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  1. would that not jus corrupt the BIOS ala NF2 ? just my 2 cents, dun see how tweaking settings besides voltage could bork a mb (edit) i see neo beat me to it
  2. it's because it's a sinthetic benchmark man.... everytime you run it, it's not going to be 100% the same. it's the samething as if i went out and bought the same rig as you, and set it up the same, then asked everyone why it didn't do as well. just the way it goes.
  3. ur gonna have problems with your cas 3 memory....... you could spent the same amount on quality memory. hope you kept your receipt :shake: maybe you should do a bit of reading on the forum first. 512 sticks are known to not be able to clock as high as 2x256. with cpc on that is. search the forum, and you will find knowledge.
  4. i just finished toastering 260x10 1.825vcore 1.6vagp 1.7vdd 3.3vdimm 11-2-2-2 13/15 E-A-E EEFE bumped my agp to 80mhz and had to change the agp latency to 128, runnin compufan's modded bios. i'm hopin i can get 260x10 to run for me, if not, i guess i'll have to let my ram sit at 262 and burn'n the little bastards for a few days and see if i can squeeze 265 outa them with cpc on and the tight 2's still goin.
  5. i got it stable at 260x8, now i'm running 260x9. apparently when i read "no blunt trauma fingers with the bios" it didn't sink in. on and on i push, till the thing either goes down in flames, or i get another hobby.
  6. i noticed you modded ur board. i put some AS ceramique under the stock NB cooler, i'm not using on board sound so i left the SB alone, and i have 2 80mm tornado's one on on a modded TT hs blowin on my cpu (cermaque as well) and 1 danglin down blowin on my ram. i messed around with memtest and found that i can go to 263 before i start seeing errors, but can't boot into windows past 260. need better NB cooling ? running 8x260 atm, EAE 11-2-2-2, 9/12, eefe, 2-3-3-3-3-3-4, 5/7-a-a-5/7 1.8vcore.auto vagp, auto vdd, and 3.3 on mem, boots and plays fine, but lasts less then 6 mins in prime. memtest says eveything hunky dorry. running hells 3eg rev 3.
  7. stepping is AXMH2500 FQQ4C IQYHA 0349 XPMW and my BH-5 is from week 46/2003
  8. for some reason i cannot break 250x10. i have to have 1.95 vcore to get prime stable, but i can be stable for days gaming etc at 1.825 vcore. if i go any higher then 267 fsb i bork my bios. currently at 3.3 vdimm, 1.9vdd, 1.7 vagp, and 66mhz agp. anyone got any hints ? i've tried pretty much everything, although i may be at the edge for my processor. ?
  9. Idle = 40 celcius or so Full "Prime Load" = 53 celcius or so. seems fine to me... i'd be worried at 55 or higher though. during gameplay i'm around 47/49 most of the time. i paid 150$ canadian for this 45 watt 2500+ xp-m, and this is as far as i can push it... although i'm still using stock cooling on the board itself. i'm confused, perhaps ur board is crappin out on ya ?
  10. watched a bro takin apart an old moniter.... he got the casing off, then was promptly lauched about 6 feet back, and laid there twitching till the wambulance came. luckily, he is still alive. NOTE TO ALL YOU KIDDIES OUT THERE... OLD MONITERS HAVE CAPACITORS IN THEM THAT HOLD A CHARGE FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Discharge the CRT carefully before sticking hands in wrong places.
  11. or his mobo is undervolting... or just plain fluctuating. i know that was my prob, till i figured it out. besides, like AG said... 1.6 is nothing to be worried about.
  12. yeah... sounds like ur card is clocked to high. although... i never was a fan of intel.
  13. oh yeah... and your probably better off using just 2 sticks of ram in dual channel then u are using 3. and then try using sata ports 3/4, as i have heard that you pretty much have to use those if you oc at all with sata hd's
  14. have you tried formatting the HDD from dos with a floppy disk ? try that then run scan disk as well... if it is a large HD scanning it will take a long time... but once it's done you will know for sure that ur HD is in good shape.
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