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  1. I really don't know...yet. 2.9V was the maximum I used. I keep them fresh for the A64. Tommorow I'll buy a LP UT NF3 and a 3400+ (1MB).
  2. Damn, I f****d up my Corsairs. Now I'm running 2x512 PC4300 Twinmos Twister (Hinyx D5) and it's everything ok. The setup is 1.85V CPU, 2.9V memory, 1.9V chipset. Lower than this is unstable. For example: Now I don't like the Sandra score. It's too little for this FSB, but I think that the memory timing (11-3-3-2.5) was the cause.
  3. It seems they are... http://xtremeresources.com/modules.php?op=...&id=2019&page=4
  4. LoN3R, where the Twinmos disappeared? Twinmos TCCD series: Twister Pro DDR400 (256/512) Twister Pro DDR600 (256/512)
  5. And what means Twinmos Twister Pro? I'll buy today a pair (2x512) of Twister PC4300. There's any chance to have TCCD? Edit: I just checked on Twinmos site. The new PRO line is available only on DDR400 speed.
  6. Mmm...it seems that I'll not get any help from the DFI forum. It's impossible to exist only one user (me) with this problem. I'll try to help myself...as usual.
  7. Yeah, too damn slow... But I don't think I'll solve the problem by setting more agressive timings, isn't?
  8. ...which means what? You can't see the pics or you need other infos regarding the problem? I posted the pics as an answer to uwackme's post, just to show that the settings where correct. I still have the problem, it takes 1 or 2 minutes to open simple apps, not to mention the games or anything that requires a lot of resources... I don't have this problem with a FSB <250.
  9. Yup, 1:1. I made a fresh install 2 weeks ago (the boot hard drive is P-ATA.
  10. Hmm...everyone's dealing with high FSB values but anyone know where the problem is...
  11. I have a little problem: at high FSB, 250-260, the system is moving like ****, in "slow-motion". Overall it takes too much time to open the programs. How can I manage this? The system is in my sig. The settings I used for FSB260: vcore 1.85V, vmem 3.3V optimal timing 8-4-4-3 (I'm not happy with this, but...) CPC on, chipset 1.7V .
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