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  1. I recently installed Windows XP Pro then added service pack 2 and installed all of the drivers off of the CD, but I keep getting errors for the ethernet adapter driver. It has been recommended to me to get the drivers for the built in ethernet card from the company that makes that piece of the MB. Will this work? If it will, who makes the card? If not, what should I try next? I had Windows XP Home installed with SP2 and it worked fine. Short of reformatting and putting home back on, is there anything else I can try? Thanks! Gymrat
  2. Ok all you smart techies, here is a stumper! I receently upgraded to my cool new DFI LanParty nf 250Gb motherboard and almost completely new hardware all over, but I cannot get one of my hard-drives working. The HD is formatted as a Windows 2k dynamic drive, which I just found out from the Microsoft web-site, is only readable by windows 2k. No big deal except I just upgraded to XP b/c i lost my 2k disk. Does anyone know of any way to get the information off of the old drive? if so, PLEASE let me know! I have a lot of important information that I know I should have backed up earlier, but didn't. Thanks all! Gymrat777
  3. To all you good people on the DFI forum: I am not getting the performance out of my processor (A64 3000+) and video card (ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB) that I would like. I noticed in the Genie Bios that there are setting to change the FSB and Video card settings, but I have them at the default of (what i think is) 200 and 66, respectively. I don't want to do anything drastic, but I want to get some better speed out of them. What would it be safe to push these up to without the danger of having my computer freak out on me? Thanks for the input in advance!
  4. I was never really interested in O/C my computer much until I started reading the threads here. My main concern prior to starting is that I am unsure of what happens when I o/c and what the possible rammifications are to o/c. I, of course, understand the heat factor and I know I will have to make sure that my chip and other computer hardware are not exceeding a 'reasonable' temperature, but other than that, I am unsure of what will happen if I over-overclock. Another question about air cooling. I have seen some nice copper heatsinks around both with and w/o fans. What is everyones feeling on the effectiveness of heatsinks w/o fans? Thanks for your input.
  5. So in my research for a new video card, I have been pondering the question, "How much difference does it make which manufacturer makes the hardware piece?" I mean, is there that much difference between an Asus ATI Radeon 9600XT and a Diamond ATI Radeon 9600XT? Is there a difference in other components, such as Kingston RAM vs Corsair RAM vs Generic? How much difference is there and, in your experience, is it worth the extra money for the additional performance?
  6. RGone: So you think that the issue is with the motherboard and not with Win XP?
  7. I tried adding drive letter and it did not allow me to do this without formatting the drive. I also looked at Paragon Partition Mgr but there is only a demo that only shows what would happen if I used the software. Does anyone have any ideas of how to harvest the data from the dynamic 60 Gb HD to a different, basic NTFS HD? HELP!!!
  8. ummm, no, i haven't assigned the drive a letter. The other two hard drives were assigned drive letters automatically. How do I assign the drive a letter?
  9. I am not sure if this is a MoBo issue or not, but everyone on this board has been so helpful I thought I would seek out your help. I recently upgraded to a LanParty nF3 250Gb MoBo with A64 3k+ processor. I have three hard drives: an old IBM 7200 RPM 18Gb, a 7200 RPM 120 Gb SATA Western Digital and a 5400 RPM 60 Gb Western Digital. I loaded Windows XP home with S/P 2 onto my computer and got everything up and running with all of my programs from my old 18Gb HD working and I started loading programs onto the 120 Gb hard drive, but I cannot access my 60 Gb hard drive. When I go to device manager, the drive is in there and reads as running properly and Windows cannot find a better driver. The HD doesn't show up in 'My Computer' though. I think that it might be because I have the file format set to dynamic, but the drive worked fine with Windows 2k. Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this problem without deleting all of the files on the drive? Thanks for your help!
  10. With a LanParty UT 250Gb and an A64 3000+, what is an appropriate temp to be running at? What happens if the temp is too high? My CMOS is reading around 55 degrees and I noticed from a different thread that people are running in the mid 30s. I am a little worried. What should I do to cool off my computer?
  11. After significant help from RGone, I have gotten my new MoBo and A64 processor up and running. Once the initial boot starts and I get the Windows 2k splash screen, I get the nice blue screen of death saying that I have a boot disk error! I have checked the jumpers and my hard drives are appropriately set for master (the one with my O/S on it) and slave for my other hard drive. I have tried resetting the CMOS a few times and have tried various IDE ribbon placements with the HDs but to no success. My HDs and O/S were working fine last week on my old MoBo but they aren't working now. My O/S HD is an IBM 18Gb 7200 RPM and my other HD is a Western Digital 60Gb 5400 RPM. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue without dropping a new operating system on one of my hard drives? Also, if I do drop a new operating system on one of my hard drives, will I lose the data that was on it? All input greatly appreciated! GymRat
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