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  1. jess1313: I'm not retarded, thanks! I need to borrow a fluke or any DMM from someone and get some accurate readings.. It's just sad that you can't rely on the internal sensors IMO... Almost everyone i've heard of that actually measured their antec neopower 480w (or about ANY antec PSU) with a multimeter got spot on values!
  2. No i have'nt had the chance to test with multimeter yet as i don't own one. However the NEOPOWER has two separate 12v rail's and peak is 33A as stated by the manual. I would think it's enough else i have to RMA it b/c the net-shop i bought it from said it would be perfect for my DFI and if it's not they're to blame. This sucks.. If a 12V1=18A 12V2=15A 480W is'nt enough and my old 350W(12v=18A) was better then shame on Antec! edit: Oh, and i did'nt take it as a personal attack i just thought it was EXTREMELY strange that it would'nt be sufficient. Oh well...
  3. A beefier PSU? So a Antec 480W is'nt enough? What are you smoking? It HAS to be the readings that are f'ed up. I will kill someone if it aint!
  4. Ok, so i can take the readings with a grain of salt then? I remember on my NF7 w/ the Enermax 350w i got 12.40 or something and with DFI i got spot on 12. It could be at ~11.90 now if the readings are wrong. Ok, winflash it is then. Is there something i have to worry about when flashing besides stock clocks?
  5. Ok, let me first switch the order of the questions. I recently bought a Antec Neopower 480W and the rail's just STINK! I mean really! the 12v=11.51, 5v=4.78, 3.3v=3.18v and so on.. The vcore's low too. Everything is super-low. What to do.. i don't think this PSU has pot's inside but i don't really know. What do you think? second Q. How do i flash the BIOS from windows? Or atleast w/o a floppy.. I hate floppys and do not trust them a bit. Is there any way to do it? I need to flash the BIOS b/c i want accurate temp-reading's and possibly the volt-reading's get better?!? Help me please!
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