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  1. I would look at your ram timings. Auto does not work well for my BH-5. I have to tighten the timings up for my ram to scale like it should.
  2. WTF !!! Nice read I wish I had known about this last month. I sold my MSI NF3 to a friend and had nothing but problems trying to move up from a kt333 chipset. I thought a system repair would do it but did'nt work out. Next time I"ll try this thanks.
  3. I have heard of problems with NF3 and Antec. I've never seen it. I've used Antec in 3 differant systens I've built for people and use a TC 550 in my own without a problem.
  4. I think it's a great price. A 9 multiplier is not the greatest but with the deviders on the Dfi board you can over clock as well or close. The mobiles run fine on the ut.
  5. I think his is better. He can do on air what I get using water.
  6. Newegg sent me a week 31. Still a pretty good chip. Prime stable 2700 mhz @1.7 v. THunda, #'s looking good with that X800
  7. That lock blows. You have to reach under and push up on the lock.
  8. I have one on the way from newegg. Hopefully I do as well. THunDA, is your 6800 GT @ stock speed? I thought your 01 bench would be higher. I can tweek a 27,??? running 2250.
  9. Shove the probe in where the wire comes into the connector. That's how I check mine.
  10. The pins don't fit using an iceburg? The iceburg has that double hole, I thought it would line up to just about any chipset
  11. I think Oskar posted some tccd settings @ XS. Found it http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43534
  12. I heard 1/16 th and have heard 1mm. I want to know the real number. I'm going to order a DTR this week and will post the differance some time next week.
  13. You have to get a heatsink that works without the IHS on or you could shave down the feet on the stock retention plate. I'm not sure of the exact amount to shave off. I'm going to get a DTR this week and my plan is to use a micrometer on my two chips and shave off the differance.
  14. Mine does the same thing. Maybe not a min. but a pause just the same. I think it has to do with having sata and ide hard drives. If I unplug my ide drive it boots without the pause.
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