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  1. I just dropped in 2 stealth fans, can't even hear them. Now my system temps are at 38C and 37C. What do you recommend I set my CPU v, chipset v and DRAM v at? Thanks.
  2. I expected the processor temp to be low, but I don't think there should be that much of a variance. The system itself if very cool, I just can't see where the heat is coming from. Where on the board are the 2 system temp sensors? Thanks..
  3. I have seen temps discussed to death, I just want someone to clarify that these readings are normal... if not, please advise. My CPU temp is way lower than my system temps. I am using the Official 9/14 BIOS and my specs are in my sig. And this is a shot of the system, just got it up and running this afternoon. Kind Regards...
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