 200 1.5volts I get 2300mhz; voltage seems low, but works perfectly on every stability program, have tested at this speed and settings to OC the ram, and tried the last settings which where FSB 200 multiplier 12.5 at 1.7V... I don´t want to void warranty because of high voltages...I´ve seen this ram on newegg that supports 2.95V but in other pages i´ve seen 2.55V and max of 2.65V I´ve posted on Geil´s forum but no real answer...
  4. OK did a test in 210FSB at stock Voltages in memtest #7 first run, it got 6 errors, so I thiunk its a no go... will reaise voltage and see...
  5. Hey thanks A lot...Will download memtest and try the wierd thing is that memory won´t boot at 166FSB...will try very slow and see if I get it running, maybe waht you say is right.; to mucho OC won´t give me much...just like video cards hit some point when OCling idoes not raise benchmark points...
  6. I´ve overclocked for some time now...Lowering latencies of ram and thoose things I´ve done to try to make it work, My settings in bios are as the most I can since there are somethings that don´t apear on my bios screen. The chipset voltage is really new to me, since this feature is quite new in boards...without using hardmod. The Geil memories I have come with a aluminun blue heat sink. One thing I´ve noticed is that the big and yet to confirm Overclocks made to this ram are made with Pentium IV boards and procesador and haven´t found any with AMD XP...nor mobile nor desktop...
  7. I don´t understand your post, Angry... What chipset Voltage should I use..?? haven´t moved it... Vdimm is was set to 2.8V and still nothing. Lowest Multi I tried was 10, I will be lowering it to test as Angry´s screenshots, multiplier set to 9x thanks
  8. I´ve installed Hellfire N24ID619-Hell2-131 and still cant get passed 205...when I set it to 210, I had to lower to cas 3-4-4-4-11 to boot, but windows kept giving me and error. Any more suggestions?
  9. what do you have your chipset volted at? Stock Voltage, don´t know what is it... have you cooled your south bridge? Except from the stock cooling this board comes with, A case fan pointed at it. have you done anything to help cool your north bridge? (like replacing the stock pad with AS5) No, don´t think i need to temps are 31 to 35ºC have you locked you AGP bus at 66 MHz? Locked? well Agp frecuency is set at 66mhz all the time, dont move it in bios. is your CPU interface set to aggressive or optimal? Optimal have you tried backing off your CPU multiplier to something low? (like 10x for example) Yes 10X, and even 9x and nothing and have you tried setting your ram speed to 1:1 ratio, rather than SPD? Yes, 1:1 allways
  10. I´ve just purchased Geil Ultra Value Series 256x2 dual channel, I have a DFI Infinity ultra (NF2 chipset), I can get the memory past 200MHZ without system problems... My bios Setings are VRam is at 2.8V and SPD settings, this ram comes at 2.5 8-4-4-4 it says on the sticker, I´ve set thoose timmings manually and set them to a relaxed 9-4-4-4 or 11-4-4-4 with Cas 2.5 and still can´t get pass 200MHZ I tried Cas 3.0 and still nothing I´ve seen this same ram taken to speeds of upto 235FSB, ofcourse not every ram is the same, but I would like to OC just 210Mhz... I could set them to 2.5 -3-3-3-11 better performance they give me, but still at FSB200 Is there a proven safe Moded Bios that can help me?, I´ve read about the helfire, but what would be the safest proven version? Thanks for any reply...
  11. which Hellfire Bios would be the best for DIF infinity Rev. A?? for a Mobile xp2600 and dual channel 512mb geil memories pc3200??
  12. Hey Angry... since youre an employee of DFI, maybe you an send my suggestions for future motherboards that i´m pretty sure someone else has made them. 1. Cpu diode direct reading of temp, not 100% acurate, but more acurate that socket thermsistor. 2. Motherboard fan controller, of all 3 fans that can be installed on the board, since Winbond module can control up to 3 fans depending on temperature. 3.I don´t know if other boards come as my NFII ultra, but this board did not came with rounded ATA cables, but my cheaper MSI KT6V came with (semi rounded cables?) not rounded but bent? well it was in a smaller way that thoose in the DFI If I can think of more suggestions, I will write them here... Thanks
  13. Is it stable to run xp2600 mobile at 1.62V vcore? how about 1.7V¿¿??
  14. i´ve installed it... here´s a picture of the temps I get... CPU sensor has +5ºC set on MBM5... this picture is a comparison between speedfan and MBM5 the sensor settings for MBM are there...
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