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  1. No i have'nt had the chance to test with multimeter yet as i don't own one. However the NEOPOWER has two separate 12v rail's and peak is 33A as stated by the manual. I would think it's enough else i have to RMA it b/c the net-shop i bought it from said it would be perfect for my DFI and if it's not they're to blame.


    This sucks.. If a 12V1=18A 12V2=15A 480W is'nt enough and my old 350W(12v=18A) was better then shame on Antec!


    edit: Oh, and i did'nt take it as a personal attack i just thought it was EXTREMELY strange that it would'nt be sufficient. :)


    Oh well...

  2. Ok, let me first switch the order of the questions.


    I recently bought a Antec Neopower 480W and the rail's just STINK! I mean really! the 12v=11.51, 5v=4.78, 3.3v=3.18v and so on.. The vcore's low too. Everything is super-low. What to do.. i don't think this PSU has pot's inside but i don't really know. What do you think?


    second Q.


    How do i flash the BIOS from windows? Or atleast w/o a floppy.. I hate floppys and do not trust them a bit. Is there any way to do it? I need to flash the BIOS b/c i want accurate temp-reading's and possibly the volt-reading's get better?!?


    Help me please!

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