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  1. FIXED !!!!!! DFI 975X/G After all this time Well i now have Dual Monitors (Gateway FPD2185W) and running SLI, What i had to do was buy a New ATI X1300 PCI Card, any other ATI PCI card 7000,9200,9250) the computer would hang at the windows login screen, I have no idea why this cards work but it does !!!!!!!!
  2. Any idea what the PCI Express Ports are for ??? still no luck locks up when entering windows , I'll give frank a call on monday
  3. Be back in a bit I'm gonna uninstall the nvidia drivers and lose my SLI to see what happens
  4. Thanks for the tips by the way I have the same memory as OldGuy (that guy is cool ) Like i said 1 stick had 86000 errors on the first test for memtest so i knew that one was bad the other stick ran for 8 hours no problem. I'm just finishing up the 4 fresh install right now and it locked up again Just so you know i can ALWAYS get in safe mode, so it has to be a driver issue or an IRQ issue (right????)
  5. Hi Happy Yep i tried it both ways the only bad thing when you do it with loading windows and it finishes as soon as it restarts it freezes, then i remove the card and then it works, I wonder if it's the board ???? (right now i'm using the onboard sound till i figure this out )
  6. I tried those things also it will not let me change anything in windows or safe mode i'm still searching. dam google has nothing (lol)
  7. there are only 2 pci slots and i have tried both, I just tried a pci modem (no i do not have dialup lol ) just to see what would happen and it loaded into windows ask for the drivers i started to load the drivers and it froze and it would not boot till i removed it from the pci slot but thanks anyways Scott
  8. Ok I'll try to make this simple. Infinity 975X/G with E6600 running in SLI with modded drivers works PERFECT. XP loaded and updated all drivers loaded system runs flawless, NOW the problems begin, whenever i try to add a sound card or a (ati) video card for dual monitor support when running sli to a pci slot, restart windows it ask for drivers when i go to load drivers the system freezes and i need to do a reset once it starts to boot it goes to the windows logo and freezes now if i remove the pci card it boots normal no problems. Well friday i found out i had a bad stick of Geil PC2-8000 so i did the RMA,figured that would be the problems, so I did 2 FRESH Installs and everything goes perfect but as soon as i put anything in the pci slots the computer freezes, is there something here i'm missing ???? Is there something in the bios i need to set to get the pci slots to work ???? I think i have bothered OldGuy enough (lol) so i'll have you all help me figure this out Thanks Scott PS not sure what this means but it shares IRQ 17 which is the PCI Express Lane and i cannot change it
  9. Interesting burningrave101. i will have to run that by OCZ. Like i said i'll wait for the Swap if that does not work i'll look some where else.
  10. Not sure if this pertains to you but this is what i found about the 7900GT's This is from EVGA and OCZ Techs so don't flame me I recently got the EVGA 7900GT Signature Series Dual Pack and everything runs fine all games and NO CRASHING in SLI mode. Running one card at a time runs all the benchmarks great !!!! But when i try to run Benchmarks 01, 03 ,05 or 06 in SLI the first test runs and then the whole system freezes, After talking to EVGA Tech they ask waht power supply i had, i told them i had the OCZ ADJ600W Powerstream and he said that was the problem i thought to myself NO WAY !!!! He said i need dual 12v rails at a minimum of 22A but said he perfered 24A. I said i thought the 7900GT used less power than the 7800GTX's he said NO he said they are very power hungry. So i figured i would call OCZ Tech, after explaining the situation to him he AGREED that it was indeed the Power Supply and said that they were having major issues with power to the 7900GT in SLI, he told me that they have a new 700W GamerXtreme that should take card of the problem and he offered me a swap my 600W for the 700W (no that is customer service) One thing he said that was interesting is that the 700W works great with the DFI Expert he said they are working close with DFI (not sure what he ment by that). I will let you know next week when i get the 700W OCZ. Below are the specs fro EVGA for the 7900GT SS: Requirements A SLI capable motherboard is required to run both cards together Minimum of a 400 Watt power supply. (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 20 Amp Amps.) Minimum 500 Watt for SLI mode system. (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 28 Amp Amps.) An available 6 pin PCI-E power connector (hard drive power dongle to PCI-E 6 pin adapter included with card) http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=256-P2-N569-S2 I did a google search and it has been very hard to find a power supply with Dual 22A+ or more. I talk with PC Power&Cooling and they said all i need is the Turbo-Cool 510 ASL http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/vie...php?show=T51ASL even though it does not have dual rails he said this would be the best for the 7900GT SLI setup (34A to 38A) but ay a cost of $229.00 it's cheaper to buy right from the factory !!!!
  11. That was fast (lol) Well i guess for $500.00 i'll go for it Thanks
  12. Quick Question??? Currently using a San Diego 4000+ @ 250x11=2750 (1.47v) (250x4x2=2000) This is my Gaming Rig. Do you thing going to a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ is really worth it ???? Will i gain or loose performance ???? I only ask because i can get a boxed x2 4800+ for $500.00. and is it a pain in the a** to get running properly on the Expert mobo ( I have the Official Latest Bios) Thanks Scott
  13. Well i have it install and it ran at 250x11=2750 250x4x2=2000HTT right away not one glitch yet and since this is the max of my SD 4000+ i'm happy Orange Slots 2.5/3/5/2 2.72volts @1T
  14. Anybody using 2x1024 (2Gig) sets on the Expert mobo???? If so which should i buy. I was thinking of this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231034 Also is it possible to run at 1T with a 2Gig set ???? I'm going to order Sunday if it's worth it Thanks (PS I'm just asking for advise)
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