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  1. wow, the nforce3 chipset is soo hot that you dare not to touch it.
  2. did that. installed the proc, heatsink and the ram. the system doesn't beep or the power led doesn't light up. the nforce3 chipset is getting extremely hot and the surroundings pcb of the chipset is unusually hot..
  3. i tried with the other 250 watts psu. no cpu, no vid, no ram installed. only the mobo and the psu. the lights on the mobo will go red. but there are no beeps and the case power led won't light up either.
  4. the power led on the system case won't lit up. does that explain psu is dead or the mobo is dead or both or neither.
  5. my system had been working great for over about a week. this is a brand new system. i flashed the bios to official 9/14 about a week ago. since then i haven't flashed it with a new bios. i applied these settings as were implied by DocGiggs in another thread i posted earlier: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, stop using the 9x multipler. It's broke. Don't even think about it. Second, this board has problems with 2 sticks of 512. Not for everyone, but for enough people that you can now be considered one of the official club member. It's a bummer but it is the case. You SHOULD be able to hit 250 x8 or x10 depending on how you set your timings. After tons of playing around... here's the most stable I can get 1GB at 250 htt Settings: HTT = 250 AGP = 66 or 67 LDT downstream = Auto LDT upstream = Auto LDT/FSB = Auto CPU/FSB = x 8.0 CPU Vid = 1.5 V CPU Special = 110% Chipset = 1.7 V AGP = 1.5 or 1.6 (this doesn't make a big difference) DRAM = 2.9 V (this is the very least and you might have to go to 3.0 or 3.1) In the GENIE settings: DRAM Frequency = 200 (1:1) Command Per Clock = Enable CAS Latency = 2.5 Ras to CAS = 3 or 4 Min RAS = 7 Row precharge = 3 or 4 Row cycle = 12 Row refresh = 14 Row to row = 2 Write recovery = 2 Write to read = 2 Read to write = 2 Refresh period = 4708 Write to CAS = Auto or 1 DQS Skew = Increase DQS Skew value = 255 DRAM Drive Strength = Level 2 Max Async = 8.0 Preamble = 6.0 Idle = Auto forgot the name to some settings here at work but one you want at 16x and the other you want at 6x, and disable the rest like the granularity. This is the most stable of any setting for 250 FSB I have tested on 5 different sets of 1GB packs of ram regardless of the ram type. Some ram can get a tad better with 2.5-3-3 versus 2.5-4-4 and some like a good set of BH5 can do 2-2-2 with enough voltage. Talking at least 3.4 V here though for that. Give those settings a try. I've spent several hours every day for the last few WEEKS doing this. If this doesn't work then you may have a dud of a CPU or memory at that point. I have been able to get 250 stable with memtest86+ and prime95 running for 10 hours on every crappy board I've tested. This is despite the memory or CPU I've used. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- after applying these settings the system won't post and would beep continuously. so i reset the cmos by jumpers and it booted fine. i went back to default settings and booted it back to windows with no problem. after that i turned off my system and left for work. I came back and turned it on and nothing would show. the monitor light would keep blinking. i have spend the rest of my evening trying to figure this out. but no luck and i don't know what exactly happened.
  6. how can the psu die in less than a week. i bought it brand new only a week ago. the system has been running only for a week.
  7. i have an extra psu but it doesn't have the 4 pin connector.
  8. i took out the battery and waited for 30 seconds and put it back. during this period no power was running through the system. still no beep. i just touched the nb heatsink and its super hot.
  9. i disconnected all the cords. took out the mobo and the vid, ram and the cpu. i got the mobo out plugged in the power and with no cpu, no ram, or no vid. just a boot to see if the system beeps, but no beep. what's the procedure for resetting the battery can some on explain please. thanks.
  10. i didn't know exactly where to post it. i needed urgent help.
  11. i didn't flash the bios. i just did the cmos reset via the jumpers. the hdd light would come up but the power light wont it was coming on when the system was booting but not any more. the red lights on the mobo are all on when the power is running. i didn't change anything today. i got back from work today and push the button and no go. and since then, i have been trying to somehow resolve the issue and no luck.
  12. i need some urgent help. i have a dfi lanparty ut mobo, and a64 3200+ and bfg 6800 ultra oc with 1 gig of ram. my system won't boot, i don't know why. it wont even beep. i tried changing ram and still no boot and no beep. i even took the ram out and still no beep. i have flashed the cmos numerous times in order to fix it but no luck. can anyone please help me or guide me what can i do. all power cables are connected. i have disconnected all floppy and hdd connectors for now. i tried another vid card and moved ram into different slots but no luck. please lmk.
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